Vacancy Number:JUH 0035
Title: Housekeeping
Duration:Short term (till end of March-2019 extended based on funding and performance )
Exp.:2018-11-15-(5 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:Organization’s salary scale (NTA Scale H1-H5 depen


Organization:The Johanniter |About The Johanniter


Education:secondary education / can read Dari
Work Experience:1 Year Years

At least secondary level school education.

Good communication skill

Cooking skill

Work experience in the similar area with international NGO Afghan NGO government or companies

Ability to communicate in English even at a low level will be an addition

Duties & Responsibilities

Duties & Responsibilities:  

The successful candidate for the Cleaner position will report to the HR and Administration Assistant / Officer . Her duties will include

Responsible for cleaning of JUH office and guest rooms:

Cleaners are required to undertake the following duties as directed by the Supervisor using the prescribed methods and frequencies in line with the requirements of the cleaning specification.

An office cleaner usually works an Eight hour shift and comes one hour before staff coming and leaving one hour before or for as long as an office is open. It is the job of an office cleaner to make sure that floors do not remain dirty for long and that trash bins are emptied constantly.


Responsibilities of  House Keeping

Emptying waste bins or trash cans similar receptacles transporting waste material to designated collection points. 

Clean dust and mop office floors by using a variety of equipment brushes or dust control mops)Supplies

Ensure that cleaning liquids are mixed in correct and safe quantities

Vacuum and shampoo carpets and make sure that they are dried out before the day begins

Wash down restrooms and ensure they are sanitized properly

Replenish towels soap and toilet paper in bathrooms on a regular basis

Clean and organize  bedroom and guest house and fold the bed sheet properly like guest house (when every requirement)

Arrange guest room things and return miss things to the right place 

Iron clothes every alternate day (i.e. wash and iron clothes alternative days for each International staff)

Replace and wash regularly teacups plates and spoons.

Washing guest cloths with clothes washing machine properly and washes carpets curtain sheet of mattress Blankets pillows Ete as needs.

Adhere strictly to rules regarding health and safety

Office Keeping

Wipe down desks cupboards shelves computers and chairs and make sure that an stubborn smear are removed using appropriate cleaning materials and putting miss things on the table to right place.

Clean and wash down windows and ensure that they are dried properly

Ensure that the office kitchen and equipment is properly cleaned and maintained

Wipe down walls doors and wall hangings using appropriate types of cleaners and cloth

Identify maintenance issues and discuss with the supervisor

Ensure proper cleanliness of the areas around the office such as walkways and parking lots

Shovel snow off walkways and sprinkle sand to make them safe for walking

Move around heavy equipment and furniture for the purpose of storage or rearranging

Boil water and make tea for all key staff and cleaner in separate tea pot every morning and afternoon

Sponge for glasses and dishes should be separated.

To clean toilets urinals hand basins sinks baths showers and drinking fountains. 

The use of chemical agents as directed by the Supervising Officer in the discharge of cleaning operations or maintenance procedures after receiving proper instructions and training. 

Keep kitchen very clean and every item should be in proper place

Buying of food item if asked by Logistic Officer and help cook to prepare the food

Fill in the water dispensers whenever necessary.

Collect and place garbage in the appropriate place and make sure that the garbage is taken out of the facility every day.

Assist cook in serving food if required.

Washing yard roof and balcony  .

Removing the dust from ceilings and walls once a week’s according need.

Any office work related assigned by the supervisor.

Submission Guideline

Please send your Cover Letter and CV  to [email protected] with subject of email "Cleaner-JUH0035 + Your Name" (No other attachment please)  

Shortlisting process started soon after we receive application until we find our candidates and candidates will be invited for the interview and test PLEASE NO PHONE CALLS receiving phone calls will directly disqualify the candidates.

Email:[email protected]