Human Resources Manager

Vacancy Number: Ex_60_2020
Title: Human Resources Manager
Category:Human Resources
Duration:3 years with possibility of extension
Exp.: 2020-12-01-(1 Week From now)
Jobs no:1
Salary:Based on CARE Salary Scale


City: Kabul
Country: AF


Education:An advanced university degree in the appropriate field /MBA Major in HRM.
Work Experience:At least 8-10 ’ proven experiences with any l Years


At least 8-10 years’ proven experiences with any large organization/company/NGO.

An advanced university degree in the appropriate field /MBA Major in HRM.

Fluency in spoken and written English Pashtu and Dari is a requirement.

Demonstrated knowledge of the employment market and labor laws in Afghanistan.

Wide experience and passion regarding human resources management and development as well as GED PSEA areas.

Responsive to gender equality diversity and client-based management system

Demonstrated ability to organize large numbers of HR information.

Core Competencies:

Demonstrated ability in facilitation and interpersonal communication.

Customer satisfaction

Team Building

Leading with vision & values

Building purposeful relationship across units and beyond

Strategic decision making

Networking & collaboration

Supports learning /facilitating change

Developing Teams and contributing to team success.

Problem Solving:  

There are three levels of problem-solving:

 1) What has to be done and how to do it are clearly defined and the incumbent will face identical or similar problems on a regular basis.

2) What has to be done is known but how to do it is not defined.  The incumbent must use interpolative skills to pick and choose the right strategy to address a given problem.

3) Why things are done is known but what has to be done and how to do it are not defined.  Situations are variable and the incumbent’s response will involve analysis problem definition development of alternatives and making recommendations.  He or she will face and address problems that are typically non-recurring.

Please indicate which of the above levels of problem-solving this position will face and why the position falls into that category.

The position falls into Level 2 where the incumbent must extensively use interpolative skills to choose the right strategy to address complex issues including unforeseen employee dissatisfactions uncertain security environment prevailing in the country and complex legal environment. Though operational guideline is found in the HR Manual there may be situations where clear guidance is not given and the incumbent has to address the problem through own analysis and judgment.


The position has authority to recommend changes in all policies and procedures in the HR Manual including issues of staff compensation and benefits.  Directly supervises the HR Supervisor/s. 



Duties & Responsibilities


In a brief paragraph state the positions overall purpose or objective highlighting the general functions for which the position is responsible. Why does the position exist and what must it accomplish?

The HR Manager is responsible for the overall management and direction of the Country Office HR policy and procedures in CARE Afghanistan. S/he will ensure Country Offices HR functions are implemented efficiently and cost-effectively by providing adequate support to Head Office and Field /Regional Offices. S/he will be responsible for formulating strategic HR policy directions to achieve the strategic goals of CARE in Afghanistan ensure implementation of the strategies and handle strategic human resource challenges and thereby create a competitive advantage for the organization.

The incumbent is responsible for overall management and direction for HR services in CARE-Afghanistan ensuring effective leadership and guidance to uphold service delivery standards of HR which are compliant with the existing laws of the land as well as CAREs organizational policies maintain and communicate CARE’s core values and provide leadership in CO overall HR support services such as workforce planning recruitment & selection talent management staff development staff wellbeing staff discipline and grievances etc. The HR Manager ensures that CARE’s HR support services and ensure these are aligned with CARE’s business plans and fully support the delivery of CARE’s programs.

S/he will also be part of wider network of focal points across CARE for GED and PSEA and ensure there is oversight of CO work plans including risk assessment monitoring and reporting. The Human Resources Manager is a member of the CLT.


The position has regular contact with the CD ACDs Program Directors Head of projects/departments/units and Office Managers at the Field Offices. Contact is also maintained with Regional Management Unit and with CARE-USA HR department Regional Human Resources Business Partner for Asia HR network members of Asia Region and International NGOs of Afghanistan.

                                                        KEY RESULT EXPECTED

Responsibility # 1: Staff management and supervision of the Human Resources Department. (15%of time)

Supervises and engages the team in discussions of organizational business plan and program priorities and resources (budget and other) required achieving set priorities.

Works with the team to set annual performance metrics – both individual and team – so that each staff is aware of the results s/he is to deliver and identify resources needed to deliver on the priorities.

With team identifies specific training needs linked to organizational priorities (e.g. managing for results orientation & GED); outlines how these can be addressed and monitors the effectiveness of staff development activities.

Monitors team implementation of HRM process – in particular recruitment

[With ICT] ensures that the HRMIS provides accessible and reliable HR-related information and that the data is being analyzed to inform policy and practice staff development priorities etc. 

Engages individual HR staff and the HR Team in regular performance conversations and identifies areas where coaching and/or close supervision is required.

Identifies opportunities to develop team effectiveness and engages the team in discussions about HR best practice (orientation recruitment managing for results skills development and learning).

Ensures the HR team members are fully aware of changes in HR Policy & Procedures and able to clearly explain these to all staff.

Solicits feedback from CARE staff (in 1-1 and team conversations and via online surveys) to evaluate HR team performance.

Follows-up on any recommendations made by internal and external auditors.

Support and guide HR team in carrying out their day-to-day activities in an effective manner. 

Responsibility # 2: Smooth operation of human resource management coordination of performance management system and professional development plans and talent management. (15%of time)

Ensure the preparation and sharing of annual and monthly plans for the HR department and monitor progress/actions against approved budget and plans.

Ensure timely performance planning and professional development planning by all staff in the Country Office.

Provide professional guidance for performance monitoring review and feedback to program/department/project/unit heads at CO and Regional/Field Offices.

HR team provides opportunities (either internal or outsourced training sessions or workshops) that help mangers and staff to build skills and confidence to engage in performance dialogues.

Provides coaching and mentoring for Managers when there is indication that performance appraisals are not being conducted on a regular basis or when complaints suggest performance processes are not implemented in a fair manner.

With HR team and in collaboration with the respective Team Leads update and standardize all existing job descriptions to reflect a culture of managing for results.

Periodically assess and review CARE’s staff development policy and ensure its relevance and continuity.

Organize Talent review sessions and ensure regular updating of talent database to ensure best possible talent availability pipeline 

Oversight on programs for capacity strengthening of female staff to promote women in managerial positions and manage/implement other women-focused programs.

Help the SMT secure effective communications throughout the organization on the staffs employment benefits and welfare related issues.

Responsibility # 3: Ensure timely recruitment selection placement and staff orientation. (15%of time)

Oversee an open impartial and effective system for recruitment process—pilot improvements if appropriate.

Ensure timely recruitment selection and placement of staff for vacant positions under these units and for newly created positions ensuring a minimum gap between vacancy and replacement.

Oversee the entire onboarding and off boarding process to uphold CARE’s stature as a preferred employer brand which consists of timely staff orientation for all new recruits in order to provide them with basic organizational information and primary acquaintance with organizational policy procedures and culture.

Ensure the standardization of all job descriptions the grading process recruitment reporting and of the Job Evaluation process.

Ensure staff MIS are properly maintained such as leave medical/maternity benefits retrenchment confirmation transfer etc and ensure an efficient and secure management of all HR department records and personal files.

Build relationships and maintain professional and constructive contact with programs/ projects/departments/units and Regional/ Field offices and keep them informed on staff issues.

Ensure timely submission of any local or international report submissions as and when required.

Responsibility # 4: Salary & Benefits Management Staff Discipline Transition and employee welfare and wellbeing. (15%of time)

Provide a sound program of salary and benefits administration for the Country Office.

Advise the SMT in maintaining a compensation policy able to attract and retain talent for the organization at different levels.

Arrange to conduct periodical salary survey in the local employment market that includes other similar organizations in order to remain competitive and be an employer of choice.

Provide accurate monthly pay roll information annual increment and other salary change related information to the Finance Department.

Ensure that pay levels are proportionate with market rates and recommend adjustments as appropriate.

Ensure good employee morale and professional relations as far as practicable.

Lead in all legal matters staff discipline staff grievances and handling investigations with confidentiality and initiate appropriate actions.

Provide professional guidance in all cases of staff transition including staff separations.

Supervises the work of the HR Officer managing Staff Life/Accident insurance coverage.

In collaboration with other involved parties address staff grievances ensuring the staff person gets a fair hearing.

Engages in periodic reviews of the external employment market to compare CARE salaries and benefits with those of sister NGOs and discuss findings with supervisor.

Collaborates with CARMU to ensure measures are in place so that CARE office premises (Kabul and provincial/district) and women and men staff are safe and secure; raise any concerns voiced by staff with CARMU.

Makes counselling available (face-to-face or remotely in response to a particular critical event to address stress management and/or trauma.

Responsibility # 5: Handle strategic HR issues HR policy development and enforcement. (20%of time)

Assist and advise the Country Director on all matters of HR strategic issues and to align CARE’s HR policies in order to achieve the strategic goals of the Country Office.

Formulate strategic HR policy direction for the Country Office; share those with the SMT and Region for feedback and approval prior to implementation.

Formulate human resource strategic policies and actions required to produce proper employee behavior on the job and develop measures to evaluate at least bi-annually the Human Resource Department’s performance.

Stays up to date with and advises senior management on any changes in the Afghanistan Constitution and Afghanistan National Labor Laws that could impact CARE’s HR practice.

With HR Team monitors the implementation of mission HR Policies/Procedures and responds to any instances where policies are not being implemented as expected; in particular identifies and addresses conflict of interest issues.

Lead in developing HR policies and procedures to cope with the changing conditions in the employment market.

Conduct periodic climate surveys on internal human resource practices and roll out collective change initiatives according to the findings from these.

Responsibility # 6: Handling Legal matters Financial management and other general responsibilities. (10%of time)

Handle the legal matters of the Country Office including court cases in cooperation with the lawyers on retainer and keep the Country Director updated on all important issues.

Handle all legal notices issued on CARE organize timely response to those by obtaining information/support from respective projects/units /point persons; share with the CO lawyer and follow up to ensure timely responses are given to all such legal instruments and proper actions taken.  

Remain updated on changes in the employment laws of the country share new legislations with CD and SMT and ensure compliance with the latest country laws.

Remain updated on GOB policy changes on issues affecting CARE and NGOs and arrange prompt adjustments in policies and procedures to ensure the CO’s compliance with national law

Provide legal issue related information and updates to CARE-USA as and when required.

As a member of the SMT to contribute to CO visioning program strategy development and wider policy requirements.

Responsibility # 7: Champions Gender Equality and Diversity. (10%of time)

CARE’s staff profile is reflective of the communities that CARE serves; and women have voice and agency in the workplace.

Takes specific actions so that HRM processes support the recruitment and retention of women in the workplace.

Assigns HR staff to work with the Program Gender Advisor to deliver on organizational priorities identified in the annual gender plan.


This position reports to the Country Director and works closely with the Assistant Country Directors Program Directors Head of Projects/Departments/Units and Regional HR Network.


Submission Guideline

Interested candidates should submit their completed CARE standard job application forms (CARE application form is attached) along with the updated resumes and letters of interest to CARE HRD department in its Kabul Main-Office no later than December 01 2020 candidates who have access to the Internet can send their applications to [email protected] mentioning the exact job title and vacancy number in the subject line.

You are requested to send your application form along with the updated resume and letters of interest in Word or PDF file. Please do not email us heavy sized files such as your certificates recommendation letters and etc. THOSE WHO DO NOT FULFILL THE APPLYING REQUIREMENTS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR SHORTLIST. Only short listed candidates will be contacted with and called for the interview. The interview dates time and place will be determined and communicated with the short listed candidates sooner after the deadline of vacancy announcement.








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