Internal specialist

Vacancy Number:HRM-42
Title: Internal specialist
Duration:One year
Exp.: 2018-07-21-(9 Months Ago)
Jobs no:2
Salary:According to the organization policy


Organization: Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance | About Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance
City: Farah
Country: AF


Education:Post graduation specialisation
Work Experience:2 in related field Years

internal medicine specialist and certified by MoPH

2 years experiance in related field

Knwoledage about primary health care

Knosledage about reporting and filling of pateints

Famillar with local language

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Duties & Responsibilities

Duties & Responsibilities : 

• Accurate observance and compliance with the rules laid down at the hospital.

• Administration of internal medicine division of duties of employees supervision and control of them

• Providing health services according to national standards in different sectors and providing IEC in all sectors.

• Diagnosis treatment and care of the patients and their care arrangements

• Monitor and track the accurate pursuit of the registry system and track the treatment and collection of information and integrate HMIS monthly reports into the interior.

• Establishing a precise system for internal incidents requiring returns.

• Identify and report immediately any problems that prevent the program from achieving its objectives.

• Participation in the training plan and implementation during the implementation of the duty for employees entering the interior.

• Regular and day-to-day supervision of the work of employees and administrative affairs into the interior.

• Supervision of medical treatment in the interior.

• Supervision of the fairness of the house the medical records and the patients medical records.

• Immediately solve the problems in the medical and administrative affairs into the interior.

• Active participation in co-ordination of affairs and raising the quality of health services at the hospital level.

• Advance and set up breakfast reports and schedule meetings with staff for improving skills.

• Creating a climate of intimacy trust mutual respect and discipline among staff.

• Set up educational programs in conjunction with the training department.

• obey the supreme emperor and relevant orders in the performance of any official duties assigned to him


Submission Guideline

Submission guidelines:   

Interested and qualified candidates can submit an application letter along with his/her CV to the HR Department CHA main office Kabul through email address   : [email protected]   [email protected] 
Only those candidates who meet the qualification and requirements for the mentioned posts will be called for interview.
 Contact Details:  
Address: Charah-i-Qambar Jim part 5th District CHA main office Kabul Afghanistan
Mobile#: 0729128405 
Email:   [email protected]

Mobile#: -0729128405

Email: [email protected]