Vacancy Number:IDLG/DMM/Internship-02
Title: Internship
Category:Other Organization
Duration:06 Months
Exp.: 2019-01-27-(6 Months Ago)
Jobs no:20
Salary:As per the Organizational Salary Scale


Organization: IDLG | About IDLG
City: Balkh, Herat, Kabul, Kandahar, Nangarhar
Country: AF


Education:BA (Mater Prefered)
Work Experience: Years

  • Applicants must be graduates of any recognized university/ college in Afghanistan. If graduating from institutes abroad applicants are limited to those who were studying abroad on recognized scholarship programs.

  • At the time of the announcement date mentioned above the Male applicants must have completed their Bachelor’s/ Master’s degrees not more than 1 year ;however the Female candidates are eligible for the internship who have completed their higher studies less than 3 Years before the stated date and must not have held full-fledged employment post-graduation.

  • Applicants must demonstrate in writing in their applications that they are willing to work in any section/ position assigned if offered the internship.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • IDLG CC will try to place interns in areas of interest this may not always be feasible given the workload and the need to distribute the interns in various sections.

  • The PIU proposes to place the interns with related academic backgrounds in the Units/Departments of administration procurement finance public communications gender M&E MIS grievance handling bilateral funds/subprograms and field operations (PMUs) or in the offices of the directors. In subsequent terms interns may also be seconded to the PMU offices in pairs of 2.

  • The twenty internship opportunities are offered to eight male and twelve female candidates; for the This batch the (8) interns two in a pair (one male and one female) will be selected for each PMU (Herat Mazar Jalalabad Kandahar) and 12 will be stationed in IDLG/DMM/CCNPP.

  • Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.

  • The internship hours will be as per the working hours of DMM/CCNPP.

  • For Interns to PMUs the preference will be given to the candidates with Engineering background.        What the Program Offers the Interns:

  • In addition to the monetary and other benefits outlined below the PIU will offer the interns the following benefits:

  • Connect interns to the professional and personal future direction through exploration experience and reflection. Help them identify and articulate professional and personal values strengths and interests.

  • Support interns to develop an increased level of self-efficacy and competency in a specific carrier field. 

  • Help the intern learn and implement effective professional attitudes and behaviors engage in a professional workplace expectations including but not limited to organizational culture time management appropriate dress and professional relationship boundaries.

  • General orientation and information on the public sector the Government of Afghanistan the relevant IAs’ mandates CCNPP/ CCAP and the development/relief/aid/humanitarian sectors in the country.

  • On-the-job mentoring and coaching in their assigned area of work through the interactions with the regular staff and supervisors in the unit assigned to. Both supervisors and colleagues to serve as resource personnel for this.

  • Internship assignments that are intellectually challenging and suitable for their academic backgrounds (to the extent feasible) and also such that they are better equipped with skill set development for future regular employment.

  • Class room and field level trainings as and where feasible on specific focus areas related to CCAP in general or in particular areas of CCAP related work.

  • The possibility for “rotational experience” i.e. being assigned to different units two-months at a time if desired to learn of the different aspects of the Program.

  • Ongoing regular monitoring and periodic assessments made by their immediate supervisors on their work performance and areas needing improvement.

  • Opportunities to attend management operational and other administrative meetings and trainings and get a broad-based experience in professional office environments.

  • Inclusion and capacity building in general administrative support and office management in large programs including financial procurement human resource and administrative management.

  • Opportunities to understand the purpose process and value of developing professional networks recognize potential contacts that could positively enhance one’s professional growth and cultivate relationships with such professionals through timely communication professional demeanor and meaningful reciprocity. 

  • Access to the IAs’ staffing and organizational structure grievance re-dressal mechanisms.

  • A certificate of completion at the end of the internship period.

  • Preferential (but not guaranteed) recruitment into regular position vacancies with the same privileges of an internal full-time staff candidate.

  • A reference or recommendation letter to potential employers at the end of the internship period if the final assessments show satisfactory performance.  Reporting Line:

  • Each intern will be placed in one of the Units/Departments and the Head of the Department will be responsible to continuously monitor the interns and provide them regular on-the-job mentoring coaching educational materials and feedback on their performance.

Submission Guideline

Qualified Afghan candidates are encouraged to apply and send their applications to the following email: [email protected] or submit their application in hard copies to the Human Resources Unit.

Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

Please make sure you write the vacancy number (IDLG/DMM/Internship-02 or Internship) along with the province name you want to apply for should be mentioned in the subject line of the email else your application will not be accepted.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a written test. 


Deputy ministry of municipality behind Majeed Mall/ Qasre Bakhtawar next to Chana Qala school shahre-e-naw Kabul Afghanistan.



Email: [email protected]