; Irrigation/Catchment Construction Engineer | Jobs in Afghanistan

Basic Information

Vacancy Number: VA-2021-04
Title: Irrigation/Catchment Construction Engineer
Category: Program
Duration: 1 years (Extendable)
Exp.: 2021-03-10
Jobs no: 1
Salary: .
Gender: Male/Female


Organization: Afghanaid
Location: Samangan, AF


Work Experience: 3 Years

Education/ Training

Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.

Work Experience

More than 3 years or more experience in civil engineering and community development field.

Professional Skills Competencies Values and Attitudes

Proficiency in computer software MS Office etc.

  • Reporting writing skills
  • Ability to deal with difficult often challenging work situations.
  • Behavioural role model for peers and fellow team members.
  • Competent to work with significant levels of autonomy and able to meet tight deadlines.
  • A results-oriented approach to delivering work priorities in personal workload
  • Creative and innovative in conceptual and analytical thinking
  • Sensitivity to gender issues.
  • Fluent in Dari Pashto and English (written and oral).
  • Personal integrity sense of humour intuitive and self-motivation
  • Knowledge of personal strengths and weaknesses active listener

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Technical Survey Cost estimation Design implementation of all disaster mitigation water management and irrigation structures.
  • Develop through stakeholders’ consultative process criteria for selecting area for construction of disaster mitigation water management and irrigation structures community work plans and monitoring mechanisms.
  • Organize/ facilitate participatory process through community mobilization and arrive at consensual decisions regarding selection of disaster mitigation water management and irrigation structures.
  • Conflict Resolution of likely disagreements which may emerge because of miscommunication or conflicting interests of interest groups and timely address them. 
  • Document and disseminates decisions to relevant individuals and organizations in timely manner.
  • Provide regular technical advice to the disaster mitigation water management and irrigation structures users to protect and maintain the constructed masonry structure properly.
  • Work in a team to develop/ update guidelines for establishing natural resources management committees and forest management associations..
  • Regularly monitor community masonry structures collect data document case studies update and report achievements. 
  • Actually conduct the feasibility/ technical/ site surveys prepare the bill of quantities technical designs etc.
  • Ensuring that the budgeted costs for goods works and services are reasonable (reflect market rates) and that all costs have been accounted for. Before finalizing sub projects facilitating preparation of a realistic operations maintenance and cost recovery plan.
  • Ensuring adequate technical oversight including assessing the impact of engineering interventions on habitats is provided in site selection survey and feasibility of the proposed sub projects/construction activities before finalization of the proposals.
  • Providing technical assistance to skilled labour and community people.
  • Monitoring from each stage of subproject during its implementation period. This includes support and oversight for the procurement and financial issues.
  • Ensuring that the implementation schedule the quality of the procured materials in the site and other details of the subprojects.
  • Ensuring timely completion and proper functioning of all Projects/construction activities.
  • Deal with community people to encourage them for better implementation of sub project/construction activities and preparation of sub project O&M plans for project sustainability.
  • Regular travel to district and project coverage area to ensure all planned activities are on track.
  • Capacity building of skill labour and community people trough on job trainings technical advice and practical instruction.    
  • Handling paperwork and keeping administrative records.
  • Preparation of weekly monthly and quarterly reports.
  • Check projects progress against daily work plan.
  • Undertake any other duties as and when required by the line manager and/or overview manager.

Submission Guideline

Please email a covering letter of application and your CV to vacancies@afghanaid.org.uk including the job title and your name in the subject line by 10 March 2021. Your covering letter should be no more than 2 standard A4 pages in length and explain how you meet the position requirements and why you feel you would be a suitable candidate for this role. Your CV should be no more than 4 pages and include 3 professional references including your current employer. The precision and style with which you present yourself in your covering letter and CV will be given significant weight in short listing candidates.

Email: vacancies@afghanaid.org.uk