Lecturer & Head of Quality Assurance (Economics Faculty)

Vacancy Number:RU-149
Title: Lecturer & Head of Quality Assurance (Economics Faculty)
Category:Education QA-Quality Control
Duration:Permanent (6 months probationary period)
Exp.: 2021-06-18-(2 Months From now)
Jobs no:3
Salary:As per organization policy


Organization: Rana University | About Rana University
City: Kabul
Country: AF


Work Experience:1 - 3 (Lectureship) Years

  • Education: At least a Masters degree with a specialization in any of the following fields from a recognized university/institute.

  • Finance

  • Management

  • English Language

  • Attested original qualification documents including Bachelor and Master degree are required.

  •  Experience: 1 - 3 years experience in Lectureship.

  • Language Skills: Fluent oral written and comprehensive skills in English and knowing Dari & Pashto would be an asset.

  • Personal qualification: Must be hardworking and honest having strong teaching skills & knowledge.

Available Vacancies: (One lecturer in Finance – one lecturer in the English Language – one lecturer & Head of Quality Assurance)

Duties & Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities (Lectureship)

  • 1. To prepare and hand over the lecture note(s) of the subject(s) assigned to the lecturer in hard and soft forms.

  • 2. To prepare the lesson plan of the subject based on the given format and to implement it effectively in the class.

  • 3. To teach the subject facilitate a fair competitive class environment prepare exam questions conduct exams mark the papers and submit them to Exam Unit at the specified time.

  • 4. To instruct the academic cadre and the students in the light of Ministry rules.

  • 5. To fully cooperate with HoD and follow his/her instructions for the sake of the betterment of the department and to maintain an academic environment.

  • 6. To prepare and submit monthly progress reports of his/her activities to the HoD.

  • 7. To ensure punctuality to the specific timings announced by the HoD.

  • 8. To actively participate in the academic committee meetings.

  • 9. To actively participate in the departmental meetings.

  • 10. To actively participate in other committee meetings.

  • 11. To receive the appropriate Lecturer Self - Assessment form from the Quality Assurance Committee and conduct it at least once per semester.

  • 12. To follow and respect all codes discipline and policies of Rana University for the sake of maintaining an appropriate and well-academic Environment.

  • 13. To responsibly take part in the academic affairs of Rana University and contribute effectively to the development of Rana’s status in the field of quality education.

  • 14. To ensure to be engaged in the progressive learning process most especially a foreign language and proper computer skills.

  • 15. To actively participate in writing and publishing books reference materials and to lead and continue in the field of research.  

  • 16. To participate and cooperate in Rana’s Entry tests and to do any other task as assigned by the higher management.

Duties and Responsibilities (Head of Quality Assurance)

  • To follow the (Q.A) cycle introduced by (QAAD) of the Ministry of Higher Education.

  • To advise the Dean deputy and colleagues on matters relating to Quality Assurance rules and regulations. 

  • To be a member of relevant departmental committees to be engaging about implementation the gaudiness of quality assurance.

  • To promote departmental engagement with internal and external quality assurance guidelines.

  • To ensure that the Department’s quality assurance processes are reviewed and updated periodically to reflect any changes in requirements by the University.

  • To ensure timely and effective completion of the annual monitoring process.

  • Encouraging the preparation of draft annual monitoring reports at the conclusion of teaching to permit early identification of key issues.

  • Promoting a reflective approach to the completion and scrutiny of Annual Monitoring Reports

  • Providing students with an opportunity to comment on draft reports or other relevant issues/ areas.

  • Ensuring that all reports related to quality assurance are submitted to the Dean of Faculty and Head of Quality of RU by the due date.

  • To ensure that staff and students are advised of the outcomes of internal and external reviews and that there are opportunities to discuss them at relevant departmental meetings.

  • To maintain proper documentation required by (QAAD of the MoHE)

  • Schedule and follow up the sub-committees meetings.    

  • All other duties and responsibilities as per the head of quality assurance direction.

Submission Guideline

Please submit your cover letter and CV and indicate clearly in the subject of your e-mail the vacancy number and the position you’re applying for.

Email: [email protected]

Mob: +93(0) 729101959

Add: Baraki Square Kabul Afghanistan

Only the applications of those candidates with the above profile will be considered for shortlisting and interview. Final candidates are strongly encouraged.

Email: [email protected]