Lecturers for Economic Faculty

Vacancy Number:SABA 03
Title: Lecturers for Economic Faculty
Duration:Long Term (3 months probationary period) and Short Term
Exp.: 2019-07-05-(2 Weeks Ago)
Jobs no:17
Salary:As per company scale


Organization: Saba Institute of Higher Education | About Saba Institute of Higher Education
City: Kandahar
Country: AF


Education:Bachelor / Master
Work Experience:2 Years

Economic Faculty Lecturers for the following general and specific department vise subjects:

  • Micro Economics (Long Term)

  • Macro Economics  (Long Term)

  • Cost Accounting and Financial Accounting  (Long Term)

  • Statistics and Math  (Short Term)

  • Probabilities and Economics Measurements   (Short Term)

  • Introduction Law and Economics Laws  (Short Term)

  • History of Economics theory and procurement  (Short Term)

  • Finance  (Short Term)

  • Marketing and Investment  (Short Term)

  • Economics Development Theory (Short Term)

  • E-Commerce and Enterprise Management   (Short Term)

  • Quality Control Management and Audit & control  (Short Term)

  • Informatics (MIS)  (Short Term)

  • Professional & Business English  (Short Term)

  • Islamic Culture  (Short Term)

Duties & Responsibilities

  • To teach an undergraduate level in areas allocated by head of the department.

  • To carry out research and produce publications or other research outputs.

  • To develop own teaching materials and plan own day to day lesson with the framework of the agreed program.

  • To supervise the work of students provide advice on study skills and help them with learning problems.

  • To set and mark assignments and set examination questions as well as assessing the work and progress of students by reference to defined criteria and provide constructive feedback to students.

  • To engage with the broader scholarly and professional communities.

  • To supervise or assist with supervision of undergraduate students.

  • To contribute to the development planning and implementation of a high quality curriculum.

  • To assist in the development of learning materials preparing schemes of work and maintaining records to monitor student progress achievement and attendance.

  • To participate in departmental and faculty seminars aimed at sharing research outcomes and building interdisciplinary collaboration within and outside the department.

  • To participate in the development administration and marking of exams and other assessments.

  • To provide pastoral care and support to students.

  • To participate in the administration of the department’s programs of study and other activities as requested.

  • To contribute to departmental faculty or SABA-wide working groups or committees as requested.

  • To maintain own continuing professional development.

Submission Guideline

The candidate can apply by sending the CV and other prior experience information via email given bellow. Include the vacancy number Subject name (subject that have high potential to teach) in subject line of email. Or can submit the hard copy of documentations to Directorate of teaching affairs.

Email: [email protected]