M&E Specialist

Vacancy Number:AMELA-KBL-010
Title: M&E Specialist
Category:Monitoring and Evaluation
Duration:One year
Exp.: 2019-11-26-(2 Weeks From now)
Jobs no:1
Salary:Grade C Steps 1-5


Organization: MSI-AMELA | About MSI-AMELA
City: Kabul
Country: AF


Education:Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field;
Work Experience:Five (5) of substantive experience Years

Assist in the development of a USAID portfolio-wide TPM plan including the specific parameters of site visits asset verification and data collection for selected USAID projects and associated geographic sites;

Implement the TPM plan through overseeing and/or participating in site visits/site visit validations to capture and analyze data in a timely and accurate manner;

Manage portfolio of Office of Humanitarian Assistance (OHA) TPM monitoring activities;

QA/QC of data collected on site visits for selected USAID projects;

As requested by USAID conduct assessments and studies of project impact;

Carry out baseline surveys before projects begin followed by periodic surveys to track progress;

Collect public opinion information on views and impact of work performed through the projects;

Train and supervise local staff to complete M&V work at project sites;

Provide feedback to USAID managers on project shortcomings and recommendations for improving project implementation and impact;

Work with USAID officials to improve M&V systems where site visits find deficiencies; and

Other duties as specified by project management.

Duties & Responsibilities

The M&E Specialist in conjunction with the Monitoring technical team is responsible for overseeing project monitoring and verification (M&V) activities targeting monitoring of IP programming in addition to the training of local Afghan staff to collect data on the outputs outcomes and in some cases impact of USAID funded projects. Familiarity with M&E methodologies will be considered an additional asset. The position requires travel throughout Afghanistan subject to security considerations

Submission Guideline


Email: https://chu.tbe.taleo.net/chu04/ats/careers/v2/viewRequisition?org=MSI&cws=51&rid=7047