Media Advocacy and Campaign Manager

Vacancy Number:Oxfam - 095
Title: Media Advocacy and Campaign Manager
Duration:One year/extendable
Exp.: 2018-05-29-(7 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:As per Oxfam salary scale


Organization: OXFAM | About OXFAM
City: Kabul
Country: AF


Work Experience:3 Years


  • Thorough understanding of influencing concepts challenges and opportunities;

  • Solid experience of at least three years with influencing advocacy or lobbying;

  • Experience of working on influencing in Afghanistan;

  • Additional experience in policy media or campaigning in the Afghan context is considered an advantage;

  • Experience in organizational analysis program development and grant management;

  • Ability and proactiveness to transfer key influencing concepts and strategies to colleagues and other internal stakeholders;

  • Ability and proactiveness to connect with external stakeholders;

  • Team player and team builder in a multi-cultural setting; ability to stimulate and coordinate teamwork. Strong facilitation and coaching skills;

  • A balance of empowering others while also willing to lead by working hard and showing an example;

  • Proven ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment; to troubleshoot and follow projects through to completion consistently on schedule without loss of attention to detail and budget;

  • Flexibility and willingness to work simultaneously on a wide range of tasks and projects and ability to prioritize tasks;

  • Poised works well under pressure and attentive to detail;

  • Excellent listening and communication skills with sensitivity to cultural communication differences;

  • Pleasant diplomatic manner and disposition in interacting with senior management and co-workers;

  • Proficiency (in writing and narrative) in English. Knowledge of Dari/Pasto is a plus.


This job description is not incorporated into the employment contract.  It is intended as a guide and should not be viewed as an inflexible specification as it may be varied from time to time in the light of strategic developments and following discussion with the post holder. The post holder will be expected to work to agreed objectives which should facilitate achievement of the responsibilities in accordance with the performance review process.

Duties & Responsibilities

BACKGROUND: Influencing can be understood as systematic and strategic efforts to change power relations attitudes and beliefs and promote the formulation implementation or change of policies. Within its Worldwide Influencing Network (WIN) approach Oxfam works towards a holistic influencing model focused specifically on the power attitudes and beliefs that underlie poverty and injustice. In Afghanistan influencing is a core part of all development and humanitarian programs that Oxfam implements with its local and international partners.

JOB PURPOSE: To manage facilitate empower and monitor the strategic influencing campaigns and influencing and communication-related programme activities of Oxfam in Afghanistan under the guidance of the country management and in close collaboration with the relevant programme teams Oxfam affiliates and Oxfam International.


  • With Programme Managers and their teams develops the long-term vision and strategies to achieve significant impact on Oxfam’s ability to see policies implemented and practices at sub-national national regional and even global levels improved.

  • Works with CD and other Managers to ensure that Oxfam manages and influences significant and high profile external relationships.

  • Provides specialist advice and guidance on campaign tactics and communication across the organization at the senior level

  • Decision-making is both highly strategic and operational with judgment based on highly complex problem-solving experience and on a range of diverse internal and external factors

  • Problems encountered are liable to be highly diverse and complex requiring comprehensive analysis and interpretation of information from a wide variety of sources and capacity to communicate to a wide range of audiences

  • Draws from programme and external information sources to provide in-depth analysis of the policy issues related to Afghanistan poverty vulnerability and inequality

  • Communicates widely within Oxfam in Afghanistan and in Asia as well as with Oxfam International affiliates partners allies and other key stakeholders/actors

  • Impact and influence are primarily at a sub-national level.  It will contribute to changes at a national and even regional level influencing governments public opinion and key stakeholders.

  • Responsible for shaping work that has potentially a major impact on Oxfam’s public image

  • Represents Oxfam corporately vis-à-vis external relationships and key events

  • Achieves goals by influencing internal/external agenda/policies through using well developed influencing and negotiating skills

  • Works with the CD Senior Managers and Funding Manager to plan and implement fundraising plans and ensures proper reporting and accountability

Main Tasks and Responsibilities

  • To manage the influencing team.

  • To structurally and strategically review and help exploit influencing and communication opportunities coming from or related to the Oxfam projects making up the country programme;

  • To collaborate with and support the relevant project teams in their influencing needs and opportunities in a structural and empowering way;

  • To liaise with relevant regional and global Oxfam influencing advocacy and campaigning teams to ensure that the Oxfam program in Afghanistan is part of any relevant and appropriate regional and global campaigns;

  • To support projects under the Oxfam Country Strategy with information management and in the development and finalization of advocacy and communication materials (such as briefing papers reports brochures photo-stories and other promotional materials) for interested internal and external audiences;

  • To liaise with programme staff the security team and affiliates to ensure proper risk management (both brand and programme related risks);

  • To ensure project/programme proposals and activities are in line with Oxfam’s campaigning principles and are relevant to Oxfams ambition to become a global influencing and campaigning force;

  • To represent in coordination with the team relevant colleagues and partners Oxfam in Afghanistan to external influencing and media targets;

  • To contribute to Oxfam’s internal annual and/or quarterly planning and reporting as part of the Country Management Team;

  • To provide in coordination with the team advice and analytical input into programme proposals reports the Country Strategy of Afghanistan and other strategic documents within Oxfam;

  • To assist in close coordination with other Country Office staff in identifying opportunities for and developing new programmes or initiatives that can be eligible for external funding;

  • To manage the staff working in the influencing and campaigns department on a day to day basis and to perform human resource related tasks such as staff meetings performance interviews accepting reports of absence and recovery and passing them on to HR meetings on frequent absence coordination and advising on the recruitment and selection procedure.

Internal function within Oxfam:             

  • To lead in liaison with the Country Director Deputy Country Director and Programme Managers and Officers on all aspects of (humanitarian) influencing lobby advocacy and communication work relevant to media and other audiences;

  • To liaise with the Communications Department at partner affiliates with relevant international campaign staff and other relevant colleagues on a structural basis to inform and be informed on any influencing opportunities;

  • To liaise with programme officers/managers for linking and learning from programmes project co-ordination and input in policy strategy and (influencing) product development which may also include working with fundraising manager and other colleagues working on programme development

  • To liaise with Oxfam and Oxfam International’s global media colleagues in developing strengthening and implementing Oxfam in Afghanistan’s media and influencing strategy.

External function towards external audiences:

To structurally communicate and interact with a broad range of external stakeholders to constantly keep them informed of important political economic and social developments or challenges that are related to Oxfam’s priorities or that could have an impact on our programmes;

  • Key national level authorities and where relevant also provincial and local authorities;

  • Relevant (international) organizations such as UN agencies embassies;

  • Local partner organizations and other national civil society organizations (CSOs);

  • Consultants working on Oxfam research and projects;

  • International NGOs;

  • National and international media outlets;

  • External donors.

Submission Guideline

Interested qualified applicants are highly encouraged to submit their CV Cover letter to the email address given below.

Please make sure to put the title of the job and vacancy number as the subject of the email. Applications without a subject line will not be considered in the process.

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