Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Vacancy Number:HRM-100
Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Duration:2 months
Exp.: 2019-12-27-(5 Months From now)
Jobs no:1
Salary:Salary and benefits according to internal CHA rule


Organization: Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance | About Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance
City: Samangan
Country: AF


Education:Bachelor degree
Work Experience:2 Years


 At least hold a Bachelor degree in relevant field like Public health sociology Demography and statistics.

 Have at least two years work experience in similar position.

 Formal training in monitoring and evaluation will be an added advantage

 Demonstrable competencies in setting up M&E systems will be an added advantage

 Competency in both quantitative and qualitative research methods.


 Knowledge of working with local Government bodies and community.

 Skill in organizing work of self and others.

 Good communication and inter-­‐personal skills team player able to work under minimal supervision in a fast-­‐paced environment.

 Good analytical and IT skills

 Proficient with Microsoft office package

 Fluency in an English language.


Duties & Responsibilities

The M&E Officer is responsible for guiding the overall M&E strategy and implementation of related activities within the project and via partners plus providing timely and relevant information to project stakeholders. This entails close communication with all involved in M&E design and coordination: core project and partner M&E staff; representatives from the steering committee or similar unit; representatives from primary stakeholder groups; and the project director external consultants and field staff.

Critical tasks for the M&E Officer is setting up the M&E system and ensuring it is implemented effectively within the organization and by the key stakeholders namely the primary stakeholders and implementing partners. This is undertaken through the joint development of a shared M&E system that is based on existing formal and informal mechanisms and systems among key stakeholders. This needs to be supported by facilitating stakeholders to value have appropriate capacities for and undertake their own M&E activities and to link these into an overall assessment of project progress and needed actions.


 Establish a reliable and consistent set of Outcome Indicators for all program activities as well as developing an organization-­‐wide core set of indicators.

 Develop in coordination with the Finance Department a system to ensure that the program planning including inputs and targets is aligned with the overall program log frames and other types of M&E indicators.

 Managing and implementing the performance-­‐based monitoring system to ensure that the targets are met.

 Provide monitoring and evaluation support to partner Organization.

 Ensure that the M&E databases are updated routinely and systematically.

 Ensure that the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and guidelines regarding M&E are developed and updated where necessary.

 Develop an overall M&E plan and manage day-­‐to-­‐day operations of the M&E system including support of project officers in continued implementation of M&E tools  and instruments

 Lead the process of ensuring that the performance reviews are conducted regularly

 Develop and maintain an effective M&E system for the joint project.

 Synthesize and analyze data for summary and thematic reports on M&E findings.

 Develop and disseminate case stories from the field and out of database.

 Ensure timely compilation of internal and external progress reports (monthly quarterly and annually)

 Any other duties that may be assigned


Submission Guideline

Submission Guideline: Send your CV to: 
1. CHA Regional office in Mazar City Behind Ferdowsi Library Street # 7 H. 181
2. Email: Hasina Maihan <[email protected]
3. Mobile: 0729128518
In your emails please specify the title of the position as well as vacancy number for electronic submissions. 

Email: Hasina Maihan [email protected]