Networking Adviser

Vacancy Number:Nil
Title: Networking Adviser
Category:Other Organization
Exp.: 2020-04-05-(2 Months From now)
Jobs no:1
Salary:According to the ICRC salary scale


Organization: The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) | About The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
City: Kandahar
Country: AF


Education:No specific diploma
Work Experience:4 to 6 professional experience in a similar Years

Job requirements:

  • No specific diploma

  • Fluent command of English Dari and Pashtu; conversational Urdu - an asset

  • 4 to 6 years professional experience in a similar or approaching field of activities

  • Minimum age 30 years

  • Computer proficiency (MS Word MS Excel E - mail / Internet)

  • Able to produce qualitative written communication in English Dari and Pashtu

  • Capacity to carry out activities and/or files of strategic importance

  • Ability and willingness to travel in all parts of the KAD SD AoR including remote and volatile areas.

Personal qualifies:

Meticulous confident in talking in front of a large public sense of responsibility organizational skills ability to take initiative and to work independently team spirit patience perseverance adaptability self-confidence field oriented and good networking. Ability to travel to nationally or internationally for professional purposes. Knowledge of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and Principles would be an asset.


Duties & Responsibilities

Main responsibilities:

Support to KAD Management

  •   Under the supervision and in cooperation with NA LAK is in charge of providing ICRC KAD with access to key GoA and AO interlocutors in KAD SD AoR (and namely in the Kandahar Uruzgan & Zabul Provinces) in accordance with ICRC priorities in the South Region.

  •   Under the supervision and in cooperation with NA LAK provides HoSD/DHoSD KAD with a comprehensive and updated mapping of governmental officials influential community leaders and NSAG relevant interlocutors.

  •   Keeps KAD HoSD/DHoSD abreast of security political and any other developments relevant to ICRC operations; can be asked to produce contextual analyses and to contribute to security reports/assessments as required.

  •   Remains aware of regional dynamics and reports accordingly.

  •   Briefs incoming delegates and relevant visitors on the networking file.


  •   Under the supervision and in cooperation with NA LAK is the focal point for communications between ICRC and Armed Opposition Groups (NSAGs) in Kandahar Uruzgan and Zabul Provinces.

  •   With the support of KAD SD management or independently is the focal point for contacts with regional and provincial GoA representatives.

  •   Can be requested to interact with hard-to-reach contacts within the target populations as well as with various social circles NGOs think tanks community leaders influential elders etc.

  •   Carries out the day-to-day tasks associated with initiating maintaining strengthening and developing a dialogue and a network of contacts with the a/m target interlocutors in AoR with a specific focus on NSAG representatives.

  •   Arranges meetings with these interlocutors and adequately advises KAD management in preparation for said meetings.

  •   Keeps KAD management closely informed of developments in the perception and acceptance of the ICRC by any a/m target populations.

  •   Updates regularly the list of key interlocutors for AoR and shares it with SD management as required.


  • Thoroughly monitors security-related issues in AoR.

  • In cooperation with KAD Security Officer informs and counsels KAD management on all issues pertaining to security.

  • Contributes to the safety and security risk management of AoR.

  • Contributes to risk assessments related to specific operations or movements.


When necessary and under supervision and in cooperation with NA LAK provides support to KAD Protection departments in tasks linked to NSAG this would include:

  • Follow-up of AoAs AoDs and tracing cases.

  • Facilitating the distribution of RCM in NSAG-controlled territory.

  • Facilitating the exchange of family news to and from NSAG places of detention.

  • Timely communication of requests/offers from the NSAG (e.g. for detainee exchange release on medical grounds etc).

  • Assisting HoSD/DHoSD KAD and Protection delegates in communicating protection concerns to NSAG.

  • Assisting Protection delegates in documenting allegations of IHL violations by sharing relevant information and suggesting PROT follow-up.

  • When required support the protection delegates in receiving and treating HRTP requests including by negotiating access to human remains in possession of NSAG.


  • Offers his input and relevant knowledge and updates to KAD SD operational departments whenever relevant (i.e. humanitarian needs in the districts).

  • Offers his input on the acceptance or perception of new activities or programmes before they are deployed.

  • Supports departments in selecting appropriate participants and/or beneficiaries for their activities (FAT COM sessions Tea & Talk etc.).

  • Support Health department’s outreach programs in NSAG-controlled territory.

  • Based in Kandahar.

People management

The Networking Adviser contributes on the best and safest use of the 4 Field-Based Officers in KAD AoR; he manages these 4 staffers under supervision of KAD management.


Submission Guideline

Interested candidates are requested to send their application curriculum vitae (CV) and copies of the relevant documents (diplomas job certificates etc.) to the following postal address:

HR Services ICRC Kandahar / Administration ICRC Compound Shar-I-Naw District 1 Kandahar

Or by email to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for test/interviews.

Email: [email protected]