NFI Technical Coordinator

Vacancy Number:0084-09-2018-IMC
Title: NFI Technical Coordinator
Duration:11 Months
Exp.:2018-09-25-(7 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:As per organization salary scale


Organization:International Medical Corps |About International Medical Corps


Education:3 Years
Work Experience:Graduation degree in the field of DRR conflicts Years

Graduation degree in the field of DRR conflicts communication Business Administration or any relevant field from any recognized university.

At least 03 years of progressive working experience in the field of EPR/DRR IDP and Refugee setting with government and/or development cooperation in a conflict torn/fragile country.

Clear understanding on specifications standards and quality assurance of national and UN recommended humanitarian assistance packs kits and materials

Practical experience in mobilizing and distributing humanitarian assistance in a natural and/or conflict induced emergencies.

Strong command in emergency response and humanitarian assistance programming HAP and Sphere standards and principles and their application on the ground.

Hand on experience working with UN Clusters and government departments and ministries particularly with UNHCR ES/NFI Clusters and ANDMA is a clear advantage.

Strong interpersonal communication and coordination skills outstanding planning and meeting deadline under stressed condition and situation.

Understanding of local and global trends in natural disaster and conflicts political dynamics with strategic thinking and proactive actions.

Hand on experience in Branding and Marketing of own organization and donors through developing and circulating visual and IEC materials.

Experience in developing position papers advocacy tools working with networks and alliances and engaging advocacy and policy influence.

Flexibility and team building.

Computer literacy with language skills (fluency in English Pashto and DARI).


Duties & Responsibilities


IMC-Afghanistan is partnering with the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) to increase the capacity of the emergency response and humanitarian assistance to the natural disaster and conflict induced families IDPs Returness and Host communities in the eastern Afghanistan. This program will ensure adequate  emergency response and humanitarian support in to the affaected population in collaboration with Provincial Disaster Management Committee Provincial ANDMA and Provincial Directorate of Relief and Repatriation (DoRR) with effective coordination with UNOCHA and other agencies and INGOs in the region aiming at saving lives and reducing suffering of the affected population.  

About the role:

The NFI technical Coordinator position is dedicated to work as the key technical person in IMC Afghanistan to ensure technical specifications standards and quality of the relief materials and humnitarian assistance in accordance with the government and UNHCR ES/NFI Cluster recommendations. Under the supervision of Program Manager s/he will be responsible for necessary study and research assessments and market survey develop database on recommended relief materials coordinate with UN based ES/NFI Clusters national and provincial ANDMAs for ensuring stragegies and implementation guidelines for smooth emergency response operations. In addition the incumbent will work closely with UNHCR ES/NFI Cluster in the provincial and national level HRPs developing/reviewing national ES/NFI stragegies implementation and monitoring guidelines. S/he will represent IMC eastern region at the provincial govermental and UN agencies; take part in advocacy and policy influence along with other actors. NFI Coordinator will take the overall lead of assessment and response in the region to make sure that all relief materials deliver to the right people. He/she will also oversee procurement and prepositioning safety and delivery of NFI tents winterization kits so that those life-saving itens and kist are ready to respond to the affected population quickly.

In order to raise profile of IMC and USAID/OFDA the incumbent with lead the USAID Branding and Marketing component of the program develop and circulate all necessary Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials such as check-lists of relief materials and kits with its standards and specifications leaflets booklets posters festoon etc. radio program awareness raising  materials and campaign on EPR/DRR protection and GBV institutional diaster safety such as hospitals and health facilities conummity institutions camps and settlements.

Standardization and Specification of relief materials and kits

·         Establish effective coordination with UNHCR ES/NFI Cluster and ensure that the contents of NFI and Winterization kits are in line with cluster recommendations

·         Liaison with ANDMA DoRR UN agencies and INGOs to regularly update on changes in contents of NFIs and winterization kits. 

·         Ensure that the quantity and specification of NFI and winterization kits in a household package recommended by UNHCR ES/NFI Cluster meets emergency need of the affected families (e.g # of the HH members age gender disability etc.).

·         Keep abreast the changes and modifications of relief items/kits at regional national and UN Cluster level; incorporate those changes in IMC and orient relevant staff and department on those changes.

The position is responsible for all coordination mechanism to ensure the proper flow of information among all clusters members. Moreover bringing various humanitarian partners together under one umbrella to organize relief and recovery operations. Effective coordination saves efforts resources time and more importantly lives.   

Market Assessments/Surveys and Procurement Planning:

Conduct a market survey to determine the availability of proposed materials/kits in the local and national markets market prices and trends of fluctuation in market prices and the potentials to develop alternative NFI solutions.

Assess the quality of different items of NFI and winterization kits available in the local and national markets.

Mapping the potential vendors/suppliers their available stock and quality and capacity of different vendors/suppliers to supply adequate number of items/kits in any emergency situation to meet urgent need of the affected population.

Determine which commodities can be purchased locally nationally and/or from abroad.

Approval and of relief NFI and other kits and support procurement:

·         Take proactive actions to ensure that the proposed NFIs and other kits quantities standards and specifications of each item are duly approved by IMC technical unit in-country and the headquarters.

·         Ensure that the Procurement/Purchase Request for the NFIs and other relief items are raised timely in line with the approved/recommended standards and specifications and unit costs as per local market in line with project proposal..

·         Coordinate and liaison with in-country logistic department and technical unit in the headquarters to acquire approval of BoQ including the quantities standards and specifications unit price and procurement plan. 

·         Provide logistic department and technical unit with necessary clarifications justifications and other information from procurement planning approval and procurement stages in order to ensure that all relevant departments and units are informed thus approved the changes or processes.

·         Coordinate with logistic department in-country for bid announcement selection of suppliers and receiving delivery if the kits and materials following IMC procurement policies and procedures.

Analysis the efficiency of the procurement process followed for the procurement of kits and materials with the view to identify deviations between what was planned and what was achieved and runs on three directions: quality costs and planning.   

Support preposition assessment response and monitoring:

-          Coordinate with district and provincial authorities and ANDMAs for requirement of NFIs and other relief materials and ensure safe and secured preposition of the kits and materials.

Collect approval from authorities and relevant stakeholders and ensure timely replenishment of NFIs winterization kits etc. in the relevant warehouses.

-          Coordinate with Project Manager EPR officers Field officers and logistic assistants and support emergency assessment and response ensure timely delivery of the kits and emergency assistances ensure documentation photos and field glimpse for record.

-          Coordinate with M&E Officers and EPR officers follow up assessment and responses activities to ensure that NFIs and other relief materials are reached to affected families timely.

-          Identify field challenges problems complains or grievances of community people stakeholders and authorities in relation to NFIs and other relief materials and resolve those amicably following the transparency accountability and ethics guidelines.

Developing and distribution of IEC materials Profiling of IMC and USAID

-          Design and develop pictorial checklists and tools for NFI and winterized kits and ensure that the checklists are posted on each kits and informed the recipients.

Design and develop visibility material such as leaflets folders brochure posters stickers awareness notebooks signboards banners visibility jackets pens mugs etc. based on the project sectors and interventions following USAID Branding and Marketing Strategies and IMC procurement policy and procedures.

Ensure effective distribution of those visibility materials to the target audiences authorities and stakeholders

Ensure design and printing of training materials modules training aids etc. in collaboration with relevant program staff and logistic department.

Implementation of USAID Branding and Marketing strategies

Develop and implement ‘USAID Branding and Marketing’ strategy across the project areas and nationally through developing and sharing of IEC and visibility materials with USAID and IMC LOGOs.

Take necessary actions to ensure that the profile of IMC and UASID is promoted to the target beneficiaries communities authorities and all other stakeholders.

Promote innovative ideas and thoughts to increase awareness of the community authorities and stakeholders so that the IMC and UASID are highlighted reflected and visible in all program activities and interventions.

Documentation Record Keeping and Knowledge Management:

·         Train and orient all levels of project staff on project documentation and record keeping process.

·         Collect information and photos develop success stories and share with IMC and USAID UN agencies and other stakeholders as applicable.

·         Work as project information hub; store all final documents reports stories and other communication documents and information as ready references.

·         Support program manager other staff and senior management of IMC as necessary.

Work as focal person for internal and external communication for the project closely liaises with communication and logistic departments of the IMC.

Ensure effective communications visibility and knowledge management within IMC and to external audience.

Lead documentation of lesson learnt best practices identify challenges/problems encounters and their effective solutions success stories.

Organize result sharing workshop at the end of the project in collaboration with M&E officer and project management inviting target beneficiaries community representatives authorities and other stakeholders. 

Important Point: You will be asked to travel or can be deployed in anywhere within the program area to perform services. There may be some insecure areas where you may need to travel and perform the activity without any hesitation. Delays due to insecurity will not be accepted.

Submission Guideline

You are kindly requested to submit a complete written Application and Resume   through email or in sealed envelope (marked "Confidential") and indicate the vacancy Announcement Name and Number with Contact Address or Telephone Number to HR/Administration on the following Addresses:

Jalalabad Office: Angoor Bagh square 1st Street (Rahim Ghamzada street)  beside Alokozai Store Sector#2 Jalalabad city Nangarhar/ Afghanistan..

      Mobil #  0786 83 00 83- 0789007697

    Email: [email protected]

Important Point: To ensure an open transparent staff selection process pleases Certify in your application form that I have no relative or personal relationship with International Medical Corps employees if yes please disclose the Name Position and Relation otherwise your CV will be not considered for shortlist

Only those candidates will be called for interview who meets the qualification and requirements for the mentioned position.

Kindly indicate VA number and Title in subject of your e –mail and please note that applications with a different subject will be ignored.

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