Operations Manager

Vacancy Number:MCA002-19
Title: Operations Manager
Duration:One year
Exp.: 2019-05-16-(2 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:As per MCA Salary Scale


Organization: Mercy Corps | About Mercy Corps
City: Parwan
Country: AF


Education:Bachelor degree in related field
Work Experience:5-6 of relevant working experience with NGO Years

  • Fluent in English Dari and other local languages; writing and reading skills is desired.

  • 5-6  years of relevant working experience with NGOs Government and other organization.

  • Must be responsible trustworthy and punctual

  • University Degree in related field 

Duties & Responsibilities


Mercy Corps has operated in Afghanistan since the onset of the political and security crises in 1986 and through subsequent humanitarian crises. Mercy Corps remains committed to addressing critical needs of Afghan communities and connecting them with appropriate resources. Mercy Corps has implemented a number of water and sanitation projects to install facilities in schools and health centres in the Herat-Eastern Province of Badakshan in Afghanistan.  The current program will provide access to safe and improved water sanitation and hygiene facilities to over 50 000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in IDP camps and settlements in Herat.


The Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing general aspects of Mercy Corps Administration Human Resources Logistics operations including procurement warehousing property asset management to over see visas renewal getting work permit for expatriate and vehicle management and IT operations for the office.

Implement field testing of all approved Administration HR Logistics policies and procedures in coordination with the Kabul based Operations Manager finance and administration personnel and in consultation with all program managers and key staff both national and international; provide feedback on system including additional recommendations.


Administration and Human Resources:

Supervise the Admin & HR Officer and provide oversight to the administration that includes offices supplies stationery preparing the guards cooks cleaner and Gardner rosters with the Admin HR officer. Make sure Mercy Corps Herat adheres to the Mercy Corps field administration manual and country specific HR manual. Help the HR officer in recruitment process and make sure Mercy Corps Herat HR is compliant with policies and procedures that applies to the admin and human resources.


Supervise the Logistics and Procurement Officers and provide oversight to the procurement process including: Use of procurement paperwork Purchase Request Request for Quotations Purchase Order Bid Analysis and Payment Request. Ensure all Mercy Corps employees are well versed in procurement procedures. Ensure procurement ceilings and approval procedures are utilized appropriately. Ensure procurement files are maintained in an orderly and up-to-date system. Coordinate with the Finance Department to ensure that payments to vendors are made on-time and without any unnecessary strain on the financial systems of MC. Ensure that Mercy Corps procurement activities are legal and moral. In  cooperation with financial management staff help to ensure compliance with established financial management rules and procedures for all MC Afghanistan field-based procurement and other logistics conducts.

Transport Management:

Supervise the logistics/transport staff and provide oversight to the management of agency vehicles including: Ensuring proper use of the vehicles. Ensure vehicle files both onboard he vehicle and vehicle files in the office are complete and up-to-date. Ensure that accident reports are completed and filed. Ensure major repairs are done in a timely manner. Oversee schedule for vehicle use. Oversee rental calendar with rental agency and approve monthly payments. Assist and facilitate any import/export activities. Ensure vehicles are managed properly in regards to all security regulations. Ensure fuel consumption for each vehicle is not drastically exceeding the average fuel consumption for each vehicles.

Asset and Property Management:

Ensure the maintenance of a proper inventory of all equipment and furniture belonging to Mercy Corps Afghanistan program. Monitor implementation of asset tracking system including use of asset tags  movement of assets and upkeep of an asset register. Ensure all assets purchased for MC Afghanistans  use are properly marked upon receipt.

Coordinate with the other field offices that the asset physical count is done according to the plane and that the report is sent to the Kabul office. Ensure Mercy Corps meet all legal requirement on renting property and with the help of the Logistics Officer maintain a lease matrix for all property rented by Mercy Corps Afghanistan. Warn field office and finance on lease expiration well ahead of time.

Submission Guideline

While sending your CV & Cover letter please mention the vacancy number and position in the subject line application received after the closing date and without subject line will not be given consideration. Please include three references from you previous and current supervisors in your CV and make sure that their official email addresses are mentioned in the reference information. 

Only short listed candidates whose application responds to the above criteria will be contacted for interview. Interested candidates should submit their Application To: Mercy Corps Office: Qala e Fatullah Street # 05 House # 1010 Kabul Afghanistan or Email to: [email protected] 

Email: [email protected]