Pharmacy Store Keeper

Vacancy Number:HNTPO-04-25-2021/1
Title: Pharmacy Store Keeper
Duration:3 months (extendable)
Exp.: 2021-05-03-(1 Week From now)
Jobs no:1
Salary:According to org salary scale


Organization: HealthNet TPO | About HealthNet TPO
City: Nangarhar
Country: AF


Education:Faculty of pharmacy or institute of pharmacy
Work Experience:2 Years

Graduated from faculty of pharmacy  prof. Ghazanfar institute or private pharmacy institutes  familiarity with and experience in pharmacy stock management.

Having two years’ experience

Knowing the Word excel or any other databased operation experience in logistics and record keeping

Fluency in Pashto/ Dari languages and work related English.

Working knowledge of computer  Word and excel/database

Duties & Responsibilities

Prepare plan for pharmacy stock arrangement.

To store arrange and organize the medicine /Supplies and other pharmacy related materials/equipment properly in the shelves or specified areas.

To ensure proper and complete receipt and issue of drugs/supplies at pharmacy warehouse level according to the approved documents.

Prepare and reporter of monthly stock balance to pharmacy manger.

Selection and prepare order with justification.

Responsible for PLIS repot as per stock report to pharmacy manger.

Communication every pharmaceutical issue with Line Managers.

Responsible for control of medicine as per RUD and IMAT standard.

Prepare of GRN WAYBILL and able to use database.

To ensure that drugs are not expired if it is near to be expired should be reported before three months to the line manager.

To make sure that all drugs/Supplies received or issued are entered to the pharmacy database stock book and stock card on due time in coordination with pharmacy team.

Ensure that all pharmaceutical are regularly supplied to the every HFs on approved documents. (Based on consumption report and approved documents of  technical coordinators )

Being accountable for provision of approved documents for all pharmacy related receipts and supplies/issues (Approved documents by authorized staff without any errors )

To report the line manager for all receipts issues inventory monthly stock report consumption report   discrepancy in amount type of medicine and supplies and specifications contrary to the approved items description.

To ensure that stock inventory is conducted every three months and report are prepared and shared with line manager.

To take preventive measures such as humidity direct sun light and bugs in the  pharmacy warehouse and stores in support of administration team

To ensure the proper ventilation and temperature of the pharmacy warehouse/ stock.

Good knowledge in Microsoft Excel especially pharmacy database.

To ensure that all pharmaceutical have been arranged properly in cabinets and all security and safety measure are considered.

To make sure that all pharmacy related documents are properly GRN and Waybill   are ready for review at any time.

To make sure the quantity of all medicines /Supplies with QC document are according to the approved documents during receipt and issue at warehouse level. Be cooperative and having good attitude towards the supplier’s representatives labor workers and support staff helping in the downloading and uploading of items.

Submission Guideline

Interested and qualified candidates are requested to send their CVs along with an application letter and apply Via E-mail to  [email protected]

Please ensure to fill out the Health Net TPO application form which is available in 

Write the number of vacancy and position you are applying for in the subject line of your E-mail Add.

Incomplete applications or applications received after the closing date will not be given consideration.

Candidates who are meeting the above criteria will be shortlisted;

Country office Address

HNO:  003 Main St: 005 Sello Road DehNaw _Dehbori District 03 Kabul Afghanistan

Email: [email protected]