Professional Translator

Vacancy Number:
Title:Professional Translator
Duration: Regular
Exp.: 2015-06-08-(4 Yearss Ago)
Jobs no:1


Organization: Concern Worldwide-AFghanistan | About Concern Worldwide-AFghanistan
City: Takhar
Country: AF


Education:Southern Ostrobothnia
Work Experience:3 Years
üUniversity degree, English Language and Literature Faculty.
üAbility to translate the English to Dari and Vice Versa is expected that the person in this position is motivated and willing to build up a deep understanding of the different technical unites he/she is translating for (engineering agriculture, community development health and nutrition) and to learn the required specific terms.
üAt least 3-4 years’ practical experience in translation/interpretation.
üFamiliar with the nature of formal meetings, Training, workshop and ability to share informationKnowledge of computer (MS Office)

Duties & Responsibilities

·To translate Dari to English and vice versa during meetings, workshops, interactions between Afghans and expatriate staff in a professional way.
·To provide accurate translations of written communications between Dari and English and vice versa, including proposals, reports, policies, strategies and articles
·To translate document reports, minutes of meetings, field visit reports from English to Dari and Dari to English
·Visit programme locations to assist with translations when requested. 
Report Writing:
Take minutes of meetings and or write reports from field visits.
To undertake any task provided by line manger that is relevant with the organization mandate 
HAP & Emergency:
Concern is committed to HAP to ensure downward accountability. Concern activities are guided by HAP standards in all stages both emergency and development projects /programs. In Afghanistan we also bounded our activities by Accountability framework and therefore any Afghanistan employees are responsible to comply with HAP principles and benchmarks as instructed by its policies and therefore make sure that you accept and implement HAP standards in all your activities.To give your full support in relation to emergencies when occurring in any area that Concern Afghanistan will respond.

Submission Guideline

Applications should be written in English and demonstrate the applicants suitability for the job. A current Curriculum Vita and a letter expressing why you are interested in the position should be included in the application. Applications should be submitted to Concern Worldwide- Afghanistan offices in Taloqan marked to the attention of the Human Resources Department. and / or to any other field offices of Concern in Rustaq, Faizabad, Yawan, Farkhar, Warsaj, Chall, Namakaab and Kabul (Shari now, 4th  Street of Qalai Fatullah, connected with Qalai Moosa) or through this email address: [email protected]
Closing Date: 8 June 2015
Email: [email protected]