Vacancy Number:KVID20180719-56135
Duration:One year with possibility of extension
Exp.:2018-07-19-(4 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:Grade C NTA salary Scale


Organization:DAI/WIE |About DAI/WIE


Education:University degree
Work Experience:Bachelors degree with 5 relevant experience Years


Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science
Knowledge of MySQL PHP CodeIgniter Ajax JQuery
5 years of continuous work experience with database administration data quality and data integrity
Proficiency with Lotus Notes TAMIS
Excellent English language and communication skills
Proven track record of user friendly support and collaborative work style
Patience attention to detail and persistence are required


Reports to IT Manager

Duties & Responsibilities


WIE uses database driven applications to manage workflows and data including DAI’s proprietary TAMIS (Technical and Administrative Management Information System) built on a non-relational Lotus Notes platform an SQL driven Knowledge Management Portal (KMP) for internal tracking of beneficiaries and certain activities.  WIE seeks a project data manager who will manage administration of project used databases and the quality of project data as well as pulling information for reporting to management. The position is based in Kabul HQ but will require travel to WIE’s five regional offices in Kabul Jalalabad Mazar Kandahar and Herat.


Objective and Duties:

Database management and data quality control

Data cleaning and ensuring record integrity

Liaison with M&E and program teams on use of KMP

Pulling data from KMP for reporting to program teams management and in response to USAID data calls.

Coordinates call back and verification for missing or unclear data

Training staff on KMP use and refresher trainings as needed monitoring and troubleshooting user proficiency

Monitoring use of KMP informing program team of timeliness of processing and uploading the needed documents

Monitoring use of TAMIS informing program team and management of needed clean-up updates and appropriate information entry

Monitoring timeframes for applicant/beneficiary processing in KMP and action items or module update timeframes in TAMIS and informing management of delays backlogs missing or poor quality data

Provides input into development of user friendly features that contribute to the accomplishment of program objectives in more efficient ways and faster timeframes

Assist program team in the identification and use of applications or in systems design for a diverse range of needs including surveying data collection SMS systems for bulk messaging and beneficiary communication

Assist communications and reporting team with using data for producing infographics and robust results reporting

Program and test new features and modify existing functions in KMP such as queries reports new (sub)sections etc. based on program needs and in line with user requirements

Provide support with integrating changes into the KMP

Troubleshooting and fixing code bugs/errors

Managing data entry team: organize their work supervise data entry ensure the hard copies of data are appropriately stored after entry monitor data quality

Technical supervision of the call center (CC) operations:

Triage of all requests for CC and making sure they are appropriate for the CC

Forwarding all appropriate requests to the CC Manager (CCM) for further processing by CC staff

Technical training of CC Operators (CCO) and CCM in the proper use of the CC

Assistance to the CCOs and CCM in using the KMP – running reports queries as necessary running export of beneficiaries for importing into the CC

Assistance to the CCOs and CCM in importing batches of phone numbers into the CC for calling beneficiaries

Support users and supervise the technical aspects of the CC such as generating reports on calls changing working hours adding/changing phone numbers to tickets importing batches of phone numbers monitoring that the CC is properly functioning from an IT point of view

Submission Guideline

To apply: Please send your CV & Covering letter to below email address and include PROJECT DATA MANAGER in the subject line of the application

Email:[email protected]