Project Manager - TVET

Vacancy Number:FRD-KBL-2018-105
Title: Project Manager - TVET
Category:Business Development
Duration:One year with possibility of extension
Exp.: 2018-11-11-(5 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:As Per NTA Salary


Organization: Organization of Fast Relief & Development (OFRD) | About Organization of Fast Relief & Development (OFRD)
City: Kabul
Country: AF


Education:bachelor/Master Degree
Work Experience:3 Years

Have a bachelor degree in project management business administration or other related study area.

Senior leadership and management experience in TEVT sectors.

Demonstrable understanding of and commitment to international development and knowledge of how development programs can be used for Afghanistan.

Experience of managing large budgets demonstrating effective use of resources understanding of compliance and reporting requirements of funders and oversight of complex budgets.

Experience managing diverse teams including recruitment professional development and performance management;

Considerable experience managing complex projects ideally in the development sectors including a proven ability to design and manage the delivery of complex projects to deadlines and within budget;

Proven track record of developing and securing new business including the ability to develop new business ideas and present these persuasively to potential partners and funders and write successful proposals.

Sound judgement and understanding of OFRD values and/or a demonstrable understanding of public services;

Excellent interpersonal negotiating and diplomatic skills including experience working with colleagues whose first language is not English;

Excellent written and spoken English Dari and Pashto;

Dynamism proactivity and personal resilience and demonstrable ability to adapt to changing and uncertain circumstances;

Hostile environment training or willingness to undergo hostile environment training; 



Duties & Responsibilities

Responsible to develop Project Summary Document (PSD) of TVET project with close collaboration of Senior Management Team (SMT);

In accordance with the Project Summary Document (PSD) and in close coordination with Senior Management Team (SMT) and donor plan and develop project work plan and establish project goal within specified timelines;

Monitor and track the technical administrative and financial oversight of the TVET project;

Ensure that OFRD activities are in line with the overall direction set by the Project Document and lead to achievements of project targets and results;

Oversee and coordinate development and formulation of detailed implementation plans procurement and human resources communication and risk management plans for the TVET project;

Coordinate and ensure timely updates of all planning instruments in close collaboration with donor;

The Project Manager - TVET will be responsible for the development implementation and monitoring of professional trainings for returnees and IDPs in the provinces;

Identifying training requirements by means of focus group discussions with representatives from small-size enterprises;

Identifying and selecting trainers for technical and vocational trainings in the provinces.

These trainers should have an evidenced track record of experience in the private sector or as teachers in TVET or business schools with practical background;

Monitoring the trainer’s commitment the instructional quality and lesson attendance by participants with checklists and questionnaires;

Establishing vocational trainings in Nangarhar Parwan Laghman Balkh Kandahar Kunar and Herat;

Ensure implementation of activities as per donor and agreed deadlines as well as according to detailed implementation procurement and HR plans.

Assess project impact and oversee the appropriateness and accuracy of methods used to verify progress and results;

Ensure that adequate systems are in place to gather data and information for project monitoring and that systematic monitoring of project progress against targets is undertaken including regular field trips for monitoring purposes;

Develop innovative improvements to enhance performance of the project;

Manage the accurate and timely high-quality results reporting on the progress of the project and achievement of targets to the donor and ensure that all internal and external reports are submitted by deadlines;

Organize and participate in project level coordination meetings and/or technical working groups as per project document and share information on technical project-related issues with donor other partners and stakeholders;

Ensure compliance of all actions and activities with organizational rules regulations policies strategies and internal control mechanisms.

Supervise and manage project personnel and consultants of TVET project and develop ToRs/JDs for project staff positions.

Oversee recruitment processes establish performance objectives and standards and ensure timely and appropriate feedback guidance and support to ensure optimum performance;

Undertake performance evaluation according to OFRD´s policies and deadlines;

Promote teamwork information sharing and collaboration within the TVET team;

Support the Director to ensure the security health and safety of staff and ensure compliance with all OFRD safety rules and all relevant legal requirements;

Promote skills development of project staff through coaching and mentoring;

Responsible for any other task given by Director or Senior Management Team (SMT);

Submission Guideline

You are kindly requested to submit your CV and letter of motivation with complete contact details to: [email protected] no later then Sunday 11 November 2018 11 am local time.

Email: [email protected]