Project Officer

Vacancy Number:PAC.HR_V0029_JUN_18
Title: Project Officer
Duration:14 Months
Exp.:2018-09-28-(10 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:As per organization salary scale


Organization:PAC |About PAC


Work Experience:At least 5 Years

  • Bachelor of Agriculture Management or other social science degree

  • At least five years experience in humanitarian projects management and implementation preferably with NGOs.

  • Familiar with basic documentation filing systems and procurement procedures.

  • Able to use computers with a good working knowledge of spreadsheets MS Word and MS Excel software.

  • Able to write read and speak English Dari and Pashto

  • Willing to commit to the vision and mission of PAC.

  • Prepared to work hard and long when needed to achieve deadlines targets and quality standards set by the project.

  • Committed to accountability and transparency among project staff and partners and with communities.

  • Good interpersonal skills flexible patient and able to mentor others.

  • Understanding the local language is an advantage

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Providing leadership to effectively implement the project at the district level:

  • Build understanding of Project staff and community on the on project goal and objectives & PAC mission.

  • Develop project implementation plan including clear milestones for the for relevant project objective

  • Identifying capacity building requirements of project staff members  for their capacity development

  1. Implementing the project in district level in compliance with agreed standards and practices:

  • Design awareness creation measures in the form of  ;

  • Conduct participatory learning process to assess challenges opportunities and risks of project implementation. Promote open and democratic processes of decision making and also to inform line manager on the status of program

  • Prepare the project report based on the result and or donor designed result oriented framework and quality control guidelines for assessing effectiveness of the Project .

  • Assist the team to facilitate processes of community mobilization and participation to develop ownership on the programs

  • Orient and train  the team including social organizers and community facilitators on plans and budgets for after approval

  1. Assist  staff in monitoring the project in compliance with  project set indicator and or donor guiding document  such as Project Logical frame work and PAC M&E frame-work

  • Assist in Design and conducting baseline surveys prior to implementing any new activity of project.

  • Assist provide guidance and participate in Project review appraisal and impact assessment of the project and Participate and extend need based support for wider shared learning initiatives

  • Periodic reviews on quality and progress of work based on field and monitoring visits by stakeholder and feedback from the  M&E for follow up action and effective implementation

  • Assist in organizing social audit of project (fi required); invite government officials right holder community and other actor working in the areas.

  • Systematically capture document and record lessons from field for shared learning across and out of  the organization and to highlight success to measure project effectiveness

  1. Assist PAC Engagement with government to appraise PAC’s work and to feed it into government planning processes:

  • Assist PAC representation in Government and sectorial meetings at the district and provincial level to apprise them of PACs work to garner support in smooth implementation of projects

  • Attend to stakeholder meetings as advised by line manager

  • Ensure compliance with any Government of Afghanistan requirements at the district and provincial level for effective implementation

  1. Networking and solidarity:

  • Assist in building solidarity across the CBO’s such as CDC FSN DDA and government agencies to achieve campaign goals.

  • Represent PAC in sub-national level dialogues forums and committees as per our strategic requirements and management advice.

  1. Learning and staff development:

  • Assist and provide ongoing coaching and mentoring in the form of ‘learning by doing’ and ‘leading by example’ on program quality policy and communication portfolio in coordination with other key teams

  1. Assist in Coordination:

  • Ensure and assist highest levels of coordination within the program in district and provincial office level through close interaction and information sharing within different departments and also with external stakeholders as guided by line management.

  1. Ensure the PAC financial system practice and its operation is healthy.

  • Effective fund / budget Utilization

  • Maintain the budget utilization based approved budget lines.

  • Monitor the utilization progress in monthly base

  • Ensure and monitor the financial procurement reporting and budget request policies and procedure is implemented and fully understood & strongly follow up by Admin / finance.

  • Ensure the project financial transactions are in accordingly to PAC policy procedure account code and approved budget.

  • Ensure the project financial and administrative document and record maintained properly and in effective manner.

  • Ensure existence of financial and procurement supporting document of project based on PAC and donor financial and procurement policy & procedure.

  • Ensure the project inventory / asset register maintained and updated.

  • Ensure project annual Quarter and monthly report submitted on time based on reporting procedure.

  • Ensure the financial review findings followed strictly and mistakes repetition is avoided.

  • Verify the project monthly budget request  

  1. As required: Represent  

  • PAC  in sub national and International levels meetings; undertake all such actions that are required to further PAC role in the country and undertake assignments as directed by the Line manager

Submission Guideline

Qualified candidates are encouraged to submit their applications to the bellow email address:

Note: It is required to mention the vacancy number in the subject line of your application email.

Email:[email protected]