Provincial Manager

Vacancy Number:KVID20180702-54914
Title: Provincial Manager
Duration:3 years with possibilities of extension
Exp.:2018-07-02-(4 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:Based on CARE salary scale




Education: Bachelor Degree or equivalent in Project Management Education Business Administration Public
Work Experience:5 of relevant experience with a Bachelor Deg Years

Core Competencies:

Promoting ethics and integrity creating organizational precedents;
Building support and political acumen;
Building staff competence  creating an environment of creativity and innovation;
Building and promoting effective teams;
Creating and promoting enabling environment for open communication;
Creating an emotionally intelligent organization;
Leveraging conflict in the interests of CARE & setting standards;
Sharing knowledge across the organization and building a culture of knowledge sharing and learning. Promoting; learning and knowledge management/sharing is the responsibility of each staff member;
Fair and transparent decision making; calculated risk-taking.

Required Skills and Experience

Education:   Bachelor Degree or equivalent in Project Management Education Business Administration Public Administration Finance Economics or related field combined with 5 years of relevant experience;


5 years of relevant experience with a Bachelor Degree  in gender sensitive operations management providing management advisory services and/or managing staff and operational systems of an office/operation of similar scale and complexity;
Solid experience and knowledge in financial resources and human resources management contracts asset and procurement information and communication technology as well as general administration;
Specific experience in leading business processes re-engineering implementation of new systems (business side) and affect staff behavioral/ attitudinal change leading strategic planning results-based management and reporting  as well as leading the formulation and monitoring of management projects is an asset;
Experience in the use of computers and office software packages experience in handling of web-based management systems;


Fluency in spoken and written English Pashtu and Dari is a requirement.


Duties & Responsibilities

Summary of Key Functions

Manages Provincial Office’s program Financial and Human Resources Procurement and logistical services;

Supervises all provincial level staff.

Oversees the management of information and communication technology;

Ensuring effective implementation of program and program support functions including accommodation and catering services  and works closely with the relevant functions at provincial and site office on management issues and establishment of partnerships with other INGOs/organizations;

Takes every possible step to ensure appropriate working conditions as well as adequate security arrangements are available for CARE staff in the provincial offices;

Actively promotes the mainstreaming of gender equality and women’s empowerment in the Operations of the Provincial Office and the implementation of specific measures.


Reports to the Field Operations Coordinator

Supervises provincial support staff and project supervisors on all matter related to the delivery of CARE mission in the province

Collaborates with program finance program support internal audit and project managers.

Actively contributes to PS Management Team meetings to create an awareness on CARE programs in the relevant province


As a member of the PO management team the Provincial Manager ensures the strategic direction of the PO’s operations and plans and manages the day-to-day operations of the PO focusing on achievement of the following results:

Overall Operations Management:

Effective and efficient project delivery is ensured by supervising the Operations Team in the province and by putting in place the requisite support functions and implementing agreed business processes:

Compliance of operations with CARE rules regulations and policies is ensured as well as the implementation of corporate operational strategies.

Analyze existing program and program support functions and identify new areas of opportunities where operations and program interventions could be further developed i.e. security transport and travel services building maintenance ICT and IT-support procurement;

Provide contextual input for the preparation of all appropriate documentation (e.g. RFQ RFP) on all Common premises and facilities-related vendor contracts. Technical inputs are to be provided in a timely cost effective and ethical manner within the CARE financial and administrative regulations and rules in order to ensure continuity of business and value for money.

Targets are set and regularly monitored for operational efficiency. Operating environment is consistently monitored and analyzed leading to recommendations and quick readjustments of the operations including seek advice on legal considerations and risk assessments;

Risks (financial legal physical etc.) are adequately anticipated managed and mitigated through the implementation of internal control policies and the design and implementation of Business Continuity Plans and Emergency preparedness measures;

Provide support to ensure knowledge is built and shared with regards to management and operations in the PO including organization of the operations staff trainings ensuring compliance with CARE corporate mandatory certification levels synthesis of lessons learnt/best practices and sound contributions to CARE knowledge networks and communities of practices.

Program Management:

Play a supervisory role over programs implemented through program department in the province and provide management support as and when required by focusing to achieve the following results.


Project delivered through partners or directly by CARE provincial staff are ensured to meet the project implementation plan.

Effective use of project budget and resources are ensured.

Coordination with monitoring team and project supervisor to ensure monitoring visits are supported through close coordination with government and relevant stockholders.

Resource mobilization opportunities at provincial level is shared with program department.


Financial Management:

Effective and accurate Financial Resources Management  strategic human resources management efficient Procurement and Logistical services management and supervision of the Operation focusing on achievement of the following results:


Ensure that all premises and facility management-related vendors are performing in full compliance with all of their contractual obligations at all times;

Proper expenditure tracking and audit of financial resources in accordance with CARE rules and regulations;

PO cash management processes are properly managed controlled and supervised including liquidity management recommendation of impress level risk assessment bank relationship management; timely accounting and reconciliation of all transactions security for cash assets on site;

Oversee the proper management of assets facilities and logistical services including full compliance in the accounting for the procurement utilization and disposal of the assets;

Financial exception reports are routinely monitored for unusual activities transactions and any anomaly or unusual transaction is investigated. Supervisors and other CARE staff at Kabul are informed of the results of the investigation when satisfactory answers are not obtained.


Internal Control:


Develop and implement action plans in response to the internal control feedback at province level.


Human Resources: 

PO compliance with corporate human resources policies and strategies is ensured at all times including:

Optimal staffing of the office and projects is ensured at all times and the recruitment of women is encouraged for the purpose of achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment;

Recruitment processes and performance management systems are properly overseen ensuring link of job design with recruitment career development and learning management;

Staff learning opportunities are promoted and the implementation of the Learning Plan in the PO is ensured.


Procurement and Logistical Services:

PO compliance with corporate rules and regulations is ensured in the field and the PO procurement strategies including:


Sourcing strategy supplier selection and evaluation quality management customer relationship management e-procurement promotion and introduction and performance measurement is designed and implemented;

Oversee proper management of CARE assets facilities and logistical services is ensured including all local transport arrangements at the Provincial Office which should be pooled to the greatest extent possible to ensure cost effectiveness and optimal availability. This extends to the maintenance management of the vehicle fleet.


Information and Communication Technology:

Forward-looking information and communication management is ensured focusing on achievement of the following results:


Access of adequate IT and telecommunications infrastructure for the office and for the offices in the area;

Opportunities and ways of converting business processes into web-based systems are identified;

Different systems and applications are promoted and implemented for optimal content management knowledge sharing information provision and learning.


Security and staff welfare:

Working conditions of CARE personnel are improved and are gender sensitive and CARE security in the field is adequately managed by focusing on achievement of the following results:

All arrangements are made and measures are in place so that CARE office premises and personnel are in the safest possible working environment.

The PO premises CARE offices in the province and district are adequately maintained and organized in a gender sensitive way with appropriate access to auxiliary facilities as may be required;

Secure flexible adequately comfortable and gender sensitive working conditions are available for national/international staff with duty station in the PO;

Adequate transportation and flexible secure arrangements are available for all CARE personnel on duty;


Functional Competencies:          

Analysis and creation of messages and strategies:

Provide contextual inputs to the elaboration of advocacy strategies by identifying and prioritizing audiences and communication means;

In close coordination with project supervisors uses the opportunity to bring forward and disseminate materials for advocacy work.

Building Strategic Partnerships:

Sensitizes CARE Partners donors and other international organizations to the CARE’s strategic agenda identifying areas for joint efforts;

Promotes CARE’s agenda in inter-agency meetings.

Support and provide input to promotion of Organizational Learning and Knowledge Sharing:

Makes the case for innovative ideas documenting successes and building them into the design of new approaches;

Identifies new approaches and strategies that promote the use of tools and mechanism.

Job Knowledge/Technical Expertise:

Understands basic aspects of primary area of specialization as well as the fundamental concepts of related disciplines;

Continues to seeks new and improved methods and systems for accomplishing the work of the provincial office;

Keeps abreast of new developments in area of professional discipline and job knowledge and seeks to develop him/herself professionally;

Demonstrates knowledge of information technology and applies it in work assignments.

Provide input to Visibility for CARE/Supporting CARE’s Capacity to Advocate:

Support promotional activities based on monitoring/evaluation information identifying areas requiring higher visibility;

Support messages for use by CARE staff when working with partners in province and local level.

Reviews documents and materials intended for use within and outside the organization in order to ensure consistency and validity of message.

Conceptual Innovation in the Provision of Technical Expertise:

Leverages different experiences and expertise of team members to achieve better and more innovative outcomes.

Submission Guideline

CARE invites applications from Qualified Afghan Male &Female candidates for its Parwan province based position of Provincial Manager in its Program Support. Those with Internet access can email their completed CARE Standard Job Application forms (CARE application form is attached) along with their update CVs and a letter of interest to [email protected]

Interested candidates should submit their completed CARE standard job application forms (CARE application form is attached) along with the updated resumes and letters of interest to CARE HRD department in its Kabul Main-Office or Parwan Field-Office  no later than July 02 2018 candidates who have access to the Internet can send their applications to [email protected]

You are requested to send your application form along with the updated resume and letters of interest in Word or PDF file. Please do not email us heavy sized files such as your certificates recommendation letters and etc. THOSE WHO DO NOT FULFILL THE APPLYING REQUIREMENTS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR SHORTLIST. Only short listed candidates will be contacted with and called for the interview. The interview dates time and place will be determined and communicated with the short listed candidates sooner after the deadline of vacancy announcement.







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