Re- Announced Provincial Director

Vacancy Number:KFZ-093
Title: Re- Announced Provincial Director
Duration:Long Term
Exp.: 2016-11-10-(3 Yearss Ago)
Jobs no:1


Organization: Kandahar Food Zone Program | About Kandahar Food Zone Program
City: Kandahar
Country: AF


Education:Bachelor degree
Work Experience:8 Years

Required Skills & Qualifications:

Minimum of eight years of professional work experience as a DCOP and/or team leader on development programs in complex and dynamic work environments

Master degree in international development, organizational development, Business Administration or other relevant field

Excellent experience interacting with senior government officials in politically sensitive environments

Prior experience working on USAID-funded projects and knowledge of USAID policies, strategies and regulations

QA/QC and M&E experience

Fluency in English required: read, write and fluent conversation

Excellent communication skills

Independent self-starter, capable of following guidance and transforming it into actions

Excellent interpersonal relationships with national and international staff, in a multicultural environment and multidisciplinary teams

Travel Requirements:

This will be a Kandahar based position with 60% expected travel

Physical Requirements:

Normal Office Conditions (90%)

All IRD personnel who work in Afghanistan must be physically able: (i) to function for extended periods of time wearing personal protective body armor weighing approximately 35 pounds and a helmet weighing approximately 5 pounds; (ii) to walk comfortably over rough terrain; and (iii) to ascend up to six flights of stairs on a daily basis.  Candidates will be required to provide medical certification to IRDs satisfaction of the absence of any conditions that might impair a candidates ability to meet these requirements.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Provincial Director - Kandahar is under the direct supervision of the Chief of Party of the Kandahar Food Zone (KFZ) program, implemented by IRD on behalf of USAID. The Provincial Director is responsible for ensuring that all activities implemented from the KFZ Kandahar Provincial Office are implemented according to USAID and IRD procedures.


The Provincial Director - Kandahar is under the direct supervision of the Chief of Party of the Kandahar Food Zone (KFZ) program, implemented by IRD on behalf of USAID. The Provincial Director is responsible for ensuring that all activities implemented from the KFZ Kandahar Provincial Office are implemented according to USAID and IRD procedures.

Essential Job Functions:


Interfacing regularly with GIRoA officials and maintaining positive, productive relationships with the Kandahar Directorate of Counter Narcotics, KFZ-Coordination Committee Members, Provincial and District Governors and their respective councils, representatives of line Ministries, District Development Assemblies and Community Development Councils (CDC) as required.

Maintaining regular and professional communication with community representatives providing assistance in solving any technical or social problems which may arise from activities implemented by KFZ and coordinate fieldwork.

Ensuring strong coordination and collaboration with related Implementing Partners and other related stakeholders. This is critical for successful program implementation and ensuring strict adherence to USG strategy, leadership and participation in all USG funded programs in Kandahar.  

Ensuring the Ministry of Counternarcotics Kandahar Directorate is the lead agency for KFZ activities in the field.

Interfacing with Kandahar USAID Representatives and USG officials and maintaining positive, productive relationships required for successful program implementation in support of stabilization and counternarcotics operations.

Act as the main contact for KFZ in Kandahar for inter-agency coordination meetings, meetings with local authorities and all other relevant coordination/information mechanisms.

Attend other meetings when delegated by the Chief of Party.

Management and Administration

Oversee the overall operation, sound implementation, coordination and management of KFZ activities in Kandahar.

Lead the areas of administration, infrastructure and alternative livelihood.

Ensure all USAID rules, regulations and IRD policies and procedures are always followed.

Ensure efficient and effective project implementation to meet KFZ’s goals and objectives, Work Plan, Program Management Plan targets and success indicators.

Ensure corrective actions are taken for deviations identified by the technical teams.

Ensuring high quality reporting and analytical contributions to weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports.

Ensure quality program implementation, paying particular attention to documenting best practices.

Overview the development of technical documentation required for grants.

Ensuring compliance with USAID rules and regulations as well as program policies and procedures.

Ensure efficient grant management, monitoring and oversight while working closely with the DDA and KFZ-CC members.

Ensure efficient and effective implementation of the grant database, and compliance with standard procedures related to field input and reporting.

Provide technical guidance, follow up and control of the results of sub-contractors implementing alternative livelihood and infrastructure projects through the technical teams of the Kandahar Office.

Review the quality of the information sent to Kabul Office as inputs to the Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reports.

Motivate regional staff to work together efficiently.

Ensure maintenance of files and implementation of KFZ’s General Instructions, guidelines for managing correspondence and/or documents, financial vouchers and documents, personnel correspondence and documents, and any other documents related to the management of the office.

QA/QC Responsibilities:

Closely coordinate with the QA/QC staff in Kabul on issues, results and compliance of sub-contractors working on implementation 

Support project staff during project implementation.

Maintain close contact with sub-contractors and community liaison staff to provide assistance in solving any technical and social problems which may arise during implementation.

Execute random field inspections at least once a week or as required.

Facilitate the work of local teams on various levels.

Coordinate staff field work as required and report problems and challenges faced.

Lead field-level research activities.

Conduct random checks on staff at regional level to ensure they are doing their jobs properly.

Coordinate with head office project progress and outcomes of field activities.

Propose policies and procedures to senior management to improve the results of implementation

M&E Responsibilities:

Manage M&E department (administrative)

Ensure that Kandahar based M&E team is visiting the intended projects based on set projects monitoring plans.

Ensure that field M&E findings are reliable and meet management requirements.

Decide upon corrective measures for deviations identified by the field M&E team.

Utilize M&E findings between technical team and implementing partners.

Supervise the M & E unit, ensuring that the policies and practices from KFZ are implemented in the field in grant monitoring, reporting and control, and the rollout of practical, compliant and effective systems.

Review and analyze monitoring reports for impact evaluation and identification of potential bottlenecks in project implementation.

Ensure immediate corrective actions are taken for deviations identified by the technical team during monitoring visits.

Comply with the reporting deadline policies.

Submission Guideline

Interested Afghan National Candidates should submit their applications via e-mail, indicating on the SUBJECT line the title and vacancy number of the position applied for, to [email protected]
Please note that applications received after the closing date will not be given consideration. Only short-listed candidates whose applications respond to the above criteria will be contacted for an interview.

Email: [email protected]