Security and Logistics Manager

Vacancy Number:KVID20181027-60274
Title: Security and Logistics Manager
Duration:One year extendable
Exp.:2018-10-27-(2 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1


Organization:FHI360/GOLDOZI |About FHI360/GOLDOZI


Education:Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management or Military Science is preferred;
Work Experience:Four to six of relevant experience in sec Years


  • ·       Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management or Military Science is preferred;

  • ·       Four to six years of relevant experience in security management with national and international NGOs. Combination of INGO security management experience with military background an advantage;

  • ·       Good analytical and problem-solving skills;

  • ·       Ability to deal with difficult situations with a stable/calm demeanor;

  • ·       Excellent written and verbal communication skills including excellent client-facing skills

  • ·       Logical thinker and capacity to work under pressure;

  • ·       Up-to date technical knowledge including a working knowledge of email Word and Excel;

  • ·       Good accurate record keeping;

  • ·       Ability to work effectively both independently and collaboratively in a team unit;

  • ·       Sufficient character to engender a compliant security environment with international and national staff.

  • ·       Maintain gender sensitivity and consideration for women staff requirements regarding security travel and transport at all times

Duties & Responsibilities


The Security and Logistics Manager will overall be responsible support all Goldozi project in the management of safety and security risks the country.  He/she will be responsible for providing necessary and timely logistical support to all program activities. He/She is responsible for implementing programs to ensure compliance with safety and security regulations and to preserve FHI360/Goldozi staff safety security and travels. The security & logistics manager closely monitors staff compliance and accident statistics and implements corrections as needed. The security & logistic manager establishes policies and procedures designed to promote staff safety security and travel as well as ensure compliance with applicable regulations. The security & logistic manager works under direct supervision of DCOP to evaluate and enforce policy conformance. The security & logistic manager is responsible for ensuring that staff understands safe work procedures and are competent to safely carry out their assigned duties.



·       Security & Logistic manager is responsible for all Security and Logistical activities applying the Security and Safety Management Plans;

·       Analyze the security environment in and around Kabul and identify threats and risks with the aim to provide guidance and advice to the management on measures to be taken;

·       Keep track of all issues pertaining to the security conditions in the country and in Kabul especially by following the news tracing rumors in the city and through other sources on daily basis;

·       Be the point of contact for FHI360/Goldozi during any possible incident in around Kabul

·       Prepare and share security-related information for staff updates during office meetings or for immediate incidents by SMS or by email;

·       Ensure drivers are updated on all safety/security procedures and movement restrictions in Kabul;

·       Conduct risk assessments and develop risk mitigation plans;

·       Ensure that the appropriate Safety and Security Checklist is applied and practiced in collaboration with other FHI 360 projects;

·       Monitor security environment prepare daily/weekly security reports identify potential threats and recommend appropriate action;

·       Ensure that all staff members and partners are compliant to Safety and Security Protocols;

·       Update DCOP and COP on daily basis as to the overall security situation identifying potential threats directly linked with Goldozi staff;

·       Ensure that the office has updated security plans and that all staff are in compliance;

·       Ensure that all staff are properly trained on the security plan and that the security procedures are understood respected and applied by the staff;

·       Maintain the projects’ security travel clearance documentation and daily travel logs;

·       Interact and develop relations with Security Staff from other projects and agencies working in Goldozi Project implementation areas including USAID contractors UN relevant Government agencies NGO’s and other forums and gather security information from these sources and liaise with local law enforcement agencies and District Administration;

·       Assist in the preparation of actors’ maps down to the village level as needed to support staff travel to provinces districts villages in implementation areas;

·       Develop rapport and good relationships with key actors (including community leaders/elders) in the project areas of Goldozi;

·       Ensure validation of any reports and manage security rumors;

·       Provide security updates to all staff;

·       Ensure First Aid Kits are in working condition and regularly checking the working condition and serviceability;

·       Ensure Fire Fighting Equipment including fire extinguishers are checked not expired and that staff are trained to use these equipment;

·       Ensure daily monitoring and assessment of routes for staff movements in the city;

·       Ensure all measures are in place for the safety and security of the office premises;

·       Ensure that all offices and other premises are securely locked outside of working hours;

·       Ensure that the office safe rooms have all the required items for safety and security;

·       Ensure protections and all other passive security measures around the premise is in place and regularly check these for quality and repair;

·       Perform any other task assigned by supervisor.


·       Responsible for daily supervision and annual performance evaluation of drivers;

·        Monitor and manage air bookings hotel reservations or other accommodation requirements for guests/staff with FHI HR and Risk Management Teams;

·       Supervise and ensure effective fleet management ensuring all vehicles are in good working condition.

·       Ensure and oversee provision of an efficient logistical support to all staff and visitors including domestic travel and transport air bookings and hotel reservations.


This job description summarizes the main duties of the job. It neither prescribes nor restricts the exact tasks that may be assigned to carry out these duties. This document should not be construed in any way to represent a contract of employment. Management reserves the right to review and revise this document at any time.

Submission Guideline

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