Security Guard

Vacancy Number:VA-2019-104
Title: Security Guard
Duration:Up to 31 Aug 2019 (Extendable)
Exp.: 2019-03-30-(2 Weeks From now)
Jobs no:1
Salary:As per NRC Salary Scale


Organization: Norwegian Refugee Council | About Norwegian Refugee Council
City: Faryab
Country: AF


Education:High School Diploma/Certificate is required.
Work Experience:At least 2 of experience Years


At least 2 years of experience from working as Security Guard or similar role in a difficult security environment with national & international organizations

Excellent knowledge of the ruling socio-cultural sensitives in the area.

Good knowledge of the geographical settings

Ability to work both in day and night shifts

Education Field

High School Diploma/Certificate is required.

Personal qualities

Experience from working as service support staff in a humanitarian/recovery context

Previous experience from working in complex and volatile contexts

Documented results related to the position’s responsibilities

Some knowledge of English

Handling insecure environment

Planning and delivering results

Empowering and building trust

Communicating with impact and respect





Duties & Responsibilities

Generic responsibilities

Ensure adherence to NRC policies tools handbooks and guidelines

Prepare status reports of assets equipment & building as required by management

Promote and share ideas for improvement

Perform according to the work and development plan

Specific responsibilities

Looks for the security of the office and staff in the office.

Keeps all the windows and doors locked when the staff members leave the office.

Keeps the office responsible informed of any incident in the neighbourhood.

Does not allow unauthorized people park their vehicles in front of the offices.

Does not allow any body enters to the office without informing office or Guest House responsible.

Does not allow any suspicious packages to the compound unless authorized by Line manager.

Check everybody entering to the office.

Registers all the visitors coming to the office or Guest House and report to responsible person.

Responsible to keep the generators maintained (starts it on time and keeps fuel balance).

Checks the heaters in the morning and continuously keeps checking them (in winter season)

Checks all security lights and reports if there is any loss during his working time.

Controls the water accessibility in the office (water pump pipes).

Switches on and off all lights of the building on time.

Must clean the compound and guard room regularly and keep all the materials arranged.

Has to help cleaner in some parts of their work (heater cleaning washing heavy/big items.

Responsible to watering & reaping the office garden as per need.

Must obey and work according the time and schedule given by his line manager.

Must respect the visitors and behave with them gently.

Performs any other duty given by the line manager.

Submission Guideline

How to Apply:

Options 1: Interested qualified candidates are encouraged to send their CVs along with a cover letter to below mentioned e-mail. Please make sure to clearly state the (VA-2019-104) in the subject line of your email. 

Submission email:       [email protected]

Contact no:                   0728932674

Option 2: interested qualified candidates can also submit their hard copy CVs with a Cover Letter stating the position title (Security Guard) & VA (VA-2019-104) number; to below addresses:

NRC Maiman Office Address: Arab Khana Area District # 04 Commutation office Street Behind UNAMA Office

Options 3: Interested qualified candidates can also apply by copying below link and pasting in the web address.

Note: All applicants are supposed to create and properly fill online CV profile in the Webcruiter site  example (personal education experience background etc..) and only attaching CV will not be enough.

We do not have to inform all the candidates. Only those who closely meet the job requirement will be informed.

Email: [email protected]