Senior audit expert for Municipality Audit directorate

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Title: Senior audit expert for Municipality Audit directorate
Category:Accounting & Finance
Duration:18 Months - Full time
Exp.: 2019-04-26-(16 Hours Ago)
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Organization: supreme audit office | About supreme audit office
City: Kabul
Country: AF


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Municipality Audit Expert


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Senior audit expert for Municipality Audit directorate


Supreme Audit Office

Duty Station

Kabul Afghanistan


18th Months- Full time  





Introduction to SAO

Supreme Audit Office (SAO) is the only Supreme Audit Institution conducting audit of accounting and financial activities of the Government entities and organizations in Afghanistan. The SAO has the mandate to conduct Qatia Statement Audit Financial Audits Compliance Audits Performance Audits and special audits on pre-determined government institutions. Its mandate functions and powers are enshrined in the Supreme Audit Office Law.


Funded by the World Bank and implemented by SAO FSP objective is to contribute self-reliance. The FSP is a direct derivative of the GoA’s strategic vision entitled “Realizing Self-Reliance: Commitments to Reforms and Renewed Partnership”. This vision has been translated into two key flagship reform programs. The first is the Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework (ANPDF). The second complementary reform program – to which the FSP directly contributes through implementation support to the FPIP – is the GoA’s PFM Road Map.


The SAO Construction Affairs Audit Directorate plays a vital role in auditing the municipality and their relevant affairs to bring productivity efficiency and effectiveness in development and implementation of their affairs.


Objectives of the Assignment

SAO intends to hire a National Expert who is highly experienced in municipalities affairs audit  to provide the SAO’s relevant audit directorates with necessary support and build the capacity of existing and new SAO staff. The expert will act as mentor and support to the SAO municipalities affairs audit director.




Duties and Responsibilities

Prepare annual work-plan for the directorate.

Update the municipality audit manual

Study accounting systems and citizens services provision systems used by the municipalities in other countries.

Set criteria for a standard municipality audit manual.

Evaluate the existing municipality audit manual.

Identify the gap.

Provide clear recommendations for updating the manual and take approval.

Update the manual. Develop an effective mechanism to upgrade the Construction Affairs Audit Policy.


Prepare checklists to enhance the audit process.

Prepare applicable checklists for implementation of the existing policies in relevant affairs to the municipalities.

Prepare applicable checklists to facilities implementation guidelines and procedures.


Guide the audit groups through the audit process.

Based on the International Best Practices and existing legal documents prepare mechanism and templates for municipality audit Plans execution of audit and audit reports.

Accompany the audit groups while planning executing and reporting in the audited entities.

Identify the gap between their existing work mechanisms and the used templates with mechanism and templates proposed.

Help the auditor group to implement the new mechanism and templates proposed.

Utilize various virtual tools such as email Facebook Messenger Viber Telegram and etc. to connect the auditors through various provinces.

Evaluate the extent of implementation of performance and environmental Audit Manual and Guideline by the auditors.

Monitor the implementation of the Audit Plans by the audit groups.

Develop relevant recommendations to improve the extent of plans implementation.

Help the auditors in implementing the recommendations.

Conduct research on the changes brought in INTOSAI standards and identify those applicable by the SAO’s municipality directorate.

Study the relevant INTOSAI standards and recent changes made in the standards

Identify those applicable to by SAO in municipality affairs.

Prepare a report and take approval to add them in the legislatures of the directorate.

Assist the head of the analysis department to learn advanced analysis of the reports.


Contribute in capacity building

Evaluate performance of the staff and conduct training need assessments.

Identify the deficiencies in capability of the relevant staff.

Prepare training materials

Conduct training

Coach the staff to implement the new skills and in the reporting processes.

Any other tasks assigned by the supervisor.

Institutional Arrangement

Upon approval of this position by Civil Service Commission in SAO Tashkeel the position will be shift to Grade Three in SAO Tashkeel as a Municipality Audit Expert under municipality Audit Directorate. For the time being this position is paid as per the NTA policy. The contract extension shall be subject to the quarterly performance appraisal of the expert.


Required Qualifications and Experiences


Bachelors’ Degree in Economics Law Financial Accounting Public Administration Business Administration.

Holding any international audit certificate is an advantage.

At least 5 years of experience in finance and accounting audit identification of risk areas municipality audit financial management.

Experience construction affairs audit design/planning Construction Affairs Project Management and construction quality control management

Team building and leadership skills

Fluency in Dari Pashto and English.

Knowledge of MS Office and other necessary IT tools

Ability to work under pressure



NTA salary based position: 

This position is considered as a (B) grade of NTA salary skill policy

The applicants should send their diplomas approved by the ministry of higher education as well along with their work experience records signed and stamped by the authorized manager to the Human Resource Department in case they have worked in a governmental entity. Furthermore if they have worked in a private organization should send the copy of their contracts TIN (Tax Identification Number) and the approval of the governmental entity on existence of the relevant organization.

No CV will be accepted without the aforementioned documents.



Duties & Responsibilities

Objectives of the Assignment

SAO intends to hire a National Expert who is highly experienced in municipalities affairs audit  to provide the SAO’s relevant audit directorates with necessary support and build the capacity of existing and new SAO staff. The expert will act as mentor and support to the SAO municipalities affairs audit director.

Submission Guideline

Email: [email protected]