Senior Economic and Private Sector Specialist

Vacancy Number:KVID20180531-53772
Title: Senior Economic and Private Sector Specialist
Duration:یک سال
Exp.:2018-05-31-(6 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1


Organization:Ministry of Economy |About Ministry of Economy


Work Experience:3-5 of professional experience Years

Master degree in Economics Business Administration International Economics Development Economics and other relevant disciplines (Ph.D. in the relevant field is preferable)
3-5 Years Relevant Working Experience in higher positions (policy analysis policy development and capacity development)
Experience in working and assisting senior government officials on economic policies and private sector development
Strong interpersonal and teamwork skills
Excellent written and spoken English Language skills and one of national languages
Computer Skills is required (Office package) and excellent typing skill
Econometrics software skill STATA SPSS Eviews

Duties & Responsibilities

Closely work and assist with the MoEc Central Directorates in developing their annual and quarter work plans in close coordination with the General Directorate of Design and Consolidation

Provide substantive technical expertise and policy analysis and advice to leadership of the MoEc and Sectoral Directors on socio-economic technical and professional issues

Conduct technical economic and financial analyses of the Economic & Private Sector Programs and Projects

To provide useful consultation and decision making regarding investment proposals as well as addressing problems of the Private Sector in order to create a proper environment for attracting and developing investments

Carry out micro and macroeconomic analysis and policy research in a wide range of policy areas (Fiscal Monetary Trade and Private Sector Promotion) and provide advice accordingly

Coordinate and communicate sector activities findings and recommendations with key partners such as government line ministries (MoF Ministry of Commerce and Industries Chamber of Commerce Central Bank of Afghanistan and the MoEc) and development partners such as UN Agencies related donors and all stakeholder

Review and critically analyze the concept notes of the new proposed development projects received through PDPs (Provincial Development Plans) and assess them that to what extent the (PDP) projects are aligned with the proposed development plans of budget entities sector strategies related NPPs A-SDGs and ANPDF

To provide necessary guidance on follow up and coordination of national priority programs and regional economic cooperation programs

Provide technical recommendations and inputs to the Trade and Fiscal Directorate regarding the Directorate’s mandates and activities in order to improve its performance

Conduct technical economic and financial analyses of the Economic & Private Sector programs and projects

Critically review and assess existing economic policies and the country’s macroeconomic prospects in the context of the global environment and fragilities within the region

Prepare a framework for collection of economic data to facilitate (current and future) macroeconomic planning development and implementation

Provide capacity building programs to different departments of the relevant Trade and Fiscal Directorate of the MoEc

Follow up closely the strategies and activities of development partners in the private sector and help to identify opportunities for targeted resource mobilization

Assist the Trade and Fiscal Directorate in preparing quarterly and annual reports of development projects of the relevant budget entities after a critical analysis of the development projects of the sector

Regular reports on the successful execution of the given tasks are provided

Submission Guideline

Applicants are invited to send a cover letter illustrating their suitability for the mentioned position and detailed curriculum vitae with at least three name and addresses of official referees from their previous careers (including telephone and email address). Please do attached the copy of academic transcripts and Diplomas as well. Interested candidates are invited to submit the applications before second June 2018 to Ministry of Economy Human Resources Department:

Email: Send your CVs to: [email protected] cc. [email protected]

Note: Interviews and written tests will be conducted soon after closing deadline.

Email:To: [email protected] cc. [email protected]