Senior English Instructor

Vacancy Number:Eng-Inst-20
Title: Senior English Instructor
Exp.: 2019-05-31-(2 Months Ago)
Jobs no:2
Salary:As per Organization Salary Scale


Organization: ZICS( Zia Institute of English Language and Computer Science) | About ZICS( Zia Institute of English Language and Computer Science)
City: Nangarhar
Country: AF


Education:• Baccalaureate (Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees will be preferred)
Work Experience:4-5 Years

Job Requirements:

Baccalaureate (Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees will be preferred)

At least five years of experience with a recognized institution

Having full command of four main skills of English Language; namely: Listening Speaking Reading & Writing

Having the ability to carry a natural accent

Accustomed to utilizing technology in his teachings (LCD Projector loudspeakers etc…

Having knowledge of Microsoft Office

Duties & Responsibilities

Job Description:

The instructor is supposed to consider the following points:

Preparing lesson plan before entering the class

Warming up the class.

Taking attendance sheet.

Asking of the previous lesson.

Solving students’ problems regarding their previous lesson.

Starting new lesson with different methods and materials

Summarizing the new lesson.

Checking the assignments giving new tasks and assignments to them.

Informing the students about updates on reading writing and grammar of English and new words.

Short introduction of the upcoming lesson.

Taking quizzes and tests based on the schedule.

Reporting to the Program Coordinator at the end of the course.

Attending the weekly/ monthly meetings.

Participating in our capacity building seminars. 

Submission Guideline

Submission Guideline:

The subject line of your email must indicate the exact vacancy name (VAC Senior English Instructor). Otherwise; your application will be ignored.


(Interested Candidates are requested to send their CVs and Cover Letters attached in PDF or DOC File Format) to the attention of English Department of ZICS.

Sajad Ahmad Khetab English Program Coordinator



Email: [email protected]