Senior IT Technician

Vacancy Number:
Title: Senior IT Technician
Category:Information Technology (IT)
Duration:Full Time
Exp.: 2018-05-29-(7 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:According to FOCUS/AKAH Afghanistan salary scale


Organization: Aga Khan Agency for Habitat, Afghanistan | About Aga Khan Agency for Habitat, Afghanistan
City: Kabul
Country: AF


Education:Minimum Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or relevant field
Work Experience:Three work experience in the IT related fiel Years

  • At least three years relevant work experience in the IT networking software development field with NGOs or INGO AKDN or UN agencies.

  • Minimum Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or relevant field

  • Full knowledge of computer hardware and software including knowledge and experience in UNIX or Linux and SQL server.

  • Hands-on experience in network design and maintenance administration routing and troubleshooting.

  • Ability to identify problems and propose sound and alternative solution

  • Strong verbal and written communications skills

  • Ability to work in a team and extend service as wider as possible to supervise field offices

  • Ability to travel to the field where FOCUS/AKAH operates 

  • This position is subject to availability of Fund.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Sr. IT Technician is the primary information technology resource for the FOCUS/AKAH Kabul Office and supervises the IT Administrators in the field offices. Through new and enhanced uses of technology the holder of this position is required to maintain the servers and clients and database up to date and overlook the entire IT system across Afghanistan. In addition this position provides information technology support to all department personnel. The incumbent will report to Operation Manager or designate.

IT Administrative Task:

  • To supervise daily operation and maintenance of the Servers and Clients computers.

  • To oversee system and network administration along with hardware and software installation

  • To assist the Kabul Office and Regional Offices in effectively utilizing of new and emerging communications technology including online multimedia blogs and social media

  • To administer server hardware and software maintenance upgrades including after-hours monitoring and on-call responses in the event of downtime/outages

  • To administrate/troubleshoot/extend networking systems in office

  • To provide responsible for troubleshooting of all servers switches and other network elements.

IT Technical Support:

  • To provide technical support services for staff and troubleshoot technical problems with workstations printers mobile devices and other equipment

  • To develop test implement and maintain applications software including updating operating system and antivirus eliminating bugs and implementing software upgrades

  • To provide technical and software recommendations to the Operation Manager and keep all workstations up-to-date with virus protection software and security patches

  • To provide programming services for electronic publications specifically email newsletters

  • To take responsibility for the implementation of various IT projects which can involve development logistics maintenance troubleshooting and emergency response.

  • To do the network cabling for new office and/or upgrading networking system in current offices.

IT Maintenance and Monitoring:

  • To monitor the Internet bandwidths and contact with ISPs for any problem and inform the staff if there is any downtime.

  • To develop and recommend required IT infrastructure planning Design and development.

  • To managing 24/7 Network operations and supervise all changes testing to ensure the system and applications are properly working.

  • To keep immediate supervisor well-informed of activities and recommends corrective actions.

  • To provide support in training on applications and new technology trainings to the other staff members on regular basis.

  • To Manage Point to Point and VPN links with the remote offices/guesthouses.

  • To plan & design the Backup strategy and disaster recovery on a regular basis.

  • To detect and evaluate the basic and current IT needs within the department and consult with the other staff in regards.

  • To keep all required software updated and ensuring that antivirus/backup routine are followed. 

  • Keeping office equipment inventories updated and coordinated as per Operation Manager’s instruction and requirement of FOCUS/AKAH. 

  • To ensure regular services of all IT devices according to service schedule.

  • To facilitate and monitor the use of virus protection and backup systems in office.

IT Management and Training:

  • Ability to consult effectively and creatively in regards to planning and analyzing and enhancing of information technology.

  • Responsible to conduct IT training to the relevant staff members and participate actively in the capacity building within the organization.

  • To introduce and enact relevant and effective software on need basis.

  • To ensure proper running and functional condition of all computers printers photocopiers and other IT and communication equipment in the office.

  • Ensure that FOCUS/AKAH communication facilities such as e-mail internet equipment satellite and other services are functional.

  • To train subordinates on the Job according to related work needs and for professional development.

  • To prepare and update annual plan for trips maintenance and major activities.

  • Any other task assigned by Operation Manager or his nominees. 


Submission Guideline

All applicants meeting the above requirements are requested to submit a cover letter describing your interest and suitability for the position along with your Curriculum Vitae (CV) to the following email address: 


Email: [email protected]