Senior M&E HMIS Officer

Vacancy Number:406-2018
Title: Senior M&E HMIS Officer
Duration:2 Years & Extendable
Exp.: 2018-09-20-(7 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:According to Organization salary scale


Organization: CAF | About CAF
City: Kandahar
Country: AF


Education:University Degree MD or equivalent from reliable certified institutions
Work Experience:To have at least 3 working experience in hea Years


  • Registered Medical Doctor

  • Specialized training in HMIS is desirable.

  • At least 3 years experiences of working as HMIS/M&E Officer in NGOs

  • Experiences of working with international development organizations or NGOs.

  • Experience in training facilitation and/or program support.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills.

  • Proficiency in English

  • Excellent computer skills of MS-Office especially MS-Excel is a must

Duties & Responsibilities


The Senior M&E HMIS Officer works closely with the Deputy Technical Manager and health supervisors to provide technical support to health facility staff through frequent communication on the job and formal trainings workshops and other activities. He/she conduct regular Monitoring and  supportive supervision visit from the HFs to make sure about smooth implementation of the project achieving the project targets and the quality of data and progress toward implementation of Project.


Implementation of standard HMIS system at HPs and Health facility Level.

Data Collection:

As HMIS officer:

  • Collection of monthly HMIS Reports from HPs and HFs; MAAR MIAR EPI TB-DOTs

  • Collection of FSR from HFs on quarterly base

  • Data Processing and analysis:

  • Entering the  health data collected from HPs and HFs to HMIS data base

  • Calculation of Indicators and rate of changes

  • Information presentation:

  • Presentation of analyzed data in summary tables and graphs

  • Interpretation of Information:

  • Assess the quality of data

  • Assess the MAAR MIAR EPI and Pharmacy report with each other

  • Identify the problems

  • Decision making:

  • Find out probable causes of problems

  • Find out possible solutions

  • Define additional information needed to understand the problem

  • Define necessary actions needed

  • Provide monthly written feedback to HMIS/EPI Reports collected from HPs and HFs

As M&E Officer:

  • Develop the M&E plan of the HFs and SO

  • Ensure smooth implementation of the M&E plan.

  • Conduct regular M&E visits from BPHS HFs and FO.

  • Provide verbal and written feedback to BPHS HFs staff.

  • Develop the M&E report.

  • Follow-up the M&E recommendations.

  • Participate in joint monitoring visits in provincial level.

  • Conduct on the job training for BPHS HFs staff.

Capacity building of Staff of HFs:

  • Improving quality of health data collected from HPs and HFs through:

  • Regular supervision of HFs and HPs as needed

  • On-job training of staff of HFs and HPs during supervision visit

  • Conducting HMIS refresher training for staff of HFs.

  • Assist the cluster supervisor in training Need Assessment of staff of HFs

Managing CAAC survey in the catchment on annual basis:

  • Identify and recruit Surveyors

  • Conducting training for Surveyors

  • Conducting survey in the field

  • Monitoring and evaluation of Survey

  • Analysis and evaluation of Survey data

Establish and strengthen referral system from community to HFs and higher level

Assist the Project coordinator and research team from HQ in conducting Epidemiological surveys:

  • Data collection data entry and analysis of epidemiological studies conducting in the catchment.

Assist the Project Technical Manager Health supervisor/trainer in Mid Term and End of project Household Survey:

  • Data collection data entry analysis and follow up of Midterm and end of project survey

Coordination/Collaboration HMIS issues

  • With Community Shura

  • CAF; assist the HMIS/M&E Officer of CAF in data entry of HMIS/EPI Report from HPs and HFs to National HMIS/EPI Data Base Provincial Health Department MoPH

Fully Function Service Delivery Point (FFSDP):

  • Active participation in implementation of FFSDP at HFs

  • Assist the cluster supervisor in data entry and analysis  and evaluation of FFSDP data


  • Prepare Field Visit Report

  • Prepare monthly personal activity report

  • Prepare monthly HMIS Report of HPs and HFs

  • Submission of copy of HMIS Reports collected from HPs and HFs to PHD MoPH(MIAR MAAR EPI FSR)

  • Assist the Health coordinator in preparation of Monthly Quarterly and Annual Progress Report


  • Attending Internal and External Coordination meeting

  • Attend Refresher trainings and courses managed by CAF

Submission Guideline


CV along with cover letter head should be sent to:

HQ Office address: House # 2194 Street # 7th Qala-e-Fathullah Khan-Kabul Afghanistan

Cell Phone: 0729 880 530

Email: [email protected]                                                                                 

Central post office Post Box # 5515           


Only short listed candidates whose applications meet the above criteria will be contacted for interview.


Email: [email protected]