Senior Value Analysis Advisor

Vacancy Number:MoMP/PSU/DM Policy and Programs-Senior Value Analy
Title: Senior Value Analysis Advisor
Duration:8 Months
Exp.: 2020-04-08-(2 Weeks From now)
Jobs no:1
Salary:As Per NTA Salary Scale Policy


Organization: Ministry of Mines & Petroleum | About Ministry of Mines & Petroleum
City: Kabul
Country: AF


Education:Bachelor or Master degree in related field
Work Experience:5-7 Years

. With master degree minimum 5 years of relevant experience with a bachelor degree minimum of 7 years relevant experience is required

.  Experience in research data analysis policy analysis and design is required plus

. Experience in working with government agencies and renowned international organization.

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Contract thorough market analysis of mineral commodities in order to identify and current market trend in terms of value volume and growth of market potential national regional and global markets as per the requirement of collaboration project with Is DB

2. Identified all potential competition and factors in the market.

3. Undertake overall diagnostic study of value chain of mineral commodities of Afghanistan and recommend curative actions pertinent to each step of value chain.

4. To carry out a global value chain analysis of identified mineral commodities in and outside the country and provide evidence-based information for policy intervention.

5. Study and underscore current policies and rules affecting value chain of mineral commodities of Afghanistan.

6. Study and come up with specific recommendation about the role of informal extraction and market of mineral on value chain particularly in relation to the minerals specified for the Is DB collaboration project.

7. Identify key regulatory and policy constraints which limited development of proper value chain of the sector and make recommendations based on best practices.

8. Identified and highlight comparative and competitive advantage of Afghanistan in the mineral commodities against global competition.

9.  Identify the underlying challenges and constrains along the chain and recommend interventions on how to remove or mitigate them.

10. Identify value chain important and suitable producers groups and private sector players of the extractive sector.

11.  Identify value addition opportunities and markets.

12.  Produce policies notes maps and reports of value chain analyses.

13.  Perform any other relevant as instructed.

Submission Guideline

Expressions of interest (including CV and three references in word file) should be sent to the email address below by no later than April 08 2020 at 16:00 hrs.




Applicants must mention below reference in the subject line of their emails if not the candidate application will not be consider.






MoMP/PSU/DM Policy and Programs-Sr. Value Analysis Advisor  




Ministry of Mines and Petroleum Programs Support Unit (PSU)




Attention: Development Projects HR Unit 4th floor Main Building Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP) at Abdul Haq Square




Shafiqur Rahman Qaseri Projects HR Coordinator




Contact Number: 93 (0) 783130104

Email: [email protected]