Senior WUA Officer

Vacancy Number:P-ARBP 002
Title: Senior WUA Officer
Duration:One Year With Possibility of Extension
Exp.: 2018-10-19-(6 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:NTA Grade D


Organization: MEW/PMO | About MEW/PMO
City: Kunduz
Country: AF


Education:University Degree in Engineering & Water Resources
Work Experience:3-5 of Experience in Related Position Years

He/she will have a relevant educational background with minimum 3-5 years previous experience in establishment process roles and responsibilities and participation mechanisms of the Water User’s Associations (WUA) in project implementation. He/she should be preferably proficient in MS office soft wares.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Project Director of the MEW PMO would be responsible for implementing the ADB and EC co-funded P-ARBP. The PMO will be supported by the Project Manager (Deputy Director) PMO Director PIO at RBA Kunduz Implementation Support Consultancy (ISC) team and Feasibility Study and Detailed Design Consultancy (FSDD) team through a team of international experts.

The total duration of the Senior WUA Officer is 65 person months and assignment shall cover the entire period of implementation. He/she will help implement Sub-component 2: WUAs established and strengthened of Output 1

Specific tasks to be undertaken by the Senior WUA Officer include but shall not be limited to:

  • Be responsible for overseeing activities and co-ordination with the international on-farm water management specialist of the  ISC consultant team in assisting SBAs (including through training of trainers courses) in the establishment and training of WUAs;

  • Provide assistance to SBAs with support from the Senior River Basin Planning and Management Officer to strengthen the capacity of the water user associations (WUAs) to operate and maintain (O&M) conveyance infrastructures;

  • Ensure that the responsibilities of the FSDD consultant has followed participatory irrigation rehabilitation cycle in the feasibility study and detailed design process: (i) Confirmation of structures for R&U by the WUA and SBA (ii) Close involvement of the WUA in the Topo surveys (iii) The water users have been interviewed in the social survey (iv) Involvement WUA and SBA in the process of prioritisation of works (v) Agreements signed between  WUA and SBA for guarantee by the WUA to assist the construction contractor and provides local materials and (vi) Has commitment from water users to establish a WUA to operate and maintain structures post-project and to distribute water in an equitable manner;

  • Coordinate with the international supervision engineer of the ISC team for pre-construction O&M agreements and hand-over/irrigation management transfer (IMT) between SBAs and WUAs and provide oversight to ensure these are initiated for each subproject;

  • Coordinate with the international supervision engineer and on-farm water management specialist of the ISC team to assist in conducting training for WUAs/IAs in operation and maintenance (O&M);

  • Review of Current Water Users Associations (WUA) and participation mechanisms;

  • Review participation of WUAs in design process and construction supervision in earlier projects;

  • Review of the Demarcation of Roles and Responsibilities of IAs and WUAs;

  • Overview and coordinate activities of Junior WUA Officers on capacity building assigned under the SBAs (Kokcha Lower Panj Taloquan and Lower Kunduz);

  • Review and monitor preparation of presentation materials by the international on-farm water management specialist (relevant to the MEW PMO) of the FSDD.

  • Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Project Director or Project Manager (Deputy Director) MEW PMO or the PIO Director.

Submission Guideline

The interested candidates should submit their resume along with cover letter to the below Email:

[email protected] & cc: [email protected]

Email: [email protected] & cc: [email protected]