Shelter Supervisor

Vacancy Number:Medair_ CHL_180
Title: Shelter Supervisor
Duration:8-9 Months
Exp.: 2018-09-27-(7 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:According to the organization salary scale


Organization: Medair | About Medair
City: Bamyan, Wardak
Country: AF


Education:Experience running ERM or cash based programming
Work Experience:1-2 experience working with communities and Years

Vocational qualification

  • Experience running ERM or cash based programming

  • Comfortable using electronic data devices.

  • Familiarity with reviewing large Excel databases. 

Work experience

  • 1-2 years experience working with communities and NGOs in humanitarian service and/or humanitarian aid. 

  • Problem solving and team work


Good English speaking reading writing and excellent Dari


Computer literate with good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel Word and Outlook or other email software.

Duties & Responsibilities


To manage a team identifying and providing humanitarian assistance to households most affected by natural disasters.


Medair is implementing a multi-sectoral emergency response project in Daikundi Province of Afghanistan. Activities include nutrition programming in response to the elevated number of drought induced malnutrition cases through provision of quality life-saving services for the treatment of acute malnutrition in children under five years and pregnant and lactating women. This is supported by WASH programming and cash for shelter for households impacted by natural disasters.

The project activities and associated contracts will run for nine months: October 2018 to end of June 2019.

Technical responsibilities

  • Liaise with relevant authorities to identify natural disaster priorities.

  • Develop appropriate vulnerability criteria and surveys.

  • Oversee transparent beneficiary selection processes.

  • Oversee transparent and accountable cash distribution processes and reporting.

General responsibilities

  • To uphold Medair values and to contribute to the wellbeing of the team as an active member.

  • To adhere strictly to Medair National Staff Regulations.

  • To adhere strictly to Medair Security Plan and the SOPs relevant to this role.

  • To conduct all Medair activities honestly and to report any issues to the line manager or a member of the Medair management team.

  • To be flexible and willing to assist in other areas of work as requested by the line manager.

  • Help ensure the safety of the staff in the field and inform the Manager of any development related to security in the field.

  • To maintain confidentiality at all times in Medair work with beneficiaries.


Project implementation

  • Manage the cash for shelter component of the project to meet the project objectives within the allocated budget and timeframe and report any operational concerns promptly.

  • Liaise with government authorities and local leaders to identify communities impacted by natural disaster.

  • Represent Medair at Cluster and ERM meetings.

  • Develop appropriate household level assessment tools (using ODK) and vulnerability criteria for beneficiary selection.

  • Manage and oversee Shelter Snr. Assistants in undertaking confidential household assessments and PDMs using electronic tablets to identify target families for support.

  • Organise cash distributions according to Medair standards ensuring all records are correctly filled out and submitted to finance officers.

  • Foster productive communication and coordination within the project team.

  • Act as focal point for beneficiary feedback and resolve any issues or report them to the Project Manager to address.

  • Make weekly and monthly progress reports on the training program and provide this to the Project Manager.

  • Co-ordinate with other team members over the use of Medair assets such as training materials and vehicles.

  • Participate constructively in project meetings for team planning implementation and evaluation.



Submission Guideline

Interested applicants should forward their application through by not later than 27th September 2018.

All online applications will be reviewed most quickly. For any technical questions only please message [email protected]

For applicants without internet access hard copies will be accepted at the Medair offices in Nili Daikundi (close to Kabul Bank) and Bamyan Center Bamyan (in front of the Girl’s Dormitory).