Short term consultant - Collection and Trading of Wild Pistachio in Badakhshan

Vacancy Number:VA/2018/GIZ/97
Title: Short term consultant - Collection and Trading of Wild Pistachio in Badakhshan
Duration:40 Days
Exp.: 2018-06-21-(7 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:According to GIZ Salary Scale


Organization: GIZ-Afghanistan | About GIZ-Afghanistan
City: Badakhshan
Country: AF


Education:Universty Degree
Work Experience:5 experience Years

Qualifications and skills:

·  University degree in agricultural economics or related social sciences.

·  Excellent language skills (English Dari and Pashto) in written and spoken

Professional experience

·  At least 5 years of professional working experience as an agribusiness consultant or expert working in official functions with references of competent national and international organisations.

·  Verifiable and meaningful economic assessment experience in development aid NGO or business (references to be provided).

·  Excellent communication and presentation skills

Other knowledge additional competences

·  Ability to travel to SEDEP’s intervention areas independently

·  Familiarity with the target province and its districts will be preferable

Duties & Responsibilities

Promotion of employment opportunities and income are main objectives of the SEDEP project. As part of the promoted value chains are nuts walnuts and pistachio which are produced by small farmers and marketed at the local and provincial markets. In August 2017 SEDEP carried through a Factfinding Mission to Tajikistan with the aim to find out the magnitude of movement of Tajikistan pistachio to Afghanistan and to explore the opportunity to promote business to business (B2B) as means to joint procurement of pistachio.

The aim of this assignment is to assess the market opportunities of harvested and traded wild pistachio in Badakhshan province. Also ownership and legal issues of collecting and trading wild pistachio must be analysed as a first step. Afterwards the market conditions for organic certified pistachio need to be explored especially those offered by foreign markets.


Requested Services:

The consultant examines the following aspects:

·   Legal issues of ownership harvesting and trading of wild pistachio

·  Production capacity of wild pistachio in Badakhshan province by ranking the districts and communities

·  Identification of main producers collection points and traders

·  Assessment of the whole supply chain from harvesting to collection and traders

·  Analysis of harvested and traded volumes of wild pistachio in Badakhshan province during the last 5 years

·  Quality criteria to be applied in the marketing of wild pistachio

·  Main markets and potential new markets of wild pistachio from Badakhshan

·  Required prerequisites for a possible certification as “Wild Organic”


·  The assignment is expected to start in July 2018 until August 2017

·  This is a daily consultancy service with a total of 40 working days

·  Duty station is Feyzabad Badakhshan province with possible travels to Mazar-e-Sharif and Kabul



Implementation report with detailed work plan after two weeks of starting the assignment (in written and electronical version)

Intermediate report after 6 weeks of starting the assignment (in written and electronical version)

 Maintain coordination and communication about all data collection steps and process (Written and Verbal) with responsible project officer

Briefing of the responsible project officer immediately after the end of the assignment

Final report after two weeks of the end of the assignment in written and electronical version (about 20 pages without annexes)

Submission Guideline

You are kindly requested to submit your CV and letter of motivation with complete contact details to:

[email protected]

Note: Your application and subject line must contain

(Short-term consultant - Collection and Trading of Wild Pistachio in Badakhshan  + Vacancy Announcement Number) Otherwise your CV‘s will not be considered.

Email: [email protected]