Short-term Consultant (Trainer)

Vacancy Number:VA/2018/GIZ/96
Title: Short-term Consultant (Trainer)
Category:Education Teaching & Training
Duration:12 days
Exp.: 2018-06-21-(7 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:According to GIZ Salary Scale


Organization: GIZ-Afghanistan (SEDEP Project) | About GIZ-Afghanistan (SEDEP Project)
City: Kunduz
Country: AF


Education:Universty Degree
Work Experience:3 experenice Years

Qualifications and skills:

§  University degree is required in Business Administration.

§  In addition to national languages the consultants require to have excellent English reading and writing skill.

§  3 years in Business Plan development consultancy for companies associations or cooperatives.

§  Work with association or cooperatives are an advantage.

§  Teaching/Training experience of at least 2 years.

§  Computer literacy (MS Office applications).

Duties & Responsibilities

GIZ SEDEP has been requested by MAIL Private Sector Development Directorate to expand the “Proposals and Business Plan assessment training to the SEDEP covered area province.  A valid business plan has been made a mandatory precondition to register an agricultural or livestock associations cooperatives and business at DAILs around the country. However in rural areas business plans are poorly understood on the private sector’s side and capacities to assess received plans or to give qualified advice on their drafting are absent on the administration’s side. Hence new cooperatives and associations are not able to register properly and efficiently which in turn leads to fewer opportunities to put synergies into effect especially in the fields of procurement market access and support from government entities.

GIZ SEDEP is working on assisting ssociations/cooperatives and unions to improve their service delivery to their members in order to render the project’s work sustainable. Capacities such as marketing training organizational management and advocacy are targeted in particular. Therefore GIZ SEDEP has decided to assist the Kunduz province related Farmers cooperatives Unions and the members of businesses in training its members in development of a business plan and also supporting the DAIL cooperative unit staff to learn the technique of assessing business plans and give qualified advice to associations and cooperatives in the registration process to increase the number of farmer organizations in the country.


§  The members of farmers associations Unions and farmers cooperatives and business receive the knowledge how to develop a business plan and also how to develop a sample grant proposal.

§  DAIL Cooperative unit in Kunduz province are empowered to systematically assess business plans & proposals and give basic advice to private sector on business plan development.

Requested Services:

§  Development of a three days’ training for members of provincial associations Unions and provincial level farmers cooperatives on Proposal and Business Plan Assessment. The training has to contain at least following points:

§  Understanding Business Plans: Elements of business plans of associations/cooperatives

§  Understanding Applicants: Common challenges in drafting plans

§  Reading a business plan and common weak spots

§  How to assess and rank plans

§  Easy standard assessment grid and how to tailor it to needs

§  Meeting the criteria by the associations unions and businesses while planning to develop a business plan

§  Giving Advice: How to give advice on business plan development using information material developed for the purpose.

§  Conduction of the workshop on three consecutive days in July 2018.

§  Distribute the already developed handbook (guidebook) to the training participants which will enable the officials to use in their practical work in future when they face with any technical problems in the field.


§  The assignment is for Kunduz province

§  The assignment is for 12 working days:

§  2 days introductory meetings with SEDEP responsible team members and review of already developed training materials incl. evaluation material.

§  6 days to travel to Kunduz Meetings with DAIL ACCI DoIC and preparation of training venue. Including 3 days class room-based training with evaluation of participant’s progress.

§  4 days to prepare and submit the final report with all deliverables to SEDEP office.


§  As the trainee will be the representatives of associations unions and farmers cooperatives therefore the training language will be national Language (Pashto or Dari) and the trainer will be fluent on both languages.


§  The planned duration for this consultancy will be 12 days which will start from July 11 2018 and the location for the training is Kunduz DAIL compound.


§  By completion of the consultancy contract the short-term consultant (trainer) is responsible for delivering the following documents to SEDEP office:

§  Pre and Post test results to show the learning development

§  Final report of the proposal and business Plan assessment training

§  Submission of Training Materials

§  Distribution of print version of handbook (guidebook) to the participants which will enable the them to use in their practical work in future.


Submission Guideline

You are kindly requested to submit your CV and letter of motivation with complete contact details to:

[email protected]

Note: Your application and subject line must contain

(Short Term Consultant (Trainer)  + Vacancy Announcement Number) Otherwise your CV‘s will not be considered.

Email: [email protected]