Short Term Technical Assistance (Consultant to develop Journalist Toolkit)

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Title: Short Term Technical Assistance (Consultant to develop Journalist Toolkit)
Category:Professional Services
Exp.:2018-05-21-(8 Months Ago)
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Organization:FHI360/IHSAN |About FHI360/IHSAN


Education:Refer to the qualification section
Work Experience:Refer to the qualification section Years


  • Strong academic qualifications in Media

  • Previous experience in Media specifically development of similar tools/toolkit

  • Experience in nutrition livelihood and WASH will be an advantage  

  • Working experience in Afghanistan and familiarity with the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. 

  • Excellent written and oral communication and presentation skills;

  • Work well in teams and demonstrate initiative to work independently with the national team.

Duties & Responsibilities

Scope of Work for Consultant to develop Journalist Toolkit


The USAID-funded Initiative for Hygiene Sanitation and Nutrition (IHSAN) Project implemented by FHI 360 assists the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) to implement at-scale evidence-based nutrition and WASH interventions to improve the nutritional status of women and children less than five years old with a focus on the first 1 000 days (conception to 24 months of age). Over the five-year contract period (2016-2021) IHSAN will: 1) enhance capacity to institutionalize nutrition programs; 2) increase the adoption of optimal nutrition and hygiene behaviors at community and household levels; and 3) increase the availability of nutrition hygiene and sanitation services and products.

Expected Impact:

Decrease stunting by at least five percent from the national estimated stunting rate of 41% (to 39%) nationwide and anemia in women of reproductive age from 40% to 36% i.e. a ten percent reduction over the five-year implementation period.

The project must implement socially and contextually appropriate activities to rapidly adopt optimal nutrition hygiene and sanitation behaviors and practices. Also the project should implement activities based on a rigorous understanding of the socio contextual norms and how best to promote social change while minimizing social dissention.

The media has an important role to play as a voice for the public and civil society and in this role the media can hold government and nongovernment institutions accountable for improving the nutrition status of women and children under 5 years of age. Thus the FY18 work plan calls for the development of a toolkit for journalists which in turn when translated into action will contribute to increased awareness and improved nutrition WASH and livelihood behaviors.

FHI 360 is now looking for short term technical assistance aimed to develop a Journalists Toolkit detailing the steps to be undertaken and other associated work as required. It is expected that the consultant will develop the toolkit in a manner consistent with IHSAN objectives and ensuring acceptable standards to USAID FHI 360 and the Government of Afghanistan. In addition the consultant will work closely with the country team (DCoP) and the technical team to coordinate the development of journalist toolkit and ensure the final product meets the quality and expectations as outlined below.


To effectively report and cover an issue like nutrition livelihood and WASH it is vital for journalists to understand and have profound knowledge of these topics. Also it is crucial to let them understand and become familiar with the common terminology ability to process and analyze the relevant data. Journalists’ understating and familiarity will enable them to properly and adequately respond to the questions cover the topics conduct the interviews interpret the situation and share the right messages. The consultant must consider the current media status of the country while developing the toolkit. A baseline outlining current media coverage on the areas of WASH and Nutrition should be developed to assist in monitoring and evaluation of the progress results and potential impact of increased quantity and quality of media coverage in these areas.

The toolkit must be designed with specific sections focusing on different national issues related to WASH Nutrition and Livelihood including an Open Defecation Free (ODF) environment hygiene sanitation clean water issues stunting wasting micronutrient deficiencies promotion of the consumption of diversified food infant and young child feeding practices and food production and consumption. To assist the journalists in improving their technical knowledge of these areas the toolkit should be a resource for journalism training. It should also contain guidance on how they would target a core Nutrition-WASH-Livelihood issues in each of the stories/output they would produce. To this end the toolkit must address the following components:

Current status of the following technical areas:




Common terminologies (Nutrition WASH and Livelihood)

Brief description of the issue/topic with associated evidence problems and challenges

How are the problems covered and reported by media?

Broad principles for engaging the media:






Changing the perspective: Comparative examples of how the topic is reported in other countries and the lessons learned

Special considerations for covering certain topics:

Cultural issues

Reliability (data/resource materials; network partners and their engagement and quality of information that journalists are getting or sharing). 

Science translation: translating technical terms into commonly understood language e.g. with metaphors

Common mistakes

Characteristics of a message

Journalistic tools & delivery mechanism

Information source/reference.



The following documents will be provided to assist the consultant in successful completion of this assignment to be able to meet the requirements of this SOW:

Sample material of a similar activity conducted by FHI 360 – FANTA in Bangladesh.


Nutrition Counsellor Package

Community Based Nutrition Package

Infant and Young Child Feeding Package

National Nutrition Strategy (Draft)

Community Based Health Care Strategy

Nutrition Promotion Strategic Plan (draft)

Nutrition Standard Operating Procedure (SoP)

Health Promotion Messages


Afghanistan Context -Community Led Total Sanitation (AC-CLTS)

Hygiene and Sanitation training package

Other relevant docs


Farmers Field Schools

National Livelihood docs

The AFSeN (Afghanistan Food Security and Nutrition agenda (relevant documents)

National Food Security and Nutrition Public Awareness and Advocacy Framework and plan

Nutrition and Food Security plans

Other related documents (TBD)


In accordance with the SOW the consultant shall provide the necessary assistance and service to support the following tasks:

Toolkit and Training Material:

Both the toolkit and relevant training materials to be developed for lead journalists. This includes the development of reporting templates.

Submission of Final Product (Toolkit and the training materials)

5. Deliverables and duration:

Toolkit (4 days) by May 20 2018

Training materials by May 27 2018

Reporting template by May 27 2018

6.Time Period:

The consultant must submit the required documents and provide necessary consultation indicated in the Deliverables under Item 5 within a period of 7 calendar days (May 20 – 27 2018).

Submission Guideline

Interested candidates please submit CV/resume and cover letter highlighting specific experience related to the requirement along with a quotation to [email protected]


Email:[email protected]