Site Inspector

Vacancy Number:
Title:Site Inspector
Category:QA-Quality Control
Duration: 1 year
Exp.: 2016-02-11-(3 Yearss Ago)
Jobs no:6


Organization: Tetra tech AESP | About Tetra tech AESP
City: Hilmand
Country: AF


Work Experience:5 Years
1.       Civil, electrical, electronics, or mechanical engineering degree.
2.       Previous relative work experience with USAID or similar projects
3.       Five (5) years or more experience in related field of project.
4.       Be conversant in English ( reading, writing, listening, and speaking). Advantageous to provide samples of technical emails, letters, and reports written by the applicant).
5.       Be fluent in Pashto or Dari as needed ( reading, writing, listening and speaking)
6.       The job site is Kajaki Hydro Power Plant.
7.       Ability to work- in and adjust- to widely different and rapidly changing work situations (locations, supervisors, days of work, time of work, responsibility, procedures, expectations, etc.)
8.       Experience in the use of MS Office Suite software (Outlook, word, excel, PowerPoint, skype, project etc.); a test will be given to short-listed candidates.
9.       Experienced in the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader; a test will be given to short-listed candidates.
10.   Ability to operate a digital camera with GOS and data/time logging.

Duties & Responsibilities

Scope of the work
Project site inspectors are to (1) to observe and report the contractor’s compliance with the projects contract, drawings, specifications, standards and codes; (2) to assist the other team members.
Duties and responsibilities:
1.       Inspect, detect, identify and report the contractor’s construction civil, electrical, electronics, and mechanical works for the contractor’s compliance to the contract, drawings, standards, schedules in Gantt chart format, and specifications.
2.       Read and understand drawings maps, specifications, plan, diagrams, submittals and contract specifications.
3.       Identify, collect, organize and forward project specific and detailed field data (numbers, messages, photographs, etc.) from project site. The field data will involve status of construction at site as well as quantities of material received and on-hand at warehouses and storage yards.
4.       Prepare and submit written reports, photographs and quantity of items. The submissions must be in a timely manner set forth in the standard operating procedures. The reports have to be written in a level of English acceptable to Tetra Tech.
5.       Observe the project daily work and monitors construction activities. Standard operating procedures contain the requirement.
6.       Inspect and assess the testing of electrical, electronic, mechanical and civil materials and equipment.
7.       Support site acceptance test of electrical materials and equipment.
8.       Keep an update journal book (log) for the related construction activities; makes sure that daily activities are done according to work-plan.
9.       Perform the inspection of contractor’s skilled and unskilled labor and other staff.
10.   Contribute to technical studies including site investigations.
11.   Review technical studies including the investigations
12.   Participates in construction joint surveys.
13.   Be aware of and attentive to the dangers and risks inherent at job site.
14.   Site daily and weekly activities report.
15.   Following site inspection and construction safety.
16.   Submit accurate project documents, time sheets, expense reports, etc. in a timely manner.
17.   Performs any other project related duties assigned by direct supervisor.

Submission Guideline

Please submit your written application and resume with complete contact address or telephone number to HR  Manager Tetra Tech office at the following email address:

 [email protected]
Application submitted after the closing date will not be considered.
Only those candidates who meet the requirements stated above will be considered for interview.  
Email: [email protected]