Social Sector/Road Safety Specialist

Vacancy Number:MoPW/PMU/KCRRP/007
Title: Social Sector/Road Safety Specialist
Duration:1 Year’s With Possibility of Extension
Exp.: 2020-08-24-(2 Weeks From now)
Jobs no:1
Salary:Equivalent to Grade C (NTA) Scale


Organization: Ministry of Public Works (MoPW) Kabul City Ring Road Project (KCRRP) | About Ministry of Public Works (MoPW) Kabul City Ring Road Project (KCRRP)
City: Kabul
Country: AF


Education:Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering Social Science Environment or any other related fields
Work Experience:5 ’ experience in the relevent field Years

Skills & Competencies:

  • Knowledge of Government MoF and IsDB rules and regulations would be a distinct advantage.

  • Be willing and able to meet tight deadlines and work long hours when required.

  • Good knowledge of capacity building and capacity building need assessment.

  • Excellent communication (spoken and written) skills including ability to prepare written documents/communications;

  • Excellent computer skills using MS Office MS windows programs Internet and email skills.

  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with people.

  • Fluency in written and spoken Dari/Pashto and English is required;

  • Ability to draft letters in Dari/Pashto and English.

  • Ability to multi-task and work under pressure.

  • Willingness and ability to travel inside Afghanistan.

  • Must have financial knowledge in relevant field Motivation/Reliance and Team work ability.

  • Having good confidentiality negotiation skills commitment analytical skills and temperament.

  • Provide dubbing services for video audio or other multi-media transmissions and promotional tools as needed

  • Advanced verbal and written English skills fluency in Dari/Pashto

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering Social Science Environment or any other related fields with 5 years’ relevant experience.

  • Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering Social Science Environment or any other related fields with 3 years’ relevant experience.

  • Experience with donor funded or international organizations in related field will be an asset.

Required Documents:

  • Copy of verified Bachelor Degree by Ministry of Higher Education

  • Copy of verified Master degree by Ministry of Higher Education

  • Copy of verified Afghan ID Card (Tazkera)

  • Copy of verified last Posting Contract

  • Certificate’s and Appreciation Letter’s

Duties & Responsibilities

Scope of Work/Job Summary:

Coordinate all Environmental and Land Acquisition & Resettlement (LAR) maters and collaborate with PMs site-based MPW Project Implementing Engineers (PIEs) and guide and monitor responsible project consultants during LARP preparation and implementation of KCRR project.

Under the overall supervision of the Senior Civil Engineer the Social Sector/Road Safety Specialist is responsible to Assist and support the KCRRP in the preparation and implementation of the KCRRP Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) and Resettlement Action Plan and social safeguards issues. Under the guidance of Senior Civil Engineer Inspector the Social sector/Road Safety specialist will ensure the timely and appropriate liaison between Project staff government authorities community representatives contractors and KCRRP/MoPW management. 

Specific responsibilities and duties will cover three main areas of activity (a) Based on project ESM &safety policy survey and collection of environmental and social safeguard data development of ESM reports and document   and ensuring the implementation of Site-Specific ESMP RAP and relevant procedures in coordination with main office (b) inspect and monitor training activities to ensure the principles and procedures for ESIA are well understood and being followed by technical staff and contractors; (c) monitoring and reporting on the proposed environmental and social mitigation measures in the site-specific ESMP.


Duties & Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of the Social Sector/Road Safety Specialist will include but not limited to:

  • Conduct environmental and social safeguard assessments and data collection for the preparation of RAP and ESMP for each segment of the road

  • Dissemination of project information to community/PAPs as proposed in the ESIA and RAP and Monitor project office compliance with this requirement.

  • Conduct timely and accurate assessments of people affected by the project are implemented in line with the ESIA and RAP requirements.

  • Carry out consultation with PAPs PAFs community district governor and another stakeholder during RAP preparation and during project construction phase 

  • Assist the Head of Project in development and preparing of RAP ESMP and update ESIA and other ESM reports

  • Ensure the implementation of site-specific environmental and social management plans by the contractors

  • Ensure the implementation of Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) as per the project guidelines 

  • Ensure that all project activities and its implementation are in compliance with approved ESIA ESMP and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)

  • Ensure liaison and coordination through Head of Project with regional agencies (line Ministries Governor’s Offices Provincial Councilors; PDC’s DDAs NGOs and NEPA) for ensuring implementation of ESIA provisions especially social development issues during RAP and ESMP implementation.

  • Assist in monitoring the participation of women’s in the implementation of projects to ensure compliance with the terms agreed within community consultation and participation and the contractor.  Where compliance is weak coordinate with Head of Project/Regional & Head Office team and other relevant stakeholders to take appropriate measures to facilitate dialogue on the agreed terms and make recommendations to address challenges that arise.

  • Provide input on gender-specific activities in to regional monthly reports on project progress highlighting relevant implementation challenges and measures to address such challenges as they arise and ensure timely reporting to Head of Project/ESMU

  • Public information disclosure and consultation Detailed Measurement Survey (DMS) valuation of replacement cost grievance redress mechanism is adequately conducted in a timely manner with all stakeholders particularly with affected persons and recorded in accordance with Afghan Govt. Law and IDB’s SPS 2009. 

  • Internal monitoring reports (EMR/SMR) are prepared and timely submission of them Budgetary allocations for land acquisition and resettlement cost are incorporated by the Ministry of Finance in a timely manner.

  • land acquisition and payment- of- compensation applications are prepared and submitted to the Council of Ministers

  • Conduct regular field visits to monitor the environmental and LAR process.

  • Address any environmental and LAR issues or unanticipated impact by Corrective Action Plans (CAP)

  • Receive all environmental and LAR related complaints

  • Carry out environmental review and screening of projects Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) EIA IEE EMR and other environmental documents of the projects

  • Review project plan design cost and bid documents to ensure environmental factors and mitigations are incorporated and project documents and environmental documents are in harmony;

  • Maintain liaison with respective shura relevant district and provincial departments and ARAZI for LAR matters and NEPA for environmental matters on KCRRR projects.

  • Provide conceptual operational and technical support on safeguards issues to KCRRP according to Afghan Government NEPA and IDB safeguard policies and procedures;

  • Recommend actions to be taken based on the assessments.

  • Perform any other task assigned by supervisor.


Submission Guideline

Interested candidates are requested to forward their applications and detailed CV to [email protected] kindly indicate the vacancy number (MoPW/PMU/KCRRP/007) and the post title (Social Sector/Road Safety Specialist) in the subject line when applying by email.

Office Add: KCRRP Office Kabul Jalalabad Road In front of KMTC Ministry of Public Works Kabul Afghanistan.

Only short-listed candidates will be notified

Email: [email protected]