Soft skin vehicle driver - Mazar

Vacancy Number:
Title: Soft skin vehicle driver - Mazar
Duration:1 Year
Exp.: 2019-04-03-(3 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:Grade G of the NTA salary scale


Organization: DAI/AVC-HVC | About DAI/AVC-HVC
City: Balkh
Country: AF


Education:12th Graduate
Work Experience:2 of relevant work experience Years


Possession of a valid driver’s license

At least 2 years of experience working in a similar position for an NGO or an international organization is preferred.

No history of major accidents within the past 1 year

Ability to work both independently and as part of a team


Discipline and punctuality

Stress tolerance and patience

Maintain a professional relationship with project employees and security contractor staff

Strong sense of client service

Strong communication skills

Language skills: fluent Dari & Pashto able to conduct basic communicate in English

Have a solid understanding of the Project region or Area of work

Strong understanding of the local area places and culture

Possess understanding vehicle operating systems

Have a nil police record

Ability to receive a clear police background check



Duties & Responsibilities

Role’s Purpose:

The Driver will be responsible to ensure safe and responsible driving of office vehicles properly maintain it and running of official errands and assisting with other office services.



Objectives and Duties

Routine maintenance and care of office vehicles including but not limited to minor routine repairs.

Drive office vehicles safely and chauffeur office staff official visitors and guests to official destinations.

Take careful note of all available information concerning street conditions effective routes and locations.

Assists in the transport of goods.

Maintain vehicle cleanliness.  Regularly clean inside and outside the office vehicle. Wash car when it is required and advised.

Check oil water brakes and clutch fluids on a daily basis; tire pressures battery water and overall vehicle condition on regular basis and every 5000 km whichever comes first test lights brakes bodywork for dents etc.

Is responsible for accuracy of project vehicle documents and its care keeps vehicle logbook updated on a daily basis and registers each monthly check and maintenance/repair works required.

Calculate the petrol oil and lubricant (POL) use on a monthly basis.

Report the need for maintenance and undertake minor repairs.

Report any emergency or incidents immediately. Immediately reports any involvement of the project/office vehicle in any even minor accidents or any damage or theft of equipment from the vehicle.

Use a UHF radio communication.

If there is no outside driving activity s/he stands by in the office supports other colleagues on need basis and does other office work as assigned by supervisor.

Other duties as required.


Submission Guideline

To apply: Please send your CV and cover letter to the below mentioned email address and include Soft Skin Driver - Mazar in the subject line of your application.

application without specified subject line will not be considered.

Email: [email protected]