STTA Water Supply Customer Surveyor

Vacancy Number:AUWS-VA-157
Title: STTA Water Supply Customer Surveyor
Duration:5 months
Exp.: 2021-04-15-(1 Week From now)
Jobs no:24
Salary:As per organization policy


Organization: DT Global Inc. | About DT Global Inc.
City: Kabul
Country: AF


Education:Bachelor Degree
Work Experience:1 year of relevant experience Years

This position will be field base with visit to Kabul SBU office if needed.

The candidate will be reporting on official working hours five days a week.

The remuneration will be based on the deliverables performed which may be 22-25 approved household entries.


Bachelor’s degree is required.

Must acquire a thorough understanding of the survey questionnaires and tools. To enable this a training program will be provided by the project.


At least one (1) year of working experience in household survey.  

Familiarity with survey work.

Have good understanding of Kabul city specifically districts # 8 16 1 9.

Individual residing from the community is preferable.

Experience in using smart phones tablets and internet.

Excellent communication skills in both Dari and Pashto. Good writing and reading skills in English will be preferable.

Excellent verbal communication skills for all three (3) languages mentioned above.



Duties & Responsibilities

To conduct the task of customer survey in Southeast of Kabul city Districts 8 9 16 1 (Shah Shaheed Shahre Kuhna Karte Naw Nesaji Qalai Ahmad Khan Rahman Mena and Hewadwall Shahrak. Each Water Supply Customer Surveyor will be working in a team of two people (one male and one female) will be equipped with Tablet Satellite Image Survey Questionnaire measuring tape to perform household commercial and institutional establishments survey with the support Meter Readers Plumbers and Operations Staff of Kabul SBU Directorate and in coordination with the community representative within the zone specified above.  Based on the timeline this customer survey is scheduled starting in June 2021 and will continue for 5 months till end of Oct 2021

Duties and Responsibilities:

The surveyors’ responsibilities/tasks include but are not limited to:

Execute survey activities in field with support of field survey facilitator Kabul SBU zone operation representative and coordination with AUWS NRW team.

Coordinate survey activities with the Municipality Districts Heads Community Leaders/ Wakil and Community Development Councils (CDCs).

Conduct customer survey for households commercial public and institutional establishments surveys in the city.

Conduct survey using provided survey questionnaire embedded in an android device (tablet).

Identify and demarcating accurate customer property boundaries over satellite imagery.

Perform accurate field measurements for household water supply utilities such as customer connection length water tank dimensions as per the requirement of the survey questionnaire.

Collect authentic data from field must retake/re-collect the data in case of any errors or flaws.

Responsible in dealing and convincing the household owner to permit survey and able to deliver the project overview in case of queries by the owner.

Overall field communication with community and involved authorities visiting the field.

Provide feedback to the project team on the suitability and applicability of the survey questionnaires/ tools and suggest required changes.

Ontime feedback report challenges and obstacles against the survey activity in the field.

Perform any other duties related to surveys and assessment as requested by the project team from time to time.


Submission Guideline

Interested /qualified candidates are requested to submit their resumes and cover letters with the vacancy number title and Location is must (VA# AUWS-VA-157 Water Supply Customer Surveyor) on the subject line electronically to [email protected] . Please note that applications received after the closing date will not be given consideration. Only those candidates will be called for interview who meets the qualification and requirements for the mentioned position. 

Email: [email protected]