Survey Field Supervisor (Re-announced)

Vacancy Number:ELCS-HR-010
Title: Survey Field Supervisor (Re-announced)
Duration:2 months
Exp.: 2021-07-09-(4 Weeks From now)
Jobs no:16
Salary:As per Organization Salary Scale


Organization: ELCS | About ELCS
City: Badghis, Balkh, Bamyan, Herat, Kabul, Kandahar, Nangarhar, Takhar
Country: AF


Education:Diploma /Bachelor is preferred
Work Experience:1-2 experience Years

  • Be an Afghan and belong to the same province where LQAS survey is being conducted

  • Graduate of recognized college or Institute. Medical and public health graduates and/or working experience in health sector will be given preference

  • Have at least 1-2 years field data collection and team supervising experience in program monitoring and conducting surveys.

  • Can fluently communicate in Pashto and Dari languages 

  • Good communication skill and team working capacity.

  • Knowledge of BPHS and EPHS will be an advantage.

  • Good computer skill of MS Office.

  • Able to utilize any data collection software such as ODK Kobotoobox or Survey CTO.

Duties & Responsibilities

Under the direct supervision of LQAS survey coordinator survey field supervisor will be responsible for conducting visits in the targeted communities in his/her assigned province to assist data collectors to interview eligible women.  Field supervisor is also expected to report to the survey coordinator for any challenges barriers and limitation faced by data collectors in the concerned communities to address. Each field supervisor will be trained to guide and oversee the two teams of data collector in the field. Field supervisor will ensure that survey locations and survey respondents are selected according to the survey protocol. He/She will facilitate data collectors’ community visits through visiting provincial health and NGOs’ offices meeting community elders and discussing the purpose of interviewing with household’s leaders to allow and facilitate convenient visits of data collectors for interviewing eligible respondents of the survey inside the households. Finally field supervisor is responsible ensure that quality of data has been collected and submitter to the central data management system

Field Supervisors’ Responsibilities:

  • Attend and successfully complete 5 days training organized by ELCS/AFIAT in in the relevant provinces.

  • Assist the data collector in mapping/segmentation of villages within supervisory area selecting survey location randomly as well as selecting eligible women to interview.

  • Facilitate households visits within communities by discussing the purpose of survey with community and household elders so that data collectors can have peaceful and comfortable interview session with eligible women to interview

  • Assist data collectors to properly utilize electronic data collecting device (electronic tablets) programmed with agreed upon software (Survey CTO for example) for data collection to ensure the transfer of complete and correct filled questionnaire of the household visit according to ELCS/AFIAT standards and instructions provided during the training.

  • Keep regular contact through the established communication channels to provide assurance to the ELCS/AFIAT office of his/her and each data collector presence in his/her assigned jurisdiction (field) during the agreed working hours and official working days.

  • Be available to team up with PHO/MoPH and ELCS/AFIAT monitors who are visiting their province for monitoring and supportive supervision. 

  • Provide feedback to ELCS/AFIAT on major positive changes and limitations that supports/hinders his/her performance or can be defined as challenges for his/her work for seeking solutions

  • Comply with ELCS HR requirements and comply with rules and regulation that will be provided by ELCS HR team. 

  • Must be completely able to travel to all communities of the targeted supervisory areas in the assigned province.

  • Willing to work in rough field conditions and tough security situation

  • Provide proper introduction to the household s’ elders about the objective of survey and address questions in case they have

  • Manage assignment of roles and responsibilities within the team

  • Responsible for ensuring team members to follow data collection safety and security procedures

  • Accompany and assist data collectors when needed during conducting interviews

  • Hold/lead debriefing meetings with data collectors on every fieldwork day to share experiences and address challenges and concerns of data collectors

  • Review survey completed forms for any error mistake or inconsistency before submission to ELCS/AFIAT central online database. Address the errors and mistakes made by data collectors before submission including re-interviewing the clients if needed

  • Always carry on identification cards and letters when approaching provincial health offices and during data collection in communities

  • Oversee how interviewers are managing and utilizing all supplies (tablets power banks forms letters & folders)

  • Manage time at the communities/villages to ensure work is completed efficiently

  • Communicate promptly to ELCS/AFIAT if the planned communities could not be accessed for various reasons (e.g. security lack of road access etc.) to identify replacement in a timely manner

  • Provide a daily report to the ELCS survey coordinator based on fieldwork observations and debriefing session with interviewers

  • Prepare team summary report at the end of the fieldwork

  • Maintain respectful relationship with their team

  • Perform all other duties as assigned by LQAS team lead.

Submission Guideline

Interested applicants must submit their CV supported with a cover letter no later than the closing date. Please indicate the Job Title  Vacancy Number & Location in the subject line of your email.

Only Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for the test and Interview. Qualified couple are encouraged to apply.

ELCS provides equal employment opportunities without due consideration of nationality ethnicity race gender color age and other personal attributes.

Email: [email protected]