Vacancy Number:N/A
Title: Teacher
Category:Education Teaching & Training
Duration:1 year
Exp.:2018-12-07-(5 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:As per organization salary policy


Organization:TCA (The Creatives Academy) |About TCA (The Creatives Academy)


Education:University degree
Work Experience:3 Years

  • Organizing and delivering classroom lectures to students Five days per week in TCA.

  • Preparing classroom and coursework materials homework assignments and handouts.

  • Evaluating student’s class work and assignments.

  • Performing classroom management.

  • Trainer should work towards achievement of the program objectives and in particular ensuring that students maintain a good attendance rate and learning achievements.

  • The trainer must have good attitude to work with youth and motivate them in pursuing their professional and academic careers.

  • The Trainer should keep track of data related to student: attendance pre and posttest scores and material covered during the course as per the tracking files distributed by TCA.

  • During the course session according to the plan pre-tests post-tests quizzes and final test should be taken from students.

  • After completion of each book trainer must assign students assignments. The assignments should contain all the aspects of English Language. The assignments should be checked and the results should be announced to students and TCA’s Language department.

  • Support TCA Team for compiling data and reports related to the classes.

  • Trainer needs to report on monthly bases the follow up data of both classes that include attendance quizzes test and pre/posttest. The trainers must report to TCA by the end of each month considering all aspect of the program including success stories of the classes during the entire month.

  • Participate in weekly meetings which will be held in TCA.

The Candidate must meet the following:

  • Bachelor English Literature

  • Fluency in English Language

  • Excellent Teaching Skills

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Understanding good teaching methodologies.

  • Ability of teaching and controlling well the class.

Duties & Responsibilities

TCA is recruiting English Language Trainer in Kabul Afghanistan.

The Trainer will teach English Language for TCA’s students. The course will include teaching Interchange Series (3 Semester).  After completion of each book the trainees must be able to read write and present given assignment in accordance with the book level.

Submission Guideline

Address: Street Number 14 Karti-E-3 Kabul Afghanistan.

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