Value Chain Senior Specialist

Vacancy Number:DAI/RADP-E
Title: Value Chain Senior Specialist
Duration:August 31 2021
Exp.: 2021-04-14-(6 Days From now)
Jobs no:1
Salary:AS per NTA salary scale grade/B


Organization: DAI/RADP-E | About DAI/RADP-E
City: Kabul
Country: AF


Work Experience:Masters + 5 yrs Experience or Bachelors + 7 yrs E Years

Master’s degree and a minimum of 5 years of relevant working experience or a Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 7 years of relevant working experience.

Bachelors degree in a related Agricultural field (Agribusiness Value Chain Horticulture Economics).

At least 5 years of prior working experience in value chain development private sector development market facilitation activities and/or grants etc.

Ability to prepare documents in the technical fields and to represent it at meetings.

Ability of managing and liaising with individuals outside the project.

Experience working with other donor funded agriculture development programs.

Ability to prepare and plan for project or department and to be responsible for managing technical activities.

Possesses strategic problem-solving abilities.

Demonstrated experience in organizing and/or conducting facilitation activities including trainings B2Bs workshops and seminars.

Knowledge of all major Microsoft processing programs (Microsoft Word Excel Power Point).

English language proficiency

Preferred Qualifications

Experience working with other donor-funded agricultural development programs.

Possesses a network of acquaintances within agribusinesses in RADP-East target provinces.

Reports to: Value Chain Manager RADP-East


Closing date for applications: April 14 2021

Duration of the assignment: August 31 2021

Send email: [email protected]

Duties & Responsibilities

The Value Chain Senior Specialist will be based in the RADP-East office in Kabul and is primarily responsible for value chain activities in RADP-East target provinces (Logar & Wardak). The Value Chain Senior Specialist reports to the Value Chain Manager for technical and programmatic guidance. As a member of the larger RADP-East technical team the Value Chain Senior Specialist is expected to implement and arrange technical affairs and support RADP-East program initiatives in their respective provinces including leading efforts to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on RADP-East anchor firms in the Dairy value chain and design and implement solutions to support their continuity of operations and production. This position will also be responsible for leading and representing RADP-East at the provincial level on cooperation/coordination efforts with Provincial Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock (PAIL) departments donor projects and other stakeholders to maximize the sustainable impact of RADP-East grants and activities in the Dairy value chain. The Value Chain Senior Specialist will have a thorough knowledge and understanding of all value chain actors including Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock implementing Partners Ag-input suppliers Agro-processors wholesalers farmer organizations and farmers.


Objective and Duties

The Value Chain Senior Specialist will be responsible for the following:


Coordination with stakeholders                                 


Keep continuous contact with target PAILs/Technical departments in Logar and Wardak provinces to allow smooth completion of RADP-East grants and activities.

Coordinate with public and donor funded projects in target provinces for better leverages and sustainable impact of implemented grants and activities after RADP-East close out.

Represent RADP-East technical team in any provincial event conference or coordination meetings in order to discuss/maintain sustainability of the project grants and activities.


Administrative Activities

As RADP-East is in its final year of implementation the project needs extensive efforts to document the project grants and activities’ impact sustainability parameters and provide close out documents to closed grants and activities therefore the Value Chain Senior Specialist will have extensive responsibility of overseeing project administrative affairs at the provincial level.

Manage project resources as per the contract.

Take the required decisions planning and finding solutions for various problems and challenges.


Technical Activities

In year five RADP-East plans to implement a large number of innovative activities that will contribute to different value chain actors therefore there will be several technical activities to implement.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the proposed position will have significant contribution to the implementation of COVID-19 remedial measures throughout the year.

Evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on RADP-East anchor firms in the dairy value chains and design and implement solutions to support their continuity of operations and production.

Identify lead firms in designated value chain implement activities and cultivate relationships with firms and other market actors.

Provide technical support to all grant implementation processes including: solicitation selection pre-award assessment negotiation budgets implementation planning oversee/monitoring and proper closeout.

Contribute to the design of activities with the Value Chain Lead and Value Chain Manager.

Manage technical activities related to value chain.

Make informed decisions when planning or finding solutions to various problems and challenges.

Provide professional/technical advice to Value Chain Leads and Value Chain Manager in the specialized areas.

Develop concept notes for technical assistance creating technical activity descriptions value chain impact objectives cost benefit analyses coordination with other line department budget analyses milestone settlement and market surveys for determining reasonable prices and development of specifications.

Partner with crosscutting technical advisors to address gender integration environment concerns access to finance and market linkages.

Work with agribusinesses owned by women to increase their capacity sales and profitability.

Work with value chain actors to improve their accounting and organizational structure supply chain and distribution channels.

Promote good relationships between RADP-East and its stakeholders (private sector donor projects MoWA and MAIL/PAIL).

Participate in meetings and conferences as required.

Coordinate activities with other value chain specialists within the office and provinces. 

Work closely with the M&E team to incorporate feedback and learning into the activities with Value Chain Leads.

Contribute to the development of organizational strategies and implement them across the project. 

Performs any other related tasks that support the overall project as assigned by the supervisor.

Submission Guideline

To apply: Please send your CV & Covering letter to below email address and include Value Chain Senior Specialist in the subject line of the application

Note: Applications without specific subject line will not be considered

Email: [email protected]