Vertical Horticulture

Vacancy Number:VA-2018-44
Title: Vertical Horticulture
Duration:10 Days
Exp.: 2018-07-21-(7 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1


Organization: Afghanaid | About Afghanaid
City: Kabul, Logar, Nangarhar
Country: AF


Work Experience:• Agriculture expert with a minimum of seven Years

The  independent  Consultant  should  be  a  suitably-qualified  and  experienced  consultant  or  consulting  firm.  The Consultant profile should include:


  • Agriculture expert with a minimum of seven years’ practical experience

  • Relevant subject matter knowledge and practical experience with vertical horticulture

  • Minimum three years of trainer experience ability to design training session plan training content and training materials including graphics and texts.

  • Knowledge on adult learning methodology ability to use its principles in practice

  • Excellent analysis and writing skills.

  • Excellent English excellent Dari skills

  • Planning and good time management skills

  • No conflict of interest with the ongoing activities of the commissioning organization


  • Pashto skills

  • Working experience in Afghanistan or other conflict affected countries - particularly in remote areas living and working in a very basic environment

Duties & Responsibilities

1.1Implementing organisation

Afghanaid is a British international NGO ( that has been working in Afghanistan since 1983. Headquartered in Kabul Afghanaid implements projects directly in 8 provinces and through partners in a further number of provinces and maintains a marketing and fundraising office in London. Afghanaid works in some of the most remote areas of the country and through a range of programme interventions supports development of basic services such as water and sanitation access roads education facilities and other community infrastructure; strengthens livelihoods through improved natural resource management agricultural and small enterprise development and improved access to markets; and provides humanitarian assistance in times of emergencies. Gender mainstreaming local governance and community development are integrated into all of Afghanaid’s work. The results achieved have earned Afghanaid the respect and recognition of stakeholders as an effective and collaborative charity.

1.2Project description

“Families’ Livelihoods and Integration Project (FLIP)” is a three year project that aims to strengthen women’s livelihoods and facilitate the reintegration of the displaced population in Jalalabad and Puli Alam in Eastern Afghanistan. The project addresses the current gaps in development programming targeting women’s livelihoods for those most in need in Nangarhar and Logar provinces in the Eastern region in parallel with the humanitarian assistance. It will strengthen and diversify livelihoods of 2 000 women to enable them to build household resilience. The project is designed to promote reintegration of displaced populations in the host community which is bolstered by activities targeting 2 000 male members of the beneficiary households.

The project is expected to achieve the following results:

  1. 2 000 ultra-poor women have skills knowledge and assets to strengthen and diversify their livelihoods in order to build household resilience

  2. Independently operating Savings Groups contribute to strengthening women’s livelihoods through mobilising women’s resources providing financial services and developing value chains.

  3. Men and women are reintegrated in the host community

1.The Consultancy Assignment

1.1.Purpose of the consultancy

In order to achieve the project goal Afghanaid is looking for a short term consultant to develop a training module and deliver a 2-4 day training on vertical horticulture to Afghanaid staff. The training module needs to be developed in line with the international best practices considering the local context of Afghanistan and the target often displaced communities with limited resources (landless limited financial resources etc.) and include practical successful examples from Afghanistan and abroad. 

2.2Key objective of the consultancy

The objective of the consultancy is to build the capacity of Afghanaid head office staff and field teams on vertical horticulture so they are able to build the capacity of the poor landless displaced population. The module should take into consideration principles of sustainable livelihoods and be environmental friendly.

2.3Methodology and expected outputs

The Consultant commissioned to conduct the assignment and Afghanaid are jointly responsible for choosing the methods that are the most appropriate for this consultancy. The Consultant will be required to submit the training module outlines and training session plan including the training methodology as part of the expression of interest which will determine the selection. After the selection the consultant will be requested to develop a full training module and submit it for Afghanaid’s review prior to delivery of the training.

Among the guiding principles of this assignment will be inclusiveness considering the situation of the targeted population with a special focus on landless displaced men and women. The training module and the training itself should recognize communities’ abilities and assets that can be developed further to help them improve their lives.  The module needs to provide practical tips on how to establish a low cost vertical garden using local resources and need to provide pictorial training aid with at least 15 different examples of the vertical gardens suitable for Afghanistan.

The consultant is also responsible to design three different types of the vertical gardens (miniatures if necessary) two copies of each that can be used as the practical training aids in the field. These samples should motivate the project participants to establish their own vertical gardens.

The training needs to be delivered in a participatory way using adult learning training methodology introducing techniques and practical exercises how to work with the illiterate communities.

2.Contractual and reporting arrangements

3.1Management arrangements

The Consultant will report directly to the FLIP Project Manager who is the Commissioning Manager. The Commissioning Manager is responsible for the recruitment and briefing of the Consultant and will be the point of contact within the commissioning organization for the duration of the training.


The consultant is responsible for the following key deliverables:

  • Prepare training module outlines as part of the EoI

  • Prepare training session plan including the used methodology as part of EoI

  • Prepare full training module in English after consultation with Afghanaid

  • Translate the training module outlines training session plan and training module into Dari after the review by Afghanaid

  • Develop training presentation and handouts in English and Dari

  • Develop training pre test and post test in English and Dari

  • Prepare three samples of vertical gardens 2 copies of each

  • Facilitate 2 day vertical horticulture training of Afghanaid staff

3.3 Timeframe

The Consultant will be required to complete the work over a proposed period of 10 working days. The resource person will indicate in the proposal the exact number of days s/he proposes for each activity to be discussed and agreed with Afghanaid. The total duration of the consultancy will be agreed between Afghanaid and the Consultant upon receiving his/her Expression of Interest containing training module outlines training session plan including the used methodology and the consultant’s CV and cover letter showing his/her previous experience with similar assignments work plan and professional fee.

The Consultant will need to be available to start the training in the beginning of August based on agreement with Afghanaid.

Submission Guideline

  • A cover letter explicitly referring to previous similar experiences preferably in Afghanistan
  • CV(s) of expert(s)
  • Training module outlines
  • Training session plan including methodology
  • Work plan indicating dates and number of days for each task
  • Professional fee (in AFN – either lump sum or daily rate)
  • Availability (date)
  • Your EoI must reach by COB on Saturday 21st July 2018 clearly marked Vertical horticulture; mailed at [email protected]
Email: [email protected]