شناسه پست:AACS-VA-33
عنوان: Agronomist
دسته بندی:اداری و دفتری
مدت:Project Based
تاریخ ختم: 2018-12-17-(4 ماه پیش)
تعداد نفر:1
معاش:As per organization salary policy
جنسیت:مرد یا زن


کارفرما: AACS Consulting | درباره AACS Consulting
شهر: کابل, کندز
کشور: AF


تحصیلات:Bachelor’s degree (preferably Master’s degree)
تجربه کاری:7 سال

The Agriculture specialist /Agronomist should have a Bachelor’s degree (preferably Master’s degree) in Agricultural Engineering or equivalent with at least 7 years of professional experience and at least three projects (preferably 4 projects) in the planning of irrigated agriculture developments.


  • Undertake the review/updating of agronomic analysis considered in previous studies.

  • Identify the major constraints faced by the farming communities in the service area which affect agricultural productivity.

  • Conduct farm management survey through interview of farmers in all the municipalities/ barangay covered by the proposed project. The interview should cover a sample number of farmers in the proposed service area.

  • List down all the possible farmer beneficiaries in the proposed service area and determine their family size farm holding status farm size individual land use and the cropping condition (irrigated or rain fed).

  • Request barangay officials data such as demographic profile inventory of farm machines and post-harvest facilities number of farm animals (especially draft animals being used in farming) and farmers’ cooperatives.

  • Collect secondary agricultural data to support the agronomic analysis. Data that can be collected will include the updated agricultural profile and comprehensive land use plan of the municipalities covered by the proposed project.

  • In the case that an existing irrigation system is present and will be covered by the project collect the necessary data needed such as the latest O&M report which may include data on the firmed-up service area (FUSA) actual irrigated area during wet and dry season and production performance (average yield).

  • Inspect other possible project benefits such as livestock increase fishery activity.

  • Collaborate with the Soil Specialist to determine the extent of area planted to specific crop and the classification of soil in the area to identify possible crops to be planted in the future with project condition.

  • Inform the Hydrologist about the crops that can be planted in the area before it generates a future cropping pattern; and

  • The agronomic analysis must include the following: population and labor force cropped area yield and production agricultural inputs cropping pattern/calendar labor distribution per crop and per farm operation labor balance farmer/farm lot distribution based on land tenure status and farm size inventory of farm machineries and post-harvest facilities and inventory of agricultural support services such as credit institutions demonstration farms farmers’ cooperatives retailers of agricultural inputs as well as list of Government agencies and research institutions that support the agricultural economy in the project area. These data should be presented under present/future without project condition and future with project condition.

  • Undertake other tasks/activities assigned/delegated by the Supervisor as may be required during the conduct of the Study including support for the EA study.

  • Provide the above information as necessary to the EA study team

طریقه ارسال درخواستی

Interested candidates should send the required documents at [email protected] by December 17 2018 to be considered.

A cover letter explaining how they are fit for the role
An up to date curriculum vitae


Please mention position title and vacancy number in the subject line otherwise your application may not be considered.
Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis as applications are received.

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