Business Incubation

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عنوان: Business Incubation
دسته بندی:Business Development
مدت:1 year
تاریخ ختم: 2019-05-21-(2 ماه پیش)
تعداد نفر:1
معاش:Asper organization Salary policy
جنسیت:مرد یا زن


کارفرما: ASARA | درباره ASARA
شهر: کابل
کشور: AF


تحصیلات:Not be a student at a school/university
تجربه کاری:Not Required سال

Eligible Participants

Participants meeting the following criteria will be selected for the business incubation program:

 Have 18-35 years of age

 Not be a student at a school/university or full-time employee

 Have an innovative business idea

 Have the commitment passion motivation and drive to participate in a 6-month training program with 3 hours in two days a week training and 1 half-day of practical work

 Can allocate an additional 5-6 hours per week to complete assignments and further develop your business

 Plan to officially register a business and start operation during or after graduation from the program

 Have good English speaking writing and reading skills


Summary of Business Incubation

Business Incubation program is aimed to support business idea owners with their business establishment through conducting business knowledge training coaching and mentorship as well as post-graduation supports.

For the track1-2019 we are selecting technology/technology relevant startups and idea owners but other ideas/startups will be also welcomed. We are currently accepting application from Kabul-based business idea owners and early stage startups. This is the time to think about starting your own business instead of looking for the employers to hire you. Here is the chance if you have any business idea we will help you on starting your business as well as managing and sustaining your business.

The business incubation program is helping you with:

Training: In this stage the incubate should participate 96 hours of class-based training. The training program will help you to get enough knowledge on how to start and manage a business. The training starts with ideation and creating entrepreneurship spirit continues to product development and product design market and customer segmentation management and leadership skills conversion of business idea to an actual business through Business Model Canvas and ends up with finance administrative fundraising and crowdfunding.

Coaching and Mentorship: During and after the program will help you to better manage your business while solving the problems on-time with sufficient cost.

Motivational speeches: Motivational speakers will inspire you in order to have enough motivation to continue your career as an entrepreneur.

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Post-graduation Support: The program won’t be finished after your graduation; the post-graduation support will help you in establishing your business successfully through providing the services which a startup needs in its initial phases of establishment with lower costs. The branding and promotional materials’ designing access to finance network and market coaching and mentorship upon request and so on. By successfully implementing three tracks of Business Incubation we have helped 50+ entrepreneurs to establish their business and fortunately they are operating actively in the market. Training Venue: The program will be delivered by TechNation in their venue addressed TechNation Offices # 6 Lane 6 Street 13 Qala-e-Fathullah Kabul Afghanistan. Currently we are looking forward to onboard 60 Afghan youth who are looking forward to establishing their businesses.

The training plan is for 4months 2 days/week. The planned start date of the program is determined to be May 1 2019.

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The interested applicants should follow this link and fill in the online