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Basic Information

Vacancy Number: PU-AMI/HR/JAL/001350
Title: Construction Supervisor
Category: Construction
Duration: 7 months
Exp.: 2021-06-30
Jobs no: 1
Salary: As per the Organization salary scale
Gender: Male/Female


Organization: PU-AMI
Location: Nangarhar, AF


Work Experience: 2 of experiences in WASH services Years

Qualification/ Requirements تحصیلات و شرایط لازمه

- At least 2 years of experiences in WASH services especially in the Water supply Schemes in UN or I/NGOs.

- Civil engineering degree or other relevant degree.

- Strong knowledge/familiarity of the project area

- Ability and willingness to travel to field sites in order to follow up of work

- Must have computer literacy specially MS offices

- Possess good communication skills

Must be gender sensitized and keep respect for the local norms

- Fluent in local language such as Pashto and Dari also at least basic understanding of English

- Must have key knowledge of DRR Sphere Standards and field method of materials quality check

- Possess problem solving skills and adaptability

- Ability to work under pressure often to strict deadlines

Duties & Responsibilities

Responsibilities and particular assignmentsمسؤلیت ها و وظایف مشخص

Main purpose of the job is to regularly supervise technically the on-going WASH rehabilitation activities in close coordination with contractors skilled labors WMC/project committees and beneficiaries

Objective 1هدف اول: Provide support to mobilization team in identification verification and final selection of beneficiaries for site selection of hard component of the project as per Detailed Implementation Plan of the project and project strategy

Activities/Main dutiesفعالیت ها/ وظایف عمده:

Regularly conduct field visits along with mobilization unit during beneficiaries selection process as per work plan of the project
Prepare documentation of the beneficiaries identification verification and finalization (as required)
Support community in technically feasible site selection for WASH rehabilitation activities of the project during the beneficiary selection process or as per DIP of the project

Objective 2هدف دوم: To technically supervise the WASH rehabilitation activities of the project that they are adhered with project approved design standards and as per approved implementation strategy of the project during the project tenure

Activities/Main dutiesفعالیت ها/ وظایف عمده:

Conduct daily/regular field visits of the project area during the course of the project
Provide layouts for WASH rehabilitation activities like water tank water collection chamber pressure break tank etc. as per approved design and drawings of the project and also support/guide labours for execution of task as per requirements
Maintain the dimensions of project outputs like water collecting chamber pressure break tank water points water tanks etc. as per approved design and drawings
Maintain quality of construction works and different ratios as per approved design like Cement Sand Mortar (CSM) PCC and RCC etc. as per BOQs of the specific activity of the project
Closely coordinate with beneficiaries community activists and village committee for smooth implementation of the project activities

Objective 3هدف سوم: To provide technical support to skilled labours community activists and/or beneficiary households of the project during the project tenure

Activities/Main dutiesفعالیت ها/ وظایف عمده:

Orient skilled/unskilled labour/community activists on project’s rehabilitation activities as per approved design and provide simplest and easily understandable drawings or sketches to labours such that they are able to execute the activities even in the absence of organization staff
Guide skilled labours/beneficiaries and maintain the adherence of cross cutting parameters like structural DRR Environmental and protection as per project’s approved design 
Guide WMC/project committees/community activists/beneficiaries regarding the quality check of supplies so as to avoid inconvenience regarding quality for supplies received in the absence of organization staff

Objective 4هدف چهارم: To maintain the quality and quantity of project’s materials supply during the course of the project

Activities/Main dutiesفعالیت ها/ وظایف عمده:

Check that supplies are of the same quality as per approved sample and provide GRN against received goods(if applicable)
Reject any sub graded materials with proper record keeping and timely report such issue to the line manager
Maintain and sign GRNs with percentage of quality check and give remarks for supply on regular bases
Check and maintain quantity of supplies are matching the quantity shown in way bill
Maintain or Support warehouse/logistic assistant in maintaining GDN against the materials issuance to beneficiaries (if applicable)

Objective5 هدف پمنجم: Take necessary steps for timely completion of assigned project target during the course of the project

Activities/Main dutiesفعالیت ها/ وظایف عمده:

Submit bifurcated work plans to the line manager for the assigned targets of project activities
Submit progress reports to the manager on daily/weekly/monthly bases (which ever applicable)
Report variances in progress on need bases along with reasons to the line manager
Closely coordinate with community activists WMCs and beneficiary households for smooth implementation of the project

Objective6هدف ششم: Provide water testing kit along with training as well as operation & maintenance training to dedicated persons from WMCs on WASH rehabilitation activities

Activities/Main dutiesفعالیت ها/ وظایف عمده:

Close coordination with WMCs/project committees to assigned person for water quality testing along with operation and maintenance training
Provide trainings to dedicated persons on set objectives

Hand over water quality testing kit and maintain proper record

Submission Guideline

Please note while sending your C.V & Cover letter mention the vacancy number and position in the subject line of your email application received after the closing date and without subject line will not be taken in consideration.

The interested candidates have to submit their soft copies of application & C.Vs only by email & there is no need of educational and other documents to attach.

Submission  Email: afg.recruitment@pu-ami.org

Note: Only short listed candidates whose application responds to the above criteria will be contacted & local applicants from the same province are encouraged to apply and will be given priority.

Email: afg.recruitment@pu-ami.org