Dy. Financial Audit Manager

شناسه پست:NKB-020-HRVN-0079
عنوان: Dy. Financial Audit Manager
دسته بندی:بانکداری
مدت:One year - Ext.
تاریخ ختم: 2020-08-16-(1 هفته مانده)
تعداد نفر:1
معاش:As per organization salary policy per month
جنسیت:مرد یا زن


کارفرما: New Kabul Bank | درباره New Kabul Bank
شهر: کابل
کشور: AF


تجربه کاری:1-2 سال


- University graduate in accounting finance administration or business.

- Comprehensive knowledge of a Bank’s structures risk internal controls processes procedures and services.



- 1-2 years of audit experience preferably in the financial services (Banking environment).



- Ability to think “outside the box” and apply creative and constructive thinking to propose recommendations for improvements to internal processes control procedures and policies.

- Demonstrated excellent analytical skills in proposing well-founded conclusions.

- Well-developed writing skills sufficient to prepare material involving interpretation analysis assessment and reports.

- Well-developed technical skills in Microsoft office suite with emphasis on Word and Excel.

- Participation in ongoing educational programs to upgrade skills.

- Demonstrated initiative autonomy adaptability maturity and sound judgment.

- Demonstrated compliance to the Professional code of Ethics and standards for the Professional practice of Internal auditing according to the Institute of Internal auditors.

- Unquestioned personal integrity with strong ethics and values consistent with NKB’s culture.

- Ability to stand firm on difficult issues when required.

- Demonstrated job commitment and personal flexibility to meet changing expectations. 


Purpose of the Job:

TheDy. Financial Manager Internal Audit is responsible for evaluating the adequacy and functioning of the New Kabul Bank’s risk management control and governance processes; ensuring that risks are appropriately identified and managed; significant financial managerial and operational information is accurate reliable and timely; quality and continuous improvement are fostered in the Bank’s control process; employees’ actions are in compliance with policies standards procedures and applicable laws and regulation and significant legislative or regulatory issues impacting the organization are recognized and addressed properly.


Duties &Responsibilities:

Engagement Planning

- Assist the Financial Manager Internal AuditImplement the approved Risk Based Annual Audit Plan including any special tasks or projects requested by Mgr IAD.

- Evaluate and assess significant merging/consolidation functions and new or changing services processes operations and control processes coincident with their development implementation and or/expansion.

- Develop a proper and comprehensive plan for each audit projects in-line with IAD Annual Risk Based Audit plan by understanding NKB’s internal audit policy.

- Identify emerging issues that may impact annual risk based audit plan.

- Train the audit staff well could handle the audit projects in a professional manner.


Audit Execution

- Analyze NKB financial operational and management processes and system control effectiveness and efficiency in view to improve them and propose value-added recommendations.

- Evaluate the adequacy of system design risk management and internal control framework in meeting business operational and control objectives.

- Assist in the investigation of significant suspected fraudulent activities within the New Kabul Bank and notify Department head.

- Provide assurance that operations and process confirm to current NKB’s policies and procedures.

- Provide technical and analytical support to the Department Head.

- Perform consulting services beyond internal audit assurance services to assist CIA in meetings its objectives. Examples may include facilitation process design and advisory services.

- Maintain the internal electronic and manual filing and diary systems.



- Provide annual assessment on the adequacy and effectiveness of the IAD processes for controlling its activities and managing its risks.

- Provide a summary report to the Chief Internal Auditor on audit findings and any significant risks or breakdown in the control structure of bank.

- Provide information periodically on the status of the annual audit plan and the sufficiency of department resources.


Special Projects

- As directed by Chief Internal Auditor carry out specific projects or investigations.

- Provide value added consulting services when needed.

- Lead special investigations involving fraud control failures or special needs of the IAD.


Self/Staff Development & Teamwork

- Provide guidance and mentoring to staff by providing direction and coaching; impart specialized skills and or knowledge to other audit officers & deputy internal audit manager through peer discussions and cooperation on cross-functional audits coaching and performance management.

- Create an environment of continuous improvement by sharing best practices and good experience.

- Conduct regular team meetings during assignments/projects.

- Assist in managing staff resources ensuring they are efficiently and effectively deployed in audit projects.



- Maintain on-going relationships with auditees (Branches & Departments).

- Make internal presentations as required by IAD for training purpose.

- Keep abreast of changes in laws regulations professional standards and changes in the NKB that could affect the business risk profile.

- Continue self-development to expand or maintain an understanding of the Bank goals.

- Maintain a strict level of confidentiality on all matters reviewed. 


Performance measurement:

- Keep obsolete compliance with regulatory requirements.

- Meet the deadline of audit projects as per given time budget to finalize the reports.

- Keep compliance with IIA definition & code ethics.

- Proper report writing with sufficient/adequate supporting documents.

- Up-gradation of knowledge & skills by attending the related workshop.  

- Be punctual and meet the office timing.

- Team work and collaboration.

- Proper maintenance of audit projects working paper file (W.P).

- Being initiative & complete the audit projects appropriately.

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