FAS Program Assistant

شناسه پست:FAS Program Assistant
عنوان: FAS Program Assistant
دسته بندی:مدیریت
تاریخ ختم: 2019-08-21-(1 ماه مانده)
تعداد نفر:1
معاش:According to ICRC salary scale
جنسیت:مرد یا زن


کارفرما: The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) | درباره The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
شهر: قندهار
کشور: AF


تحصیلات:Universty degree or equivalent
تجربه کاری:6 ’ work experience in a similar field سال

     University degree or equivalent

 6 years’ work experience in a similar field

 Fluent in written and spoken English

 Team leadership skills

 Very good analytical skills

 Good knowledge of geographically assigned environment

 Good communication skills

 Good knowledge of IHL

 Fluent in Dari and Pashto

 Independent worker with initiative organizational skills and sense of responsibility

 Team player with the ability to deal with persons holding various levels of responsibility

 Patience perseverance self-confident and an ability to deal with at all levels

 Appropriate academic/military education level

 ANDSF background

 Senior officer preferably with operational field experience



Main responsibilities:

FAS Program Activities

• Prepare organize and conduct LOAC/IHL/IHRL Courses and Presentations to Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) in both Dari and Pashto languages according to guidelines.

•  Disseminate Basic LOAC/IHL/IHRL to relevant interlocutors.

• Be part of the FAS KAB instructional team and assist with the conduct of LOAC/IHRL Training-of-Trainers (TOT) or Hybrid ACourses at ANDSF units including education and training institutions.

• Arrange for accurate translation from English to Dari and Pashto (and reverse) and production of dissemination material in all three languages as required.

• Arrange administrative matters covering travel FTNs and accommodation.

• Prepare course material covering publications hand outs exercise material and general ICRC dissemination material.

• Prepare all audio visual material and equipment required for the conduct of LOAC/IHL/IHRL courses.

Support to FAS Department and/or FAS Coordinator

• Assist with the development translation and production of specialist IHL/LOAC publications for the ANDSF and OWB as required.

• Independently creates maintains develops and feeds a database containing various levels of military and police authority contacts or other relevant external interlocutors (military or police NGOs UN system etc.).

• Represents the ICRC at his/her level of expertise (dissemination training of arms carriers).

• Organizes meetings gatherings or conferences under the direction of the FAS Coordinator (and/or in some cases the FAS National Programme Advisor) applying relevant administrative and logistics procedures.

• Contributes if necessary to written reporting interpretation or translation.

• Follows up and keeps track of budget expenditure.

• Contributes to PFR and budget follow-up

• Upon request takes notes during meetings and conferences and drafts reports based on them

• Keep updating the changes that occur in the ANDSF units and positions and share it with the FAS Department on time. 


• Produce written summaries of meetings workshops and field trips reports based on given guidelines with ANDSF interlocutors.

• Produce a written analysis of dynamics within the ANDSF in support of the sub-delegation/ office engagement with same.

• Assist with preparation of Monthly Statistics Report and FAS Quarterly Report.

• Maintain statistics for LOAC/IHL/IHRL courses and presentations conducted including numbers of personnel attending and names as appropriate.

• Manage the FAS FA office covering filing despatch of mail and stationary stock.

• Maintain an adequate stock of FAS material for use during courses and presentations ordering as appropriate.

• Knows applies and complies with all the administrative procedures linked to his work (financial and HR such as appraisals Time reporting budget follow up …etc)

• Ensures necessary administrative work is implemented on time

Office - Team supervision

• Develops and maintains a pleasant working atmosphere with colleagues and superiors.

• Participates in conflict management.

• Participates in internal meeting.

• Interpret accurately from English to National languages and vice versa during field visits and otherwise as required.

• Translate documents from English to National language and vice versa as required.

• Adapts his/her behavior to various interlocutors and meetings.

• Register and treat information (general and specific) accurately and confidentially.

• Maintains regular contacts with the Movement components interlocutors (NGO’s associations etc.) and exchange information as required.

• Ensure and maintain accurate and up-to-date knowledge of ICRC activities in the Sub Delegations area of responsibility.

• Contribute to the analysis of the security socio-economic cultural and political environment relevant to the ICRC and share relevant information with management other Departments.

• Report events and changes within the region that could have an impact on ICRC`s activities and hence provide sound elements to the Office that allow to establish objectives and priorities.

• Actively participate in meetings.

• Advise on cultural political general situation and share relevant information related to the context.

• Act as reference point during supervisor`s absence.

• Present synthesis of problematic succinctly and accurately.


طریقه ارسال درخواستی

Interested candidates are requested to send their application curriculum vitae (CV) and copies of the relevant documents (diplomas job certificates etc.) to the following postal address:

HR ICRC Kandahar / Administration:

ICRC Sub Delegation House # 4 Block 10 Guzer 4 Shar-e-Naw District 1 Kandahar Afghanistan

Or by email to the following e-mail address:                                       [email protected]

Only short listed candidates will be contacted for interviews.

ایمیل: [email protected]