Female Medical Doctor

شناسه پست:W-DDR-002
عنوان: Female Medical Doctor
دسته بندی:صحی و طبی
مدت:Project Base
تاریخ ختم: 2019-12-10-(4 روز مانده)
تعداد نفر:1
معاش:As per organization's policy
جنسیت:مرد یا زن


کارفرما: WADAN | درباره WADAN
شهر: فراه
کشور: AF


تجربه کاری:3 ’ experience in the relevant field سال

  • Graduated from the registered medical university

  • Minimums 3 years of experience in the relevant field

  • Fluent in English and Computer Skill

  • Proven ability to produce reports and proposals

  • Ability to conduct capacity building training

  • Ability to live and travel in a challenging environment


  1. Medical checkup prescribing of medicine and record keeping of patients.

  2. Active participation in the meetings aim at comprehensive assessment/evaluation of patients before admission and during treatment.

  3. Reporting updates of the patients’ condition and status to the Supervisor of the center.

  4. Keeping inform self and the Supervisor of the center about the medical conditions of patients

  5. Providing health related instructions to the staff members and patients.

  6. Keeping orderly patients’ records.

  7. Providing necessary medical instructions to the mobile clinic and help in enhancing their working capacity.

  8. Active participation in workshops.

  9. Conducting medical history sheet/ Case sheet.

  10. Referral of patients to relevant health providers.

  11. Timely and regular medical supervision of the patients.

  12. Strict supervision of the patients during detoxification phase of the treatment.

  13. Being a member of purchase committee for purchasing medicine.

  14. Provision of health checkups and services to patients under home-based treatment.

  15. Providing timely medical services in case of illness of staff of the center.

  16. Keeping an eye on the hygiene of the food material and the kitchen.

  17. Provision of health education to the patients

  18. Conducting lectures and workshops on selected topics to the patients.

  19. Conducting physical examinations of patients during admission.

  20. Referral of patients to laboratory tests for medical investigation.

  21. Taking part in the daily planning meetings.

  22. Conducting body check of patients prior to admission.

  23. Medical checkups of the visiting recovering patients and prescribing of medicine if required.

  24. Preparing separate medical treatment plan for each patient accordingly.

طریقه ارسال درخواستی

Please kindly first read carefully Job Description (JD) and if your work experience and qualification match the requirements of the position then apply.

Please mention the Position Vacancy Announcement No and Province in the subject line of the email otherwise your application will not be considered.

Female candidates can apply only!

ایمیل: [email protected]