Gender/ESM / H&S and Community Associate

شناسه پست:VA - AFG/THRCP/NRA/MOT 147/2020
عنوان: Gender/ESM / H&S and Community Associate
دسته بندی:Construction
مدت:1 year - Extendable
تاریخ ختم: 2020-01-29-(2 هفته مانده)
تعداد نفر:4
معاش:As per THRCP/NRA (NTA Grade: D) salary scale per m
جنسیت:مرد یا زن


کارفرما: THRCP/National Roads Authority-Ministry of Transport/ NRA/MOT | درباره THRCP/National Roads Authority-Ministry of Transport/ NRA/MOT
شهر: بغلان, بامیان
کشور: AF


تحصیلات:• Bachelor Degree in Environment and/ or Social Science or similar discipline
تجربه کاری:- At least 3- professional work experience in سال

Environmental and Social Safeguard Assessment and Management

Support the ESM/Health and Safety Officer to identify and address ESMP implementation challenges at projects site and advise on the appropriate solutions and/or preventive mitigation measures.

Ensure liaison and coordination through Resident Engineer with regional agencies (line ministries governor’s and district offices provincial councilors; PDC’s DDAs NGOs and NEPA) for ensuring implementation of the social development issues and ESMP implementation.

Conduct environmental and social safeguard assessments and data collection for the implementation of ESMP at the project site.

Assist in the implementation of health safety and traffic management plan.

Carry out consultation with PAPs PAFs GRC community district governor and other stakeholders during the project construction phase.

Conduct coordination meetings with Grievance Redress Committees (male and female GRCs) along the project corridor and train the members of the GRC regarding their responsibilities.

conduct regular coordination and consultation meetings with local governmental authorities community development councils (CDCs) grievance redress committee (GRC) community and village elders regarding social and security issues record and share their visions for better solutions.

Ensure that all project activities and its implementation are in compliance with approved ESIA ESMP and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP). 

Ensure that the grievance redress mechanism is functional at the project site and is being followed by the contractor.

Registering analyzing documenting and solving of all grievances related to the project and coordinate it with relevant parties to prevent the delay of the project.

Be responsible for all construction site safety-related issues of the THRCP project developing and delivering training programs as per world bank health and safety guidelines.

Evaluating contractor safety programs for comprehensiveness and compliance with THRCP/WB policies.

Assists management and supervisors in investigating accidents and developing measures to prevent recurrences.

Verifies that all tools and equipment are adequate and safe for use.

Promotes safe practices at the job site.

Stopping any unsafe acts or processes that seem dangerous or unhealthy

Responds to employees’ safety concerns.

Identify the construction danger zone in the project site and ensure that all personnel vehicles and livestock are cleared from the zone before and during the blast and in the settlement area necessary steps should be taken to avoid damage to the property from the flying rock during blasting.

Monitoring of provision of protective clothing for laborers handling hazardous materials e.g. helmet adequate footwear for bituminous pavement works protective goggles gloves etc;

Assist in monitoring the women’s participation in the implementation of projects to ensure compliance with the terms agreed within community consultation and participation and the contractor.  Where compliance is weak coordinate with Resident Engineer/Regional & Head office team and other relevant stakeholders to take appropriate measures to facilitate dialogue on the agreed terms and make recommendations to address challenges that arise.

Provide input on gender-specific activities into regional ESM monthly reports on project progress highlighting relevant implementation challenges and measures to address such challenges as they arise and ensure timely reporting to the ESM/Health and Safety Officer.

Assist the ESM/Health and Safety Officer for ensuring to consider women grievances and concerns about the project

Provide regular reports to the ESM/H&S officer on relevant health and safety activities.

Ensure that all accidents are documented investigated and recommended improvements implemented.

Perform any other job-related tasks as requested by the ESM/Health and Safety Officer / ESM Specialist.

Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting:

Regular site supervision of the implementation of the ESMP by the contractor.

Monitor the environmental and social impact of the project on local residents

Regular progress report on ESM issues and ESMP implementation to ESM/Health and Safety Officer.

Report the details of any accident/ incident issue at the project site to CSU after its occurrence. The report shall be based on a detailed investigation of the event.

Timely submission of monthly ESM progress reports to the ESM/Health and Safety Officer.

Prepare any ad hoc progress reports briefs periodical reports and statistical data as required and submit it to ESM/Health and Safety Officer.  

Training and Awareness Raising:

Train on GBV (Gender-Based Violence) to the Site engineers contractor’s ESM officer GRCs and project-affected communities.

Train the contractor’s ESM officer on ESMP and the Specific Environmental and Social Conditions proposed in the ESIA.

Facilitate the delivery of training on ESMP and Conditions of Particular Application (COPA) to CSU site staff.

Train the members of the GRC on grievance redress mechanism and their responsibilities.

Work with the community women to educate them on H&S Environment and its protection etc.

4. Final Product

THRCP Sub-project and THRCP in whole is in full compliance with H&S requirements ESIA and ESMP requirements

5. Qualifications and Experience

a. Education

Bachelor Degree in Environment and/ or Social Science or similar discipline

b. Work Experience

At least 3-years of professional work experience in Environmental and/ or community Social works health and hygiene and Safeguard.

Previous experience with similar responsibilities would be an asset.

Previous work experience with international organizations is highly desirable.

c. Key Competencies

Ability to communicate and influence groups and members of the community.

Good knowledge of facilitating techniques and demonstrated facilitating skills.

Ability to take initiative and ensure adequate and rapid follow-up actions.

Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

Willingness to work long hours when required and is able to work under pressure.

Well organized and results orientated.

Have knowledge of and respect various cultures and cultural norms of communities.

Be willing and able to travel to provinces within Afghanistan including insecure and volatile areas.

Good working knowledge of English both verbal and written fluent in Dari and Pashto.

Working knowledge of Ms. Office applications (Word Excel PowerPoint) and internet/e-mail. Or ability and willingness to learn it.

Be able to work in a multi-cultural environment.

Be able to work at the project office and within the community to resolve H&S ESM issues and be able to educate women I the subject ESM and H&S.

Only Female candidates are encouraged to apply.


Under the overall supervision of the ESM/Health and Safety Officer and technical guide of the Environmental and Social Management Specialist based in Kabul Office the ESM / Health and Safety Associate is responsible to assist and support the Resident Engineer (RE) in the implementation of the THRCP Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) Resettlement Action Plan and social safeguards issues in the project site. Under the guidance of Resident Engineer the ESM will ensure the timely and appropriate liaison between Project staff government authorities community representatives GRCs committee contractors and THRCP management. 

Specific responsibilities and duties will cover three main areas of activity (a) Based on project ESM policy survey and collection of environmental and social safeguard data development of ESM reports and document   and ensuring the implementation of Site-Specific ESMP RAP and relevant procedures in coordination with ESM/H&S officer (b) inspect and monitor training activities to ensure the principles and procedures for ESMP are well understood and being followed by technical staff and contractors; (c) monitoring and reporting on the proposed environmental social health safety and traffic management mitigation measures as per the site-specific ESMP.

طریقه ارسال درخواستی

Qualified candidates may submit their application including a letter of interest complete Curriculum Vitae via Email Address: [email protected] Kindly indicate the vacancy number (VA – AFG/THRCP - NRA/MOT 147/2018) and the post title (Gender/ESM/H&S Associate) in the subject line when applying by email.

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