General Manager

شناسه پست:011-2019
عنوان: General Manager
دسته بندی:مدیریت
مدت:1 year with One Month Probation Period
تاریخ ختم: 2019-12-17-(4 هفته مانده)
تعداد نفر:1
معاش:As per Company salary scale
جنسیت:مرد یا زن


کارفرما: Bright Pearl Construction Company | درباره Bright Pearl Construction Company
شهر: کابل
کشور: AF


تحصیلات:University Degree
تجربه کاری:At least 7 سال

  1. Having full knowledge of the common tax-laws in Afghanistan.

  2. Having the skill of leading and managing different sections of the company.

  3. Having full knowledge of procurement laws.

  4. Having the ability of providing monthly and annual financial reports.

  5. Having great skills of using AutoCAD Premier and Civil 3D.

  6. Having a Certificate in English language from a well-known institution.

  7. Having the ability and skill of leadership.

  8. Having the skill of timely reporting.

  9. Having the ability to work under pressed situations.

  10. Having at least 7 years of experience in Civil Engineering and Leadership.

  11. Knowing the laws of the Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan.

  12. Having excellent written and oral communication skills in Pashto Dari and English.

  13. Having the ability to work on QuickBooks.

  14. Graduated from Civil Engineering Faculty.

  15. Having excellent IT and Microsoft Office Package understandings.


  • Having the capability of boosting company’s budget and delivering long and short term progressive reports.

  • Having the ability of effective inspection.

  • Collecting weekly and monthly reports on the ongoing projects for evaluating work plans and maintaining timely budget…etc.

  • Possessing a suitable motivation in purchasing items work plan controlling and encouraging the employees.

  •  Providing the necessary documents for the authority figure.

  • Maintaining meetings with the permanent and temporary staff for the improvement of activities.

  •  Supervising the daily activities of the employees.

  • Hiring employees on appropriate positions.

  • Maintaining meetings with the employees on urgent issues.

  • Having good relationships with the employees and visitors.

  • Observing the progression of all ongoing projects.

  • Coordinating issues about all projects.

  • Observing necessary raw materials for the projects.

  • Observing bank statements logistic and sales reports and preserving the necessary documents.

  • Observing procurement items and providing proper comments on them.

  • Controlling all the tasks and preparing job descriptions for the employees.

  • Preparing a purposeful policy for the company.

  • Acting upon the hierarchy for appointing the labors specially the new employees.

  • Observing the on-hand budget for adjusting the company’s activities.

  • Evaluating the sold items of the company and preserving their documents.

  • Preparing and pursuing the daily activities of the employees.

  • Preparing monthly plans.

  • Training the staff if needed.

  • Collecting bills from all ongoing projects.

  • Checking and verifying all the Bids of the company.

  • Creating the relationship with the outsiders for maintaining the budget.

  • Participating in all project related meetings in ministries.

  • Having the ability of releasing the company from a critical financial situation.

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