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Basic Information

Vacancy Number: PU-AMI/HR/KBL/001357
Title: Head of Base
Category: Management
Duration: 11 Months
Exp.: 2021-07-08
Jobs no: 1
Salary: As per the Organization salary scale
Gender: Male/Female


Organization: PU-AMI
Location: Paktya, AF


Work Experience: Experience in emergency response and disaster Years

Solid Medical background in Public Health
Good Project Management organizational and planning skills
Extended experience of working with MoPH and other governmental bodies
Good knowledge of BPHS/EPHS system
Good knowledge of Kunar province and security dynamics
Experience in emergency response and disaster preparedness projects
Familiarity with international donors’ standards (EU CHF UN OFDA World Bank)


Good spoken and written knowledge in English Pashto and Dari is a must.
Excellent reporting skills in English Dari and Pashto
Computer literacy (MS Office Word database management Excel Power Point)


Ability to effectively coordinate supervise and motivate large teams
Ability to effectively delegate tasks ensuring guidance and supervision
Ability to build the capacity of his staff and solve eventual internal conflicts
A positive and problem-solving attitude

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Duties & Responsibilities

Responsibilities and particular assignments

The Head of Base (HoB) oversees the overall management of PU-AMI offices as well as ensures and facilities the implementation of programs in the given area of operations. The successful candidate plays a support role in the domains of human resources finances logistics and the security and access. HoB ensures that programs developed and implemented are in line with PU-AMI mandate and strategy laws and local customs inclusive in terms of engagement of communities in the design and management build on the local capacity and reflect humanitarian principles.

HoB has budget holder responsibilities and is directly in charge of the financial resources required for the efficient and effective implementation of PU-AMI programs. S/he should be comfortable in budget management demonstrate strong understanding and commitment to principled HR and logistics process including transparency equity and timeliness of action. S/he ensures that security guidelines and protocols are strictly followed respected and applied to safeguard the security and safety of PU-AMI staff and assets.

S/he plans significant representation functions and ensures effective collaboration with a variety of stakeholders partners local authorities coordination in different humanitarian mechanisms. S/he also supports security and access staff in the negotiations with parties to the conflict.


General responsibilities


To ensure the overall management of PU-AMI offices in the given area of operations in alignment with PU-AMI mandate humanitarian principles and other applicable standards;
To ensure security and safety of the work environment and support the security-dedicated staff in execution of their responsibilities with the objective to provide safety of PU-AMI staff and assets;
To consult on regular basis with the Field Coordinator and technical staff on all aspects of the operations and delivery of humanitarian activities to ensure that coordination structure at local and provincial levels operate in a coherent and cost effective manner and stay aligned with the humanitarian principles and compliance requirements;
To ensure and facilitate the implementation of the programs in the given area of operations;
To ensure the compliance of support functions with internal rules regulations standards and principles as well as those of donors;
To ensure efficient coordination internally between different departments and teams;
To ensure team spirit and good work atmosphere;
To support the program team in timely design implementation and reporting of the programs;
To support the program team in ensuring the accountability of PU-AMI towards the beneficiaries;
To ensure monitoring of a coherent and comprehensive humanitarian context development and needs
To ensure that the offices under her/his management remain accountable to the coordination office
To represent PU-AMI in liaising collaboration and coordination with external stakeholders partners and other parties;
To promote dialogue local alliances sharing knowledge and resources internally and among external partners in
To serve as advisor to the coordination office on initiatives to facilitate safe and effective delivery of humanitarian assistance;
To promote and strengthen observance of best practices in humanitarian planning response and evaluation;


Objective 1: Management of Operations


Provides oversight of all operational/administrative and programmatic tasks necessary for the efficient functioning of the PU-AMI office and being accountable for the use of resources and for the results obtained;
Ensures the immediate security and safety of the PU-AMI staff and assets in the designated duty station/area of operations;
Analyzes the security context supports the dedicated staff in ensuring access to areas of humanitarian aid implementation;
Plays significant role in security incident management if occurs;
Supports in development and ensures maintenance of PU-AMI acceptance in communities and among other stakeholders and parties to the conflict;
Plays significant role in security incident and crisis management;
Ensures adherence to PU-AMI rules and regulations. This includes in the domains of security and compliance as well as all other internal policies protocols instructions and best practices;
Supports the audit unit and uses her/his best effort to minimalize risks related to aid diversion;
Ensures the team spirit and inclusive work environment in the office. This includes fostering teamwork communication among the staff collaboration and coordination among the departments;
Promotes PU-AMI mandate and objectives in the designated area through contacts with the authorities stakeholders other parties;
Represents PU-AMI offices in all external functions as well as collaboration and coordination with external actors partners stakeholders parties;
Supports mobilization of resources to ensure the efficient and timely delivery of the humanitarian activities;
Ensures that the office produces high quality outputs including reports factual situation materials; and ensures that all outputs produced meet required deadlines and standards;
Monitors the humanitarian context and provides timely updates on its evolution. Considers and proposes adjustments if necessary in the way PU-AMI operates and/or implements programs;
Upon request advises the coordination office and other departments on initiatives to facilitate safe and effective delivery of humanitarian assistance compliance with the donors’ requirements;


Objective 2: Human Resources


Uses her/his best effort to provide for positive work environment and team spirits in the PU-AMI offices;
Ensures the proper staffing (according to the needs for implementation of the humanitarian action);
Ensure that PU-AMI HR policies and regulations are understood followed and respected by the staff;
Ensures all staff have completed all mandatory trainings and maintain a culture within the office;
Participates to staff recruitment process appraisals and disciplinary actions in accordance to PU-AMI HR rules and procedures and to Afghanistan’s Labor Law and other applicable regulations. Final decisions are always taken in consultation with the Field Coordinator and other relevant parties;


Objective 3: Logistics and Supply Chain


Ensure that PU-AMI procurement guidelines standards and principles are being strictly respected;

and procedures are implemented and respected;

Ensure that PU-AMI assets and other resources are used efficiently and managed properly;
Oversees the development revision and amendments (if needed) of procurement plans for individual projects and their correct implementation;
Ensure effective supply chain and stock management;


Objective 4: Administration and Finances


Supervises and carry out the work planning budgeting processes support resource mobilization;
Ensures that PU-AMI relevant policies processes and practices are being observed;
Ensures sound financial management at the office level. This includes availability of financial resources meeting deadlines and standards for reporting;
Ensures that PU-AMI meets the requirements under the law and applicable regulations for all administrative processes reporting. S/he consults Field Coordinator and/or coordination office on the standard practices;


Submission Guideline

Dear candidates

To apply for this vacancy please use the following link


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Make sure to press submit at the end of the application.

No other type of submission will be accepted. Prepare your resume before applying you will have to attach it.

 Only short listed candidates whose application responds to the above criteria will be contacted & local applicants from the same province are encouraged to apply and will be given priority.

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